If you are a more-than-average type of computer user, then you would have felt the need of adjusting the computer screen brightness.
These informations are really very informative and useful for others,thanks for sharing with us.keep blogging. This is a good blog, I was wondering if I could use this summary on my website, I will link it back to your website though. Some keyboards (ex: notebooks) may have shortcut keys that you can use to adjust your display brightness with like the example below.
If you like, you could also click on Brightness, then use the up and down arrow keys to make fine adjustments. Is it possible to adjust screen brightness in Windows 8 by assigning a keyboard shortcut to it?
This is a clean install from a Clevo reseller and there isn't anything 3rd party power management that I can see. I'm currently have the latest Intel HD Graphics installed and the settings seem to match the ones set in my power settings. Does your Intel HD graphics settings have an option to adjust the brightness level something like below? Yes, it does, but adjusting that slider changes the whiteness of my screen, not the luminosity.
If you're constantly going from dark to brightly lit areas, you've probably noticed that the stock auto brightness feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 doesn't work that well. Velis automatically adjusts your phone's screen brightness by using the light and proximity sensors (either of these can be toggled off).

The need comes because of the vast difference in the ambient lighting conditions of day and night. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
You must have latest graphics driver installed to avoid fails !Ok, let`s say that you have latest driver installed and that driver din`t fix your issue ?Option 1. Adjusting your screen brightness is one of the most basic Android display settings you’ll find and allows you to compensate for the lack of or over abundance of, surrounding light. Reducing the display brightness level can help extend your battery life before needing to recharge. At the bottom of Power Options, move the Screen brightness slider right (brighter) and left (dimmer) to adjust the screen brightness to what level you like. Move the Adjust plan brightness sliders right (brighter) and left (dimmer) to adjust the screen brightness to what level you like for when your computer is On battery and Plugged in. Expand Display and Display brightness, and adjust the screen brightness to what percentage level you like when your computer is On battery and Plugged in. I had problems with the auto-brightness feature in Windows 8.1 not switching off, so I sent my tablet in to the Samsung repair shop. To put it quite simply, Velis blows the stock Android auto brightness feature out of the water. When you first open the app, you'll be prompted with a settings wizard that goes through six questions on brightness and light customization. Most Android devices will already be set to automatically adjust your screen brightness depending on how much light your Android device’s light sensor detects, but since everyone is different, you may not want your have your brightness dimmed at a particular time, thus making it important to know how to manually adjust it.

They had my tablet for 3 weeks, and re-imaged my harddrive (wiping off all my programs in the process). Knowing how to adjust your brightness levels can also lead to better battery management, something everyone can use. I’ll outline a few steps on how to adjust your screen brightness, followed by a short video showing how to do it.
Then I updated my operating system to Windows 8.1 and installed all the windows updates, but after doing that I was not able to adjust my screen brightness anymore.
I have just disabled the power-saving feature on the Intel graphics driver and it seems as if that has stopped 'adaptive brightness', but I still cannot adjust the brightness manually.
From the settings, you can also adjust which sensors you want Velis to use, as well as settings with sensitivity and with the graph. This pretty much means that you have complete control over the brightness of your screen.Due to the customization Velis allows, it's way better than the stock feature and any other third-party apps like Lux Auto Brightness and Screen Filter.
Let us know!If you want even more automatic adjustments, check out my previous softModder guide on using Intelligent Ringer to auto-adjust your ringtone sound level according to your surroundings.

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