Celine Dion celebrated the life of late husband Rene Angelil with the music mogul’s family, friends, and colleagues. The latest issue of Star magazine is reporting that Beyonce is glowing with the pregnancy of her second child. In case you had a heart attack, thinking that Miley Cyrus would be taking over a coach’s chair, have no fear. Is Keith Urban hooking up with Jennifer Lopez after his wife, Nicole Kidman had her breast implants removed? Isabella Cruise Pregnant: Shows Off Wedding Ring While Trying To Conceal Baby Bump – Max Parker Father To Be? Isabella Cruise got married back in September 2015, but she and her now husband, Max Parker, decided to skip a big wedding and kept it small.
Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Cuddle, Flirt All Night At WeHo Party: Couple Dating, Romantic Relationship Confirmed?
Ken Kratz, the man who prosecuted Steven Avery, has been plagued by death threats since the 10-part “Making a Murderer” series was released on Netflix.
Chris Rock And Kerry Washington’s Secret Affair Caused Kerry’s Split From David Moscow?
The Bachelor stars Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have a huge fight on Marriage Boot Camp that could lead to divorce in the latest episode. Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) finds herself inexplicably falling for Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton).

A new book claims Whitney Houston was extorted in order to cover rumours of a lesbian affair.
A Princess Charlotte-inspired lipstick by Marc Jacobs is hitting the shelves in an exclusive and luxurious launch! The grieving widow shared a tearful tribute with a packed house at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Wednesday, February 3. Did Beyonce have to sit out and let her body double cover for her while suffering from morning sickness?
Has all the flirty PDA between the Teenage Dream singer and Pirates of the Caribbean star translated into a real relationship? Not only is Kratz’s life in danger, the attorney might be in jeopardy of losing his law practice. Did her former fiancee, David Moscow, confirm that Chris Rock had an affair with Kerry Washington?
Sean and Catherine want the world to believe that they are happily married, but all else points to their marriage ending. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted out in public once again and were acting like a couple all over. Speculation has arisen that the Spider-man we see might even be Miles Morales or one of the other Spider-men not named Peter Parker. With all this speculation, Marvel can build anticipation for Civil War by keeping the actor a secret.One of the main parts of Civil war, where Spider-man is concerned, is where Spider-man removes his mask to reveal his identity to the public.

Usually, the comic book readers know best what is going to happen in a superhero movie, based on their knowledge of the source material. With an unknown actor playing an unknown Spiderman actor, they would finally have to guess at what will happen in the comics.Spider-man is such a huge character in the comic book world and it is a joy to know that he is back with Marvel in the MCU. When it has come to the MCU, Kevin Feige makes everyone involved release as little information about the movies so as to preserve the movie-going experience. Marvel has always been secretive about their plans and they would really help themselves keep Spider-man a secret.Civil War already has a lot of excitement toward it what with Robert Downey Jr. Marvel doubled the excitement for the movie just by adding Spider-man because of how important he is to that storyline.Marvel would be remiss if they let an opportunity like this pass it up. Usually, when a costumed superhero like Iron Man or Captain America makes an appearance in the MCU, they have appeared in at least one movie before to introduce the hero and the face behind the mask.
With a new Spider-man making his first appearance in a movie that is based on a comic where he unmasks himself to great effect, Marvel has the chance to build intrigue for a movie like none other.By keeping the actor playing Spider-man and his actual alter ego secret, Marvel would make so much money on people wanting to see the movie opening week so they don't get the surprise spoiled on social media, blogs or just people walking out of the theater. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Marvel to keep a superhero identity secret until a pivotal point in the movie.

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