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By David Hamilton Filed Under: Change - Growth, Mindset Alpha meditation taps into the state of awareness of being nearly asleep but at the same time, completely awake. Binaural beats are not heard, but perceived as an auditory beat when two tones of specific sound wave frequencies are directed to the right and the left ear, respectively. Did You Know?The concept of binaural beats was discovered by a Prussian scientist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839.
It is the believed that the following effects might be achieved by listening to binaural beats.
In order to understand how binaural beats can induce states of meditation, deep relaxation, or even lucid dreaming, there's a need to understand the importance of brain wave patterns and frequencies. Out of the five types of brain waves, delta and theta waves indicate states when one is unconscious, whereas alpha and beta waves are indicative of states when a person is conscious or awake.
During this time, the brain waves demonstrate characteristics that are similar to waking sleep, a combination of alpha, beta, and desynchronous waves. While using a lucid dream induction brainwave entrainment soundtrack, the brain resonates to low frequencies (about 3Hz) that are associated with light sleep. Thereafter, the soundtrack will repeat in such a way that it corresponds with one's natural sleep cycles. Or maybe it’s “being cooler” than the other person by being more fashionably, saying the cooler thing, whatever. He says that “there is nothing you have to get, do or BE in order to be happy in his TED Talk.
But what is more accurate and appropriate to this conversation that I’m presenting here is this: the primary cultural paradigm we are raised in, is one where we are taught to pursue things that we THINK will make us happy, but don’t in the end. So it’s hard to figure out how to be happy, when all of our so-called happiness training has come from a poisoned paradigm of striving for more and more. Basically, we are raised to be unhappy given values based on achievement of goals, then another and another and that “someday happiness will arrive”. We are taught that what we get, what we achieve will make us happy, instead of where we are at, and what we are focusing on or doing right now. Each time we engage in decisions and behaviors that lead to maximum achievement, we are literally running away from the happiness potential that lives within. This is a deeply installed belief system, that we need to get, achieve and even be a certain way to be happy is a recipe for productivity and output, but not one for happiness. Well, it’s not flawed if we talk about it in absolute terms, but in terms of being in a state of happiness, yes I agree that it’s flawed. This mental model of chasing happiness, is simply a culturally installed belief system, which leads to a great amount of unhappiness and suffering. But more than that, another if statement will come along soon enough, to make you miserable again. Even if we don’t verbalize our if-thens, we often can feel them right down to our bones this is what I mean by the depth of our beliefs.
This if-then model is what brings about conditional happiness, which is not the model to be followed, if you want to experience regular blissful happiness day-to-day.
You can even learn to feel sad, and feel this underlying happiness, but it takes A LOT of practice, especially if you have been practicing achievement-based, conditional happiness for so long.
Well, it’s going to take some retraining and practice of new skills and a redirected power of intention. In Part 2, I’ll explain some of the best methods that I know of for how to do retrain your mind for this. However, I have actually learned to be more balanced in the last several years, because of a lot of work I have done on myself, to become more social, and connect more.
Because connection with others and generosity is on the top of my hierarchy of what I value in life.
Not only that, but it’s on a sliding scale, most people are more one than the other, but really a mixture of both. These all give me foundational strength and internal power to live with passion and purpose AND to be social as long as my primary introvert energy tanks are more than half full. Even though extroverts are exalted to the status of successful and social beings in Western society, there are so many talented introverts out there it’s ridiculous.
This isn’t in any way meant to knock extroverts, believe me because there are plenty of great extrovert leaders as well.
However, introversion has been undervalued for so long, just because introverts don’t always have the appearance of having self confidence on the outside. It’s important to know this, so that shy introverts can be supported in being more social, that is, if they want to be that way.
About how introverts can often be easily overstimulated, and that work environments are set up for extroverts (i.e. Introverts often need to work alone to be their most creative, and not forced into group work situations all the time. Especially if you are an introvert, you’ll find some greater self-acceptance and solace watching it.
This post is in no way meant to have introverts seen as victims that have a harder time controlling emotions. Leo has learned to write in a refreshingly simple and direct way that really gets me into the moment when I read his posts.
When we are caught up in a noisy, comparing, petty mind-space, the comparison conversation almost always shows up.
