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David Moldawer started out as a Dragon Page reviewer, and attained the rank the Ninja Scholar and Scrollkeeper after passing his Ninja Final Exam with flying colors in a brilliantly executed listener ambush. Joe Murphy was diagnosed with a virulent cancer in November 2006, and when he became unable to continue recording KAMN shows, Brian Brown and Tim Adamec joined as ninjas-in-training, with Brian taking part in movie breakdowns and Tim taking part in book breakdowns. Wingina€™ It 3-D is the third incarnation of a long, respected tradition of fine, fine entertainment.
It is our mission to provide our listeners with enjoyable banter, humorous content and hopefully a laugh or two.
We hope you listen in, enjoy the content and contribute something yourself if you feel so inspired. The Signal is an award winning podcast, winner of the 2006 People's Choice Podcast Award in the categories "Movies and Films" and "Best Produced". Hodgepodge Point Welcome to Hodgepodge Point where we're peering over a collection of amateur writings.
Circus-13 Productions Original and fan-based audio dramas, including X-men, Jonah Hex, James Bond.
Ranging across the many parallel, and not so parallel, alternate realities of the Cossmass.
Estalvin's Legacy follows Sarah, Peter, Nicolas and Liam as they are pulled into the rising chaos of the collapsing Cossmass. Books and Ideas I have interviewed both Tabz and Mur Lafferty on Books and Ideas in the past. We are building a community and we want the actors to be a part of it, having a part in other aspects of the production helps everyone be invested and involved.
Feel free to send in the crew application ASAP, we will be checking to be sure all actors have done so before final casting. We will need you to have the best possible microphone; a poor quality sound file may limit our ability to cast you. It will depend on you, but once cast, we may ask you to fill additional roles as needed for things like mini episodes, feedback episodes, and commentaries.
Additionally, some of the roles available may be used in future productions of Between the Lines Studios. I am not terribly interested in playing a part in this audio drama, but I heard you are doing Angel and Firefly? Our current plan is to do Angel Between the Lines following this season of Buffy Between the Lines and Firefly Between the Lines after that. Randal Howard "Rand" Paul (born January 7, 1963) is an American physician and politician from Kentucky. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Paul attended Baylor University and is a graduate of the Duke University School of Medicine. Randal Howard Paul[7] was born on January 7, 1963, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Carol (nee Wells) and Ron Paul. In 1995, Paul passed the American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO) boards on his first attempt and earned board-certification under the ABO for 10 years. Prior to this, in 1992, the ABO had changed their certification program, which had previously awarded lifetime certifications, instead requiring doctors to recertify every 10 years. By Paul’s estimate, about 50 or 60 doctors were certified by the NBO.[29] The NBO was incorporated in 1999, but Paul allowed it to be dissolved in 2000 when he did not file the required paperwork with the Kentucky Secretary of State's office. In February 2014, Paul joined the Tea Party-affiliated conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks in filing a class-action lawsuit charging that the federal government's bulk collection of Americans' phone records metadata is a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S.
At the beginning of 2009, there was movement by political supporters of his father to draft Paul in a bid to replace beleaguered Republican Kentucky senator Jim Bunning. On May 1, 2009, Paul officially confirmed that if Bunning, whose fundraising in 2009 matched his poor numbers in opinion polling for the 2010 election,[57] declined to seek a third term, he would almost certainly run in the Republican Party primary to succeed him,[58] and formed an exploratory committee soon after, while still promising to stay out of the race if Bunning ultimately decided to run for reelection. On July 28, 2009, Bunning announced that he would not run for reelection in the face of insufficient fundraising. Although Grayson was considered the frontrunner in July 2009,[68] Paul found success characterizing Grayson as a "career politician" and challenging Grayson's conservatism.
On March 2, Paul was one of nine senators to vote against a stopgap bill that cut $4 billion from the budget and temporarily prevent a government shutdown, saying that it did not cut enough from the budget.[91] One week later, he voted against the Democratic and Republican budget proposals to keep funding the federal government, saying that both bills did not cut enough spending.
