The Light Meditation by Gerrit Jahn teaches us to be more radiant with inner light, which improves our quality of life on all levels: Body, mind, emotions, and psyche are positively influenced. Scientific research has discovered that cells communicate with light, the healthier the cell, the brighter it shines, while cancerous cells emit very little or no light at all.
I suffered from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) for more than 7 years, and the worst part is that I’ve found out about it in the last year. I spent my nights reading articles to help me win at anxiety, and I spent my days trying to implement the advice I found. If you ask me, I believe my focus was always lost because of one thing: my mind getting used to the technique. If I had to name my meditation technique, it would be called Temporary Technique for a Better Focus.
You start with 1 second long inhale, followed by a 2 second long exhale; then you continue with inhaling for 2 seconds, and exhaling for 3 seconds. And after only a few days of practicing this meditation technique, my focus was improved and I was able to meditate in more common ways. But then I remembered; I recovered from anxiety thanks to the like-minded people on DumbLittleMan and other sites, who shared their personal and inspirational stories in order to help others. So please, let me know if this meditation technique is helping you when your focus isn’t.
Author: Nikola SerafimovskiNikola overcome anxiety because he gave his trust to online communities. Reception is iffy, but hey, at this this point almost everyone is open to trying any solution that could maybe, possibly (please?) work and not cause more death, doom and destruction.
In the 1500 years that it has been in existence, Islum has brought NOTHING BUT torment, despair, pain and suffering to Mankind. The Catholic Portuguese Conquistadors inflicted the brutal, savage Goa Inquisition, for 500 long years, upon the peaceful, gentle civilized Hindu natives of Goa, India, just so as to get the gentle Hindus to buy into the Vatican-sponsored Pyramid-Scheme of Christianity. The unspeakable atrocities and Crimes against Humanity committed by the Portuguese against the Hindus of Goa make Hitler look like an amateur school-boy !
The Spanish Catholic Conquistadors inflicted upon the natives of South America horrifying atrocities, to get the natives to abandon their native religions, and buy into the Vatican’s Pyramid-Scheme.
The Mass Pedophilia in the Catholic Church, that is being uncovered daily, appears to be just the tip of the iceberg of the Vatican’s long rap-sheet of Crimes against Humanity.

From here on out, Man needs to look Eastwards, towards the ancient religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. In the 5000 years of its existence, there has never been a Hindu or Buddhist Terrorist or a Hindu or Buddhist Conquistador. In 1992, some right-thinking Hindus in India decided that enough was enough, and led a march to the disputed mosque, and demolished it, in an effort to restore the centuries-old Hindu temple that had long existed there. All right-thinking people the world over should rejoice over this laudable action, as it represents one small victory for the Forces of Good over the Forces of Evil, in the tireless battle that the Hindus of India have been waging single-handedly for 1500 years against the Arabic Plague of Islum.
Yes, indeed, in the aftermath of the assassination of the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her own Sikh bodyguards, there was a violent backlash against the Sikh community in India. The anti-Sikh violence is entirely condemnable, and all right thinking people have long been calling on the Congress Party to resign, and to punish the persons guilty of these crimes. In the face of grave provocations, for 1500 years from the Arabic Plague of Islum, and for 700 years from the Vatican Evange-thugs, the Hindus of India have maintained their dignity, even as they have continued to tirelessly and single-handedly resist these evil forces. There are several Hindus in India today, who consider it fashionable to run down other Hindus.
One has to have spent several years in India to be able to understand this pseudo-secular menace. But, if you really want the Afghanis to zone-out, and forget all the miseries in their lives, you need to introduce Cricket and Bollywood into Afghanistan. By getting the masses in India hooked to these two potent Opiums, the corrupt Congress Party-led Government of India is emboldened to embezzle Trillions (yes, trillions) of Dollars worth of Indian-tax-payer-money, and stash it in the private Swiss bank accounts of the Congress Party, before the very eyes of the India masses, as the Indian masses are too stoned on their two opiums, to even take notice of the Congress-Party’s nefarious activities.
Before the Arabic Plague of Islam swept Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan were Hindu, Buddhist, and to some extent, Zoroastrian. Now, the Afghan people need to reject the Arabic Plague of Islam, and to reclaim their ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Zoroastrian heritage of their own forefathers, in order for the Afghan people to have any decent chance of attaining peace and happiness.
I’ve spent days and weeks of constant worrying and over thinking without realizing that I am “digging my own grave”.
And you probably already know that in almost every article about mental disorders, meditation is a must-do. Or in other words, if I used the counting method, I would count to 5 and then my brain continued the counting automatically. A friend of mine suffered from a deep stance of PTSD, and it helped her the way it helped me.

And the chances to help others are indeed higher with sharing the technique here, than writing a book that only few will read, probably. They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more.
This is not surprising, since this Cult worships as a Prophet a Pedophile, who went on to become the World’s First Terrorist. There are NO religions on this earth that have not had their share of corruption, terrorism, and fundamentalism. The pogrom against the Sikhs was orchestrated by the Congress-Party, the very political-Party that is in power in India today. For centuries the Afghans were fighting the European invaders, the British (3 wars), the Russian communists, red army (10 years of war) and before these people, Alexander, not-so-great. From counting breaths, to mantras and dancing meditation, but none of these helped me hold my focus for more than 10 seconds.
The same goes for mantras; practicing meditation with mantras was useless because after 10 seconds my brain acted like it had a repeat button. I believe it’s because the number was always different and my mind couldn’t do it on “repeat”.
Alborzian, or Yogi Cameron, as he’s most familiarly known, to join the cause, heading out to Afghanistan to meet with army generals, prison guards, inmates and Afghan ministers. That’s when I realized that I needed to “invent” something that will hold my focus for longer than 5 seconds. So many NGOs in the name of Afghan people and the poor children are still on the streets of Kabul, selling chewing gum and cigarette lighters. I’m also teaching yoga to women and young girls in Afghanistan without any organization or NGO, free of charge.

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