While it’s true you may not have what they have externally, when trapped in comparison mind you are projecting what you think their lives are like in comparison to yours. What’s more, is that you are literally continuing to create your fear-based reality, through belief filters that you think are you, but are really just your beliefs.
I’ve got some things in mind here to help guide you away from your FOMO state of mind.
So how do we shift from this fear-based state of missing out, into something more useful and enjoyable? If you aren’t familiar with the practice of self-awareness or mindfulness, this will be difficult to do, AT FIRST.
However practicing things like mindfulness meditation, will help you getting accustomed to observing your thoughts and feelings that generate this state of fear of missing out, change or losing something. Learning the art of compassion and self-acceptance, being gentle and open with yourself, especially when you are feeling anxious, depressed or not good enough will make all the difference.
Think of how different the world would be if this was taught at a young age all across the world. So take action based on where you want to go, while working on your self-awareness and acceptance everyday, and acting in spite of any fear of missing out, not doing it right or limiting beliefs that show up.
But more often that not, taking a small action and then another, builds up a momentum and new space of being. Whatever it is that when you think you can’t do, that smallest step could take your life in a direction you never thought possible.
We need possibilities to show us where to go, but without action and energy applied, nothing will manifest.
You can recondition yourself out of this type of comparison and fear of missing outthinking. When things get hectic and crazy in life, it’s easy to feel that sense of losing control. It could be a job loss, the end of a major relationship, kids leaving for college, a loved one dying, or more than one of these events, happening at once. I spent years and years and years trying to overcome fear before doing something I was afraid of, one of my biggest being talking to women I’m attracted to. This is where we lose control, by not realizing fear is just fear, and it’s not our story. Of course that can shift, but to deny this truth, is to reject ourselves, and create resistance that just isn’t necessary.
Self-acceptance is an on-going, ever-living process, and though you will make leaps and bounds with it, and probably have many shifts to higher levels of acceptance, it must be continued to be practiced and embodied.
Accept where you are at, and start to form a plan of the change you want to be, which is our next subject to address.
If you want to get back control of your life again, after you get your bearings, and know where you are, you have to point yourself to where you want to go. Sometimes it’s surprising to me, when I ask people what they want (whether in a coaching session, or just a casual conversation with a friend) that they have no idea what they really want. Often they’ll start to say mainstream stuff, that everybody I suppose wants, but the language sounds regurgitated, and not personalized. One of the most important parts of this process is to enter a space of lightness, play and creativity. The greatest discoveries and inventions of our world, happened because people were willing to go beyond what the status quo thought was impossible. Even with the advent of quantum physics and string theory, the possibilities are shown to be practically endless.
Once you learn how to enter this space of possibility and creativity, it becomes more and more exciting. So sitting down, and writing out what you want in your different areas of life is a great place to start. Persistence is to not give up on your life or yourself, so you can really have a strong foundation when rediscovering how to take control of your life again.
Remember it’s a dance between the three points I wrote about above, and you can and will shift between them. So in looking at how to get everything that you want, we need to start with some powerful questions.
You see, to get that big payoff in dedicating yourself to the mission of how to get everything you want, there’s going to be a cost and sacrifices.
We must think big to steer ourselves on the course towards what we truly desire, and also to expand our limits of what we think is possible (belief is often at the root of this see the post on Changing Self Limiting Beliefs).
But also just as important,  are the small steps and goals on the path to achieve our wildest dreams. This is where I rave over and over again about mindfulness, and it’s part of the solid foundation that I used to approach my entire existence in the universe, as well as getting what I want, big and small.
But hard work isn’t hard work when you are clear on what you want are truly passionate about it.

I truly feel that refrain is the BIG secret that adds so much power to you as an evolving dynamo of a human force in the universe. The other part is to refrain from doing what I don’t want, and what takes me away from my passion and focus. Well, when I read this passage by Pema, I really woke up this time, purely on the fact that I respect her so much, because her teachings helped me in getting through a very difficult time when my mother died of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Maybe they would sometimes refrain, but not as a lifestyle…refraining is the quality of not grabbing for entertainment the minute we feel the slight edge of boredom coming on. Think of the implications of refraining for cultivating a state of presence where you can focus on what you are experiencing, what you need to get done in alignment with what you want.
