QuoteAtlantis in MaltaMalta is a platform, an elevation of the sea floor that has showed its want to immerse more than once. A short reply from you but with so much in it I have heard that there are cart ruts and temples offshore Malta but have only seen the ones at st georges bay as they are only a few meters off the shore! Echoes of Plato's Island (book) - historical evidence that Malta was AtlantisIs there historical evidence that Malta was Atlantis?
Is Malta Atlantis?For more on the topic of was or is the island of Malta the island of Atlantis you can visit the Atlantis website Atlantipedia and its page on Malta as a possible location of Atlantis that has more information and especially links to other historical sources on this intriguing idea.
Imagine a vast library stretching out in all directions, as far as the eye can see; one that stores every piece of knowledge that has ever existed.
There have been many great mind masters who have tapped into this wealth of information, best known as the akashic records, transforming the world for the better.
Within the human body are structures that function independently, but are a vital part of the whole. It is believed by many social theorists, philosophers and even some scientists, that human beings themselves are also a part of a super-organism, where all the separate parts are equally interdependent and influenced by the global mind.
As individuals, we are self-aware, but also intimately linked to a higher consciousness that connects every living being on the planet. It permeates everything; recording all the thoughts, feelings, knowledge and experience that have ever existed!
Did you know it is completely possible for you to access this repository of collective wisdom (Akashic Records) and experience whenever you desire? The subconscious mind acts as a gateway to the collective consciousness, where the akashic records exist, and you can learn to access it at will with meditation.
Indeed, meditation is the the very best way to access the global mind via your subconscious mind.
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The Benefits Of Bridging All Mind Layers Meditation unleashes the incredible potential of our untapped mind layers. As a keen SCUBA diver, I can definitely confirm there are many, many artifacts and features, now submerged, that point to Malta being not only much larger in area, but also very well advanced.

I have read about the submerged temple structure of Gebel Gol Bahar, that there are underwater cart ruts near st julians and also some near Fort Delimara. The superb book Echoes of Plato's Island has a lot of historical and modern day evdience that Malta was the island of Atlantis.
He deciphered the Indus script in 1994, and has since identified variants of this archaic script in several sites.
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It is comprised of a few island but only 2 are large enough to support any amount of people, Malta and Gozo. Steep reefs falling vertically to the sea, contrarily to the more sloping northern shore, form the southern coast of Malta, the Dingli Cliffs. 6 An illustration showing the similarities of the Hagar Qim Temple compound layout on Malta when compared to a typical 800 MHz wireless antenna patternThere are an infinite variety of patterns that can be generated by antennas depending on the beam width desired, distance between the antenna poles and the frequency being transmitted. According to Schildman, the inscription on the Tal-Qadi slab is in old Sanskrit, an earlier medium of communication than the indus script. But the number of Temples for such a small island is staggering.The island today is fairly dry and you can not imagine it being able to support a large population that would need that many temples at a time when others had not even started to build theirs. However, nearly all antenna patterns have similar characteristics consisting of main beam lobe and side lobes as well as nulls and back lobe.I believe lobe was a word Graham Hancock specifically used in Underworld to describe the temple structures on Malta.
You dont even need to visit the islands of Malta and Gozo to understand that Malta has a lot of evidence for it being Atlantis. Malta's Cart Ruts lead straight off cliff tops,into bays full of sea water and they can be seen on the sea floor. The population that created extraordinary structures of giant stones, at a certain point of the island's history, just disappeared. What was the impetus and influence that dictated the architectural configuration so long ago?I design digital wireless networks utilizing the EM Spectrum, transmitters, receivers, modulators and antenna. Two-hundred-and-fifty years of darkness actually characterize the story of these people until the arrival of the new populations that successively occupied Malta.What had determined such an immense catastrophe? The book Echoes of Plato's Island gives lots more examples of flora, fauna, ancient maps and co-ordinates, historical finds etc as to why Malta was Atlantis.
The population of Malta also vanished along with a lot of old civilisations around the same time.Another possible bit of evidence could be the animals found at the Ghar Dalam cave.
The program creates a model showing how a location will perform using different antenna, elevation, azimuths and power settings. The fact that most of them seem to have no starting point just begin very large has always puzzled me. Anyone who has an interest in the subject needs to buy this book and if you can visit the islands. I had a look for something to explain it and the only suggestion I have found is that instead of an Ice Age, Malta had a Rainy Age, due to its warmer climate. You wont regret it.QuotePsonchis then proceeded to outline the most remarkable event in the prehistory of the ancient Athenians, when they had led the military forces of the eastern Mediterranean against those of Atlantika in the west. According to the Electric Universe idea of the Squatting Man or Tree of Life being a high energy plasma discharge, this would have affected the earth in such a way that dating systems using half lifes or the amount of certain chemicals in things could easily be wrong.

