Check out some movie stills from "A Secret Affair" starring Andi Eigenmann, Derek Ramsay and Anne Curtis. Also starring in the movie are Jacklyn Jose, Joel Torre and Jackie Lou Blanco, under the direction of Nuel Crisostomo Naval.
MANILA, Philippines - After No Other Woman, Viva Films’ highest-grossing Filipino dramatic movie of all time, Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay reunite in another blockbuster love triangle film, A Secret Affair, also starring Andi Eigenmann. On the eve of her wedding with Anton (Derek), fashion stylist Rafi (Anne) suddenly backs out.
Rafaela “Rafi” Delgado (Anne Curtis) a bachelorette from a rich family who also belong to the “Friday Club” where the regular get together of her college friend Samantha “Sam” Montinola (Andi Eigenmann), Rafi is happily committed with her boyfriend Anton (Derek Ramsay) which one day he surprises Rafi and proposed to her and she agree on Anton proposal but in the eve of their wedding Rafi had a change of mind and backs out on their wedding. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Secret Affair (Ian Page, Dave Cairns, Dennis Smith & Seb Shelton) formed in 1978 from their previous incarnation as the “power pop” band New Hearts. In a period of a little over two years, they posted five releases in the UK Singles Chart, and released three albums.
In 1979 Page and Cairns enlisted the services of bassist Dennis Smith, drummer Seb Shelton and saxophone player Dave Winthrop. Secret Affair were soon signed to Arista Records & formed their own label, I-Spy Records.
More recently new CD releases include a new album featuring NEW HEARTS “A Secret Affair” charting the bands early career with CBS as New Hearts, and a brand new SINGLES COLLECTION featuring all the bands A and B sides, with two bonus new tracks, which was released January 2011.
Secret Affair with founder members Ian Page & Dave Cairns the band are now joined by Russ Baxter on Drums and Ed Pearson on bass, Bryn Barklam on Hammond and Andy Brush on Sax. In addition to such a controversial plot, the teasers and promos for the drama focused on scenes with an intensely erotic atmosphere; which led people to expect rather explicit scenes in later episodes of the drama. After having seen the first four episodes, a collective sigh of relief might be heard from the viewers. This indirectly happens pretty much from the beginning of the first episode onwards, when Oh Hye-won chides her boss Seo Young-woo for having affairs with younger men. The aforementioned struggle, much as the tension of the episodes in general, intensifies drastically with each meeting between Oh Hye-won and Lee Sun-jae. Another nice, or even bold, decision on the writers’ side is that many of the higher-ups in the Seo Han Arts Foundation are also women. Getting to see these altercations is fascinating, as they offer the audience an insight into the workings of an art foundation and a school of arts. It might be because of the difficulty of properly establishing such a maze of conflicts and alliances that the first episode of Secret Love Affair seems a little slow-paced. When on the subject of pianos, it must be mentioned that the viewer should pay close attention to the compelling soundtrack of Secret Love Affair. All in all, the first episodes definitely inspire interest and curiosity as to how the story will develop.

