The meaning of Supta in Sanskrit means ‘reclined’, Vajra means ‘thunderbolt’ and asana means ‘posture’.
Don’t do this asana if you suffer from high blood pressure, slipped disc, vertigo or are pregnant or going through menstruation and suffer from back or knee injury.
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Many people ask us “Why do we do yoga?”  So, we have put together what we think are the seven key benefits of yoga, or the seven reasons yoga can change your life, or at the very least, help you to address issues in  your life. If like many of us, you have rounded shoulders and want to improve your posture, why not make it a fun and enjoyable experience and use some yoga poses to get your shoulders rolled back and see what that feels like. Once you start trying some yoga exercises to improve your posture you will be amazed at how much better your shoulders feel and look. So as well as making you look and feel better, yoga also creates numerous health benefits for your body and mind, so you get to increase your general well-being and even benefit from some of the many other health benefits that yoga offers.
And did you know… new research has found that good posture is important for maintaining a healthy body throughout your life. Here is a simple exercise we practice to counteract your tendency to want to slouch and it increases body awareness, thereby improving your posture. This is one of the yoga postures we do at our camps, it’s called the locust and everyone joins in doing what they can on the day. We all know that weight loss is about energy in, energy out… so what’s this about losing weight doing yoga? You don’t actually burn a lot of calories with yoga so it’s not seen as a weight loss exercise, but it does have a spin off for weight loss.
So you can see that by practising yoga, it can lead to you having better sleep, better eating habits, and increased self-awareness. Good nutrition is essential for weight loss and if you are paying attention to what you eat, you will start to see some results.
With the awareness you get from practicing yoga, you feel more energised and more inclined to eat healthy foods and soon you will be on your way to achieving your goals. The poses called warrior 1 and warrior 2 help to increase your body’s metabolism and feel really good to do. The good news is by undertaking even a modest amount of yoga you will be surprised at how quickly you increase your flexibility – you will be well on your way to touching your toes before you know it.
This exercise feels really good and you can do it any time of the day when you feel like a good stretch.
Yoga breathing has become a common way for people to manage any stress going on in their lives. This is a simple but very effective little exercise that takes one minute and can be done anywhere at any time. By doing this regularly (and remember it only takes a minute) it will help to regulate the oxygen flow in your blood thus making you more alert and aware.
This increased awareness helps you to stay on track with everything that your day demands of you, decreases your stress levels and you will find you make fewer mistakes and can go about your day in a more relaxed and calm manner.
We all experience stress, fear, anxiety at various times throughout our lives and some of us suffer with anxiety problems on a more regular basis.
What yoga does is helps you to stay calm and relaxed in your daily life and this calmness gives you the strength to face something that would normally be a stressful situation for you.

When you do a yoga session you are able to let go of all the worries that you may have before coming to the session.
As well as doing wonders for stress and anxiety yoga has been shown by research to improve our balance and confidence – two things most of us could use more of.
These balancing skills are very helpful and even more important as we get older in order to decrease the risk of falling. TIP: When you are doing a yoga balancing pose, just keep your eyes focused on one spot and it really helps you to maintain stillness and balance. As you focus on one spot, you should bring your attention inward and keep your mind on the sensation of your body in the yoga pose. We all need different amounts of sleep and while some can exist on 4-5 hours, it seems that most of us need at least a good 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. People who practice yoga say that it definitely improves their sleep time and sleep efficiency. As you feel more balanced, clear minded, free from pain and able to breathe better, so too you will sleep better. The child’s pose is such a lovely yoga pose and if you do it before you go to bed, it helps you relax and prepare you for better night’s sleep. The best thing of all is the fun we have at our yoga sessions and everyone feels great afterwards.
If you practice yoga outdoors you get the benefits of being close to nature and we all know how good that feels – not like exercise at all.
You can find out more about where our camps are and the times they run here. We look forward to seeing you! Live Life Get Active is building a fitter, healthier and happier Australia and we want people to have fun along the way. Rock climbers are often faced by a problem that most of the general public wishes it had: they are just too muscular. The downside to this pastime that includes endless finger pulls and heel hooks is often tendonitis through the hands and extraordinarily tight muscles, especially for the trapezius, deltoid, and oblique muscles.
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It is also known as diamond pose and is used for meditation and practising breathing exercise. Sit in Vajrasana.Place the palms on the floor beside the bottom, fingers pointing to the front.
The majority of these women and men are tasking facial aerobics workouts to perk up their looks, simply since they are so uncomplicated to learn.
Taking time out of your day to enjoy gentle, stretching exercises is one of the best things you can do for your body.
After sleep the muscles can tend to be stiff and tight and a few lovely, relaxed stretches loosens them up, makes you feel awake and gives you energy. Yoga increases flexibility in your shoulders, spine, hips, and hamstrings – all the way down to your toes. You know yourself if you get anxious or upset, the first thing anyone will usually say to you is ‘calm down and breathe deeply’. We can get anxious about an exam at school, nervous about a job interview, or fear about social gatherings where you don’t know anyone – these are some of the more common reasons.

By being in the present, you are not thinking about the past, which can create stress, or the future, which can create anxiety. With better balance you can improve your fitness levels and this also helps you to prevent falls and injuries, as it improves your focus and concentration. There are millions of people all over the world who suffer from sleep deprivation for many different reasons. Stretching and breathing properly has a calming effect on your body and this all helps you to have a wonderful night’s sleep.
If you practice them on a regular basis it won’t be very long before you start to feel the benefits. Everyone can benefit from yoga, young and old.  It doesn’t matter what level you are at because you always get something out of a session.
Unlike the gym, you don’t have to worry about anyone watching you as they will be so busy focusing on their own poses.
With the help of Local Government and Corporate Australia we provide FREE health, fitness and nutritional education both online and in the parks, suburbs and cities of Australia. For those of you who are not rock climbers imagine a workout routine that includes rep after rep of pull-ups and one-legged squats, but performed on fingertips and toes.
Combining a simple regimen of yoga as a compliment to the climber’s workout can add a huge advantage. A good place to start looking is at your regular rock gym where yoga classes are often offered on-site. Louis Yoga ExaminerCaitlin Flanagan is an avid rock climber, cyclist, hiker, and yoga practitioner. It doesn’t matter with yoga… every little bit helps and in our camps, you go at your own pace and no-one is judging. By practicing yoga regularly it can help you to fight colds and flus and other respiratory ailments as the yoga exercises teach you how to relax and breathe better. This simple act of focusing on your breathing helps your body to adjust to the situation happening and calms your system down and brings your breathing back to a normal healthy rate. Not only does it make us tired, grumpy and irritable the next day, but research has shown we are more likely to experience health problems such as anxiety and depression if we don’t get the required amount of sleep every night. The kind of strength needed for these athletes tends to concentrate muscle building in areas that you cannot work out in a regular weight room. The strength and flexibility provided by a yoga routine will reduce the incidence of tendonitis and generally prevent injuries from strain and overuse, as well as release the muscle-bound climbers and offer a greater range of motion to perform those high steps and dihedral stems. If you are strapped for time and climbing is your only outlet, just add a few simple poses before you put you harness on.
Louis teaching "Yoga for Climbers" and freeing her fellow climbers from their own too-heavily muscled bodies.

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