If the temple location were part of some kind of communications network utilizing the EM Spectrum, I'd say they were.Is it possible a correlation exists between the Maltese temple architecture and antenna propagation patterns?
Only in Malta!The problem with this is that it does not explain Ghargur and Madliena Heights. The defeat of the Atlantean forces was immediately followed by a cataclysmic disaster, which subnerged Atlantika beneath the waves for all time (48). Perhaps, but much more research and investigation is needed before any firm conclusions can be drawn. Virtually as high as Dingli Cliffs yet, according to geology, these are water carved Wieds or Valleys. It seems Sir Temi Zammit and Prof Agius noticed this and that temples had fallen to the East (if someone can confirm this that would be great!). Certainly it can be said that the temple layout seems to conform strikingly to the characteristics of antenna propagation patterns.If a connection were proven to exist, what would be the implications? How has water carved these out when there is so much wrong about these being water eroded.mistra bay, maltaMistra Bay, do you have more info on the stuff there? Ghar Dalam has its mouth open to the West so this would fit in with the idea of one of the floods pushing animals in there.Another thought is that all the temples were found buried.
Certainly a radical rethinking the level of technological sophistication that may have existed in ancient civilization, not to mention the question of how this knowledge came to the builders of the Maltese temples.(For more of this article) -  Did Ancient Humans Have Knowledge of the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum? Psonchis also gave Solon several details about Atlantika before its submergence.The civilisation of Atlantika had been established for a millennnium in advance of the Egyptian one (50). What is interesting is the amount of earth below the cliff face, how high the actual stuff inside the bay is. One of the more famous long term investigations is Chris Dunn and his The Giza Power Plant theory.QuoteIn THE GIZA POWER PLANT, I had theorized that harmonic resonators were housed in these slots and were oriented vertically toward the ceiling.
According to Jean Quintinus, this temple extended over “a large part of the harbour, even far out into the sea” as late as 1536 and in 1606, Megeiser could still see that it was constructed of “rectangular blocks of unbelievable sizes”.
They built triremes in their shipyards (54), and had developed an intricate network of channels over rocky terrain in order to transport their water and goods across the country (55).
Today, we know that the sea level in 5000 BC was no less than 15 metres lower than it is today; by 2500 BC, the water level had already risen by almost ten metres!
This explosion explained many other unusual effects that have been noted inside the Great Pyramid in the past, and I had surmised that the explosion had also destroyed the resonators inside the Grand Gallery in a terrible fire.Only with the powerful lights of the video camera did the evidence become clear, and illuminated before me, like at no other time before, was the charred evidence to support my theory. Hence, rather than a sudden deluge that might have killed all, there is instead a slow sinking of the islands. I suspect it is as it fits in with some other ideas and stuff I have seen and why would anyone make up something like that?Would you be able to explain further about the old rivers and the harbour?
You can read more about Anton Mifsud and the conference A Positive Outcomegrand harbour velletta - erosion or electric discharge?As to the catastrophe that struck the island are they explained in an electric universe? Is the grand harbour of Velletta an electrical discharge event and thats why it looks like a lightning strike?
A catastrophe appears to have struck the  the Mediterranean area, the middle east and perhaps the whole world at the same time in varying degrees.

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