On March 6–7, 2013, Paul engaged in a filibuster to delay voting on the nomination of John O. In response to Detroit's declaration of bankruptcy, Paul stated he would not allow the government to attempt to bail out Detroit. In October 2013, Paul was the subject of some controversy when it was discovered that he had plagiarized from Wikipedia part of a speech in support of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli. In response to political turmoil in Ukraine in early 2014, Paul initially said that the US should remain mindful of the fact that although the Cold War is over, Russia remains a military power with long-range nuclear missiles. In response to reports that the CIA infiltrated the computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Paul called for the firing of CIA Director John O.
Paul was considered a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States since at least January 2013.[138] He delivered the Tea Party response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on February 13, 2013,[139] while Marco Rubio gave the official Republican response. In a speech at the GOP Freedom Summit in April 2014, Paul insisted that the GOP has to broaden its appeal in order to grow as a party.

Rand Paul at the launch of his Presidential campaign at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 7, 2015.
A supporter of the Tea Party movement,[162][163] Paul has described himself as a "constitutional conservative".[164] He is generally described as a libertarian, a term he both embraced[165] and rejected[166] during his first Senate campaign. Rand opposes all forms of gun control as a violation of Second Amendment rights, including provisions of the Patriot Act.[187] His advocacy of personal property rights includes introducing House Bill S. In February 2015, Paul suggested that states should not require parents to vaccinate their children because parents should have the freedom to make that decision for their children.
Jump up ^ "Rand Paul's Doctor Credentials Questioned for Lacking Top Board's Certification". Jump up ^ "Legislators Honored as Anti-Tax 'Heroes' But Several Honorees Recently Voted for Tax".
Jump up ^ Jack Brammer Senate ads trade barbs on defense Lexington Herald Leader February 27. Jump up ^ "More raw video: Rand Paul sits down with Joe Arnold to address recent controversial statements". Jump up ^ "Rand Paul: 'Big Government's Not A Friend To Those Who Are Trying To Get Ahead'". Jump up ^ "Tea party State of the Union 2013 rebuttal: Rand Paul response (full text, video)". Jump up ^ "Rand Paul says America has a 'moral crisis' when it comes to gay marriage - Christian News on Christian Today". Jump up ^ "Rand Paul No-Show at Senate Vaccine Hearing In The Wake Of Controversial Comments".
Oh, that's right, JFK actually DID get a bullet in the head (from the FED's Sicilian Mafia). In 1937, Henry Seidel Canby was succeeded as editor-in-chief of the Saturday Review of Literature by the historian and critic Bernard DeVoto, and one of the new editor-in-chiefa€™s decisions for remaking the magazine was to drop in 1938 Christopher Morleya€™s a€?Bowling Greena€? column of literary chitchat that had been part of the weekly since its creation in the mid-1920s. To remain connected with Manhattan literary life, and perhaps because he found it hard to work productively at home, Morley took an office atop a four-story walk-up at 46 West 47th Street, which he called 46W47. It was a pleasure to place a chapter of my historical novel Baker Street Irregular at 46W47, using that as the chaptera€™s title.
That description in my novel was based on pictures of 46W47 in Steven Rothmana€™s The Standard Doyle Company, and on what Ia€™d been told about it in 1998 by Miriam a€?Deea€? Alexander, Edgar W. So it was a pleasure to discover, quite recently, an interview with Morley at 46W47 that appeared in the New York Times Book Review of November 15, 1942. My discovery of this Times Book Review article came just in time to mention in my latest BSI Archival History volume, Sources and Methods, which came out in late January this year.
The article is Robert van Gelder, a€?An Interview With Christopher Morley,a€? November 15, 1942. Here we have the opportunity to spread stories through the theatre of the mind All across the cyber bi-ways and radial beacons We are inclusive.
It chronicles the story of seven strangers who have been brought together after the recent assassination of the U.S. The weekly show will give you a taste of some witty banter, gadget, movie and site reviews, online polls, listener feedback, and ends with a song they choose from a budding talent.