Imagine the implications for achieving your life’s goals, getting and staying healthy, and even making love.
When I start to get stressed or overwhelmed, I refrain from continuing to scurrying around, slow down, get into my breath and get present.
It’s something that is lacking from a pure Law of Attraction approach, and in my eyes is critical to the package of well-being and success. By David HamiltonWe are so connected in our ultra-modern era…cell phones, email, social media, video chat and a dozen other ways that are probably looming on the horizon for communication. Yet, things can get quite frantic with all the information coming in from all directions, not to mention the responsibilities with family, friends and work.
So in trying to relax yourself, figuring out just how to relax your mind, body and soul isn’t always easy to do. We have to actively make time to do this, on a daily basis even now more than ever, to maintain well-being and balance in our lives. Here are some simple tips you can do today to relax yourself, before we go through a simple yet powerful three step relaxation technique. Breathing – I can’t stress enough the importance of learning how to breathe properly, and not only when you’re stressed, but at all times that you can. Rejuvenation – We often think that just going to the gym and cranking out a workout is the right way to go to relax ourselves. But can you see how this frantic pace, while exercising our physical body, doesn’t do much for our mind or stress levels? Scientific research shows that de-stressing and really relaxing is the key to anti-aging and living a long, vital life.
So lighting some scented candles, taking a slow hot bath or a shower, or meditating for even 10 minutes will do wonders to help you relax your mind and get out of the stress zone. Let it All Out – Sometimes we need to just to let out our frustrations and worries to a close friend. We can do some gratitude list making right on the spot to get out of our heads and away from all that we wished we had but don’t, and to be thankful for all that we do have. I know some of you will have incredibly busy lives, but I guarantee there is time there, or that time can be made. So make it a habit to commit to that two minutes (and increase slightly every week) to relax your mind, have a seat or do it when lying in bed when you first wake up.
Always start with your breath, breathing into your belly first, then expanding your lungs gently.
Take more breaths if you can or want; the idea is to get present with your breathing, one of the most vital elements of our existence that we often forget about. You can say it in your mind, picture it, and most importantly feel the experience of relaxation and rejuvenation it brings you. The word may also shift into something else and that’s fine, as long as it stays in a positive direction.
As your mind wanders away from the inspiring word (which may have shifted for you) into other thoughts, simply bring your focus back to your breath and your inspiring word.
Just keep doing this until your five minutes is up, or you feel relaxed and ready to get back into your day. I use BrainWave Entrainment Software by Transparent Corp, which allows you to make your own custom tracks.
I hope the three simple steps here on how to relax your mind, body and soul helped you and you practice them. By David HamiltonHarnessing the power of the mind allows words to be turned into new realities.
For years, common thought regarding the brain was what developed as a child stuck with the individual throughout life. In addition, it was thought that chemicals and neural connections were to doom the human thought process, consciousness, behaviors, habits and ultimate reality.
Today, new breeds of science like quantum physics, digital physics and even plasma physics offer hope that the mind has the power to influence changes in physical reality.
You may find it fascinating to know that all human tissues, including the brain is made of essentially the same ingredients. Through time as well as repetition, the brain learns connections needed to thrive and function.
This comes through experience so that every speck of skin learns where it is being kissed or touched.
While babies from birth to six months can perceive vocal inflections of any language, once the child reaches the age of one year, he or she can no longer recognize the sounds of other languages.
As children they did not need to distinguish between the English L and R sounds and the ability is weeded out. However, this does not mean life is hopeless and the brain fates you to live the life you lead. Scientific experiments with amputees show the mind rewires the brain to feel sensations that would normally be felt in the now missing limb in other parts of the body. The limb is rehabilitated by continuing to use until the brain determines its needs to map the input being received. This has lead to remarkable recovery. In a 1995 experiment one group of pianist physically practiced 5-fingered piano exercises while another only thought about practicing the same exercise. Each group was instructed to put their full attention to the exercise, a single note and finger at the time. Because the brain is in constant flux and responds to the environment as well as sensory input on a continual basis. Even though modern physics and neurobiology have given great insight into how the mind and brain work, and even affect reality, they don’t always explain practical application of how to increase mind power.
