N?i dung phimChuy?n tinh tay ba v?i dan dien vien xinh d?p da mang t?i cho b? phim nh?ng tinh hu?ng gay c?n h?p d?n. Most View Running Man Pinocchio The Return of Superman High School Love On Birth of a Beauty Roommate Season 2 My Lovable Girl Fated to Love You (Korean) Hotel King Its Okay Its Love Healer Angel Eyes Emergency Couple What Happens to My Family Empress Ki Bride of the Century My Secret Hotel My Love From the Star Kill Me Heal Me Marriage Not Dating Can We Love Roommate Jang Bori is Here! N?i dung phim : Chuy?n tinh tay ba v?i dan dien vien xinh d?p da mang t?i cho b? phim nh?ng tinh hu?ng gay c?n h?p d?n. M?t n? hoang tr? tu?i, da k?t hon v?i m?t v? vua dien, bi m?t roi vao tinh yeu v?i bac si c?a minh va h? cung nhau b?t d?u m?t cu?c cach m?ng thay d?i m?t qu?c gia mai mai. N?i dung phim:Two strangers research a mysterious outbreak of mass hysteria in a small village.
B? phim di?n ?nh d?u tay do nam ca si Dai Loan - Chau Ki?t Luan lam d?o di?n, vi?t k?ch b?n va dong vai chinh.

N?i dung phim:Samantha (a dorkette) is in love with Payton (a dork) who is in love with Carrie (a cheerleader),who dates Clark (the football captain). Sau nam tru?c, trong m?t v? d?u sung n? ra gi?a trung tam Seoul gi?a cac Di?p vien B?c Tri?u Tien va D?c v? NIS c?a Han Qu?c. Cac gia dinh Clock la b?n-inch cao nh?ng ngu?i s?ng n?c danh t?i noi cu tru c?a m?t gia dinh khac, vay cac m?t hang don gi?n d? lam cho nha c?a h?.
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Our website strictly does not use pop up, direct site ads or any ads that would annoy your view. H?u qu? la D?c v? Han Kyu (Song Kang Ho) b? du?i vi?c va Di?p vien B?c Tri?u Tien Song Ji Won (Kang Dong Won) b? t? ch?c cho la k? ph?n b?i va b? roi l?i Han Qu?c.

M?i chuy?n tr? nen r?c r?i khi c? hai ngay cang hi?u v? nhau hon, trong khi do, Bong Dem da tr? l?i…B? phim co s? gop m?t c?a dan di?n vien sieu sao, n?i dung h?p d?n, hanh d?ng k?ch tinh va phu h?p v?i khan gia c?a h?u h?t m?i th? lo?i phim nhu Hai hu?c, Tinh c?m, Phieu luu,… nen da nhanh chong tr? thanh ong hoang phong ve ngay sau khi ra m?t.
Phim da d?n d?u danh sach nh?ng phim thanh cong nh?t n?a d?u 2010 v?i 5,5 tri?u lu?t ngu?i xem, d?ng th?i l?t vao top 20 phim an khach nh?t l?ch s? di?n ?nh Han Qu?c va du?c danh gia la m?t trong nh?ng bom t?n v? d? tai hai mi?n Tri?u Tien.

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