The Serenity Prayer became much more widely known in the 1950s after it was read in an obituary and then excitedly turned into business cards and handed out by Bill Wilson. Fact: Serenity Prayers are now more frequently said after a meeting by Narcotics Anonymous then AA or Al Anon as in NA the Lords Prayer is seldom said, (due to the Lord's Prayer having a specific religious root, thus making it a possible tradition violation. God,Grant me the serenity to accept the people I can't change, the courage to know the places and things to avoid,and the wisdom to know the difference.One of our many 12 Step original illustrations on our art page.

The Serenity Prayer, in The NY Times Here a writer shows other similar versions came before. On writing, as "step-work", have you a spiritual masterpiece hidden inside as Reinhold and Bill Wilson and Jimmy K.
220 pages, lined, a quote on page bottom, and illustrations on the step through the chapters.

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