We aim to reach people of our own kind: those creative and clever folk known as gamers, specifically, non-electronic gamers. When that campaign fell on deaf Paramount ears, despite its success in generating fan support and unprecedented fan funding, a€?Slice of SciFia€? continued to support the Star Trek fan base that had given it ita€™s starting point, but branched out into the wider arena of science fiction, fantasy and horror media: television, film, comics, and new media such as fan films, audio dramas, online animated comics and more.
In addition, the Signal was also a finalist for the 2006 Parsec Awards in the categories "Best Fan Podcast" and "Best Audio Production", and for the 2007 Parsec Awards in the category "Best Fan Podcast".
The application helps us to determine what kind of commitment you are interested in making to this project and honoring that. Please send in the acting application along with your sound file, as per the directions on the Dialog page. During casting, we likely will ask you to record for another part if we feel you might be suited for that role, or we may assign you to another role altogether.
We will be accepting submissions for two weeks only, and then the following two weeks we will review them and request follow up pieces as needed. Most of your recording will be done independently, but occasionally we will ask you to participate in a group recording (all remotely). In office since 2011, Paul currently serves in the United States Senate as a member of the Republican Party. Paul began practicing ophthalmology in 1993 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and established his own clinic in December 2007.
He has held a state-issued medical license since moving there in 1993.[24] He received his first job from Dr. Those who already been given lifetime certification were allowed to keep it (according to the ABO, they would not legally have been able to rescind these certifications).[29] Shortly after this change, Paul began a campaign to protest it. Senate candidate Rand Paul greeting supporters at Bowman Field in Louisville, Kentucky on November 1, 2010.
The announcement left only Paul and Secretary of State Trey Grayson as the remaining candidates for the Republican nomination,[60] with Paul announcing on August 5, 2009, that he would officially run for the U.S. This proposal included cutting the Department of Education by 83 percent and the Department of Homeland Security by 43 percent, as well as folding the Department of Energy into the Department of Defense and eliminating the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
To do so, he said it cannot be the party of "fat cats, rich people and Wall Street" and that the conservative movement has never been about rich people or privilege, "we are the middle class", he said. They live in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she is a freelance writer.[200] They have three sons. It was in the same neighborhood (the SRL was over at 25 West 45th), little further away from Christ Cellaa€™s on East 45th, and just a few doors down the block from the Midtown branch of Billy the Oysterman, which would now increasingly eclipse Cellaa€™s as Morleya€™s watering hole and luncheon spot with Irregulars like Edgar W. My protagonist Woody Hazelbaker is summoned there cryptically by Morley on the afternoon of June 28, 1940, to be one of a small number of Irregulars to meet the equally real Canadian industrialist William Stephenson, whom Winston Churchill had just sent to New York to run the Secret Intelligence Service station there, and to undermine U.S.
Smitha€™s Irregular secretary at General Motors Overseas Operations during 1946-49: a€?I remember huffing and puffing up, up to the 4th floor walk-up Morley office with both Morley and Smith. I wish, though, that it had come to my attention years ago, in time to use one detail in it in my novel Baker Street Irregular, to which Sources and Methods is a companion volume. Sean talks about his days postA  hobbits and elves on the popular post-apocalyptic TV show Jeremiah, and shares his thoughts on theA  mysterious Mr. Each podcast we bring you a story or stories from Buffy, Angel, Firefly or another Jossverse in an attempt to satisfy your need for more stories.

There is something about a quality paper and plastic game that fuels our imagination and therea€™s nothing better than having good company to share in the appreciation.
They don't agree on ANYTHING, yet somehow they remain friends despite the verbal bloodbath that ensues every week. If you love SF literature, are an author or aspire to become one, you'll enjoy this podcast. But the Kalsorin are keeping a secret from the La'Shareti that would bring a war that they could not win.
We have a really wide range of roles available, and need lots of different kinds of voices to work with.
This position requires only that you occasionally promote the podcast in places you frequent on the internet (you are given assignments on how to go about this). For this season, we anticipate doing all of our recording from May of 2008 to January of 2009. At the time, Duke did not require an undergraduate degree for admission to its graduate school.
John Downing of Downing McPeak Vision Centers, which brought him to Bowling Green after completing his residency.