With opening-day earnings of P20M October of last year, the movie directorial debut of Nuel Naval finally gets its video release. As she seeks solitude in the US, the devastated Anton is left vulnerable to the seduction of Sam (Andi), with whom he had a one-night stand long before he had met Rafi. Get your original copy of A Secret Affair at leading video stores, available on DVD for P600 and VCD for P299. Then Anton start a physical relationship with Sam and with her obsession towards Anton it’s become a problem for Rafi when she wants to work things out with Anton. Pa en affarsresa till Venedig traffar hon den irlandske journalisten och konstnaren Bill, och de blir granslost foralskade i varandra. From their very first gig, opening for The Jam at Reading University in February 1979, the band were adopted by a group of East End mods, who readily embraced Page’s Glory Boy concept. 2012 marks the start of a brand new tour starting on March 24th in Siena Italy and ending with their only London annual show at the 229 Club Great Portland Street at the end of the year.
Some were certainly excited to see Yoo Ah-in participating in a new drama, but most were even more intested in the risque plot: Oh Hye-won, 40-something-year-old director of planning at an arts foundation and a married woman, is charmed by Lee Sun-jae, a 20-year-old genius pianist discovered by her husband. Even though it might disappoint those viewers who are already set on supporting this relationship, it feels more realistic. One might fear that the conflict between Seo Young-woo and Han Sung-Sook, her stepmother, could take away too much screen time from the forbidden couple later on. The way his character slouches and bumbles his way through life is an immaculate portrayal of the stereotypical insecure teenager. The emotional piano pieces help setting the atmosphere for many scenes, and sometimes take the place of words in the communication between the different characters and in the communication between drama and viewer. She goes to Venice on a business trip and meets television reporter Bill Fitzgerald from Ireland. Their first two albums, Glory Boys (December 1979) and Behind Closed Doors (September 1980), with its more complex orchestrated arrangements, proved successful and in their first year Secret Affair regularly appeared on the BBC Television show Top Of The Pops, and were cover stars of many UK music magazines, including New Musical Express, Sounds and Smash Hits.
So far, there has actually been surprisingly little direct physical contact between Oh Hye-won and Lee Sun-jae. The viewer really cannot help but consider everything related to Seo Young-woo’s love life as some kind of foreshadowing in regards to the main relationship that will develop over the course of the drama. After the kiss in the garage which happens in the third episode, Oh Hye-won tells Lee Sun-jae to follow her inside the house. But as of right now, it is quite interesting to witness their mental warfare and the complicated politics happening in the upper levels of such an organization. It could have gotten boring if all the episodes were as calm as the first one, but the drama picks up a tiny bit of speed when more impactful things start happening. And through the many longer scenes without dialogue or with voiceover, he and Kim Hee-ae are doing a good job of conveying their characters’ feelings and thoughts merely with facial expressions and body language. I didn’t think the music would be so beautifully infused in the drama, nor did I expect such interesting politics between the females in the show.

They also drew up plans for a smart-dressing youth movement – the Glory Boys – based around the idea of 1960s gangster chic, influenced by the movie, Performance. More than anything else, it seemed like the focus of the show would be on the physical relationship between Kim Hee-ae and Yoo Ah-in’s characters.
Secret Love Affair chooses neither an easy, nor an overly dramatic way out of this dilemma. Also props to them for playing piano virtuosos so convincingly, although both of them probably aren’t one.
My (secret) goal in life is to be a walking encyclopaedia of trivia and pop-cultural knowledge. It is highly interesting to watch what goes on in that art academy, at the same time the main focus, the actual love track is layered and intense. The audience is confronted with Oh Hye-won’s constant struggle between creating her own (short) moment of happiness and trying to adhere to her own moral principles. It seems realistic that the choice to overthrow a long-lasting marriage for a fling with a student is a difficult one.
Even Park Da-mi, Lee Sun-jae’s girlfriend who is not as powerful as the women in the foundation, steps up when her boyfriend lands in jail in the fourth episode. The death of a family member is another well-known cliche in K-dramas, so any annoyance elicited by that on the side of the audience would be understandable.
When Rafi discovers Anton’s secret affair, how hard will she fight for the man she almost lost once?
The writers of the drama did right by considering this, instead of going for a more sensationalist approach. 4, just showed me that the female lead is not just a strong working woman, but also sly, a lady capable to keeping her own in front of those outside strong political powers, just as the chairman said, she is a little fox. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show.
Finally, a female lead who is not only aware of everything around her, but struggles between what is right and wrong, though in the end, ultimately gives in (Because without that, there wouldn’t be a show). It might not be for everyone considering it’s not a typical k-drama, but the cinematography and the direction is breath taking, almost like a movie. It’s intriguing and the story and the complicated and layered dynamics between the characters has kept me hooked. Critic Submission Licensing Advertise Careers   JOIN THE NEWSLETTER Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox!

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