Paul questioned the Obama administration's use of drones and the stated legal justification for their potential use within the United States. Putin must be punished for violating the Budapest Memorandum, and Russia must learn that the U.S.
Paul also said that conservatives must present a message of justice and concern for the unemployed and be against government surveillance to attract new people to the movement, including the young, Hispanics, and blacks[144] During the 2014 election, Paul launched a social media campaign titled "Hillary's Losers" which was meant to highlight many of the Democratic candidates that lost their bids for the U.S. Rough bookcases lined the walls, but books and papers were everywhere, including the floor.
The a€?officea€™ was a dusty, musty, books-and-papers strewn room with an ancient sagging sofa. They had been productive ones, including the writing of his greatest bestseller, Kitty Foyle, the story of an Irish Philly working girl versus Philadelphiaa€™s WASPish Main Line (where Morley had been born, in 1890 in Haverford).
But by that time she had gone off to war as an officer in the WAVES, and would remain in the Navy after the war was over. Anything you feel like you may have to offer will help us to know what kinds of things might be possible.
We will do our best to communicate additional needs in advance and we are often understanding and able to work with any time you may be unavailable. The novel had been published in 1939, and turned into a movie in 1940 starring Ginger Rogers, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the role.
The article startles us by stating that The Three Hours for Lunch Club a€?is now disbanded,a€? without elucidation; and of mention of The Baker Street Irregulars, there is none. William Stephenson in the 46W47 chapter of Baker Street Irregular, at that fateful hour in June 1940 when Britain stood alone against Hitler. Please read the directions on that page carefully so that we have the best possible recordings to work with and can easily identify who you are! In some cases we may even be requesting examples of these talents (oh except the squirrel thing, squirrels are evil and have no souls). He urged that the US impose economic sanctions on Russia and resume an effort to build defensive anti-missile installations in Poland and the Czech Republic. Given father Ron's libertarian convictions, people often assume that he is named after the self-styled 'radical for capitalism' who wrote Atlas Shrugged.
A candidate’s popularity with the Conservative Political Action Conference hasn’t necessarily been a great predictor of his or her success with the larger GOP electorate, as attendees tend to have a stronger libertarian bent than the Republican majority. Whether the victory for Paul will have long-lasting benefit is unclear since his libertarian views may not have broad appeal in the Republican Party. In a shift first reported by the Lexington Herald-Leader, a McConnell aide said the senator had decided to support Mr. They thought all along that they could call me a libertarian and hang that label around my neck like an albatross, but I'm not a libertarian.
His recent comments on gay marriage—“personally offended” and “moral crisis”—created a libertarian backlash. Now Morley was writing a new semi-autobiographical novel, Thorofare, and soon would go to work on his book for the BSIa€™s 1944 Trilogy event, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: A Textbook of Friendship. They have been considerate enough to get a Mac and they are trying to use Linux too a€“ all to please you their listener. He requested a pledge from the Administration that noncombatants would not be targeted on U.S.
He and his wife decided to settle in the southeastern Texan town of Lake Jackson, near the site of his military service.
Paul’s proposal that the Kentucky GOP establish a presidential selection caucus in March separate from the state’s May primary for other offices. Dust was thick everywhere and hung in the smoky air where sunlight fell through unwashed windows.
Smith were exchanging letters on BSI matters more or less every other day (see Irregular Records of the Early a€™Forties, p. Smith, Elmer Davis, Fletcher Pratt (whoa€™d huffed and puffed up those stairs to Morleya€™s aerie with Woody Hazelbaker), Rex Stout, and Gene Tunney as an Irregular audience and amen chorus.
For a period, Paul was the only obstetrician in Brazoria County, and he delivered as many as 50 babies a month. One was the big frame and boyish face of Gene Tunney, but the other was a stranger, short and thin with a freckled face, blue eyes, and brown hair going gray. At the far end, Rex Stout sat in a dilapidated armchair with his feet on a footstool, arms around his knees. Elmer [Davis] occupied a smaller chair nearby, and Edgar Smith perched between them on an upturned beer crate.

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