1) Meditation: it has been scientifically shown that meditation increases mind power, self-acceptance, relaxation, presence, task-focus, and overall well-being and success. There are even methods based on quantum physics like quantum entrainment which are highly recommended for exploring this space of mind power building. 2) Visualization: this is a second powerful tool, though not necessarily better than meditation.
For visualization to be powerful, it should be combined with mindfulness or meditative states to amplify it.
By David HamiltonAlpha meditation taps into the state of awareness of being nearly asleep but at the same time, completely awake.
This is a prevailing way to rejuvenate and create positive changes in your body and spirit. Alpha meditation is a controlled technique that sets free and then harnesses the power of the subliminal mind.
It uses a combination of psychology and contemplation techniques, such as mindfulness meditation, creative visualization or even prayer for some. When the brain is in an expected comfort zone, at seven to 14 pulsations each second, this is when a comfortable, relaxed state occurs that refreshes and heals the body. It is a condition where an individual goes into a deep sleep and then wakes in the morning feeling very rested. You can induce an alpha state and reap the reimbursement within yourself from this resource. 1) BEGINNING: To start alpha meditation, you should ground yourself and breathe in deeply through your nostrils and exhale deeply.
While doing this, let go of the worry and stress that is troubling you, focus on your breathing.
Realize that this will not cause stressors to go away, but through deep reflection and consideration, you will take control of them. In this method, you can locate a spiritual center and the resulting balance offers you solid ground to stand on. While your body unwinds and the burden of stress is released from your heart and mind, you achieve the state of alpha meditation. When in this state, you are open, not vulnerable and you are powerful, devoid of being controlled.
2) VISUALIZE: At this point, visualization and deliberation become tools to be used to sharpen your will and your mind. While you are visualizing these numbers three times, this activates a piece of the mind that does not have the opportunity to stretch often, similar to a cluster of muscles that have not been used much. 3) CONTINUE IMAGINING:  While continuing to deep breathe, you can imagine yourself in settings where you desire to be, or think about getting your novel published or perhaps being rewarded for excellent job performance. In this state your thoughts are more than fantasy; they grow to be more real, and solid to you.
4) COMPLETION: When completed, count backwards from five, and open your eyes when you finish.
Alpha meditation is better than drugs because it captures an existing power source within a person and thrusts it out.
In the course of accessing this effortless, yet powerful procedure, you can enhance your life plus your spirit. Here are some recommended high-quality tools from Transparent Corp to assist you in generating alpha meditation states. 1) NEUROPROGRAMMER is an excellent program that has everything you need for generating alpha, theta and delta brainwave entrainment states.
Much of what I speak about is paradoxical, that you actually gain control over your negative thoughts, by accepting them and then choosing to be different, because we are not our thoughts or emotions, though we may have them. If we try to control them, we are constantly in contact with them and trying to resist them.
We need to have control over them, by not interacting with them, as it were, but letting them be and acting in accordance with the life we want to create, no matter if they come, or if they go.
At the same time, we aren’t getting caught up in our negative thoughts by believing them.

We want to go towards the positive, but never force yourself to believe it, because the mind will react and fight back when you always try to shove positive thinking down its throat. You also lose psychological flexibility and ability to stay present with what is happening. It’s also helpful to think in terms of Yin and Yang, which is the classic example of positive and negative. There is a place for both positive and negative, but in the end they become one in the same and there are uses for both. If you’d like support in really learning how to get control of negative thoughts, stop negative thinking from running your life, and creating the life you desire, you can read about coaching here. By David HamiltonMeditation is a simple practice, but can be a very confusing subject to learn about, especially for beginners. I’m going to boil it down to a very simple yet powerful meditation that you can do to help you become more aware and present in your life, right now. You can count to 6 for inhale and count to 6 for the exhale if you are having trouble deepening your breaths. You can focus on any point of breath in your body – your belly, your chest or the breath moving in and out of your nose.
It is when we get lost in thought that we get caught up in a mind story, usually a negative one, that suffering ensues and life becomes a miserable struggle i.e. Tuning into our breath is one of the most powerful ways to build awareness, detach from thought and bring vitality and relaxation back into our lives. By shifting our relationship with our thoughts and feelings, not trying to find ways how to control your emotions and thoughts, the content of them doesn’t matter nearly as much, and we can learn to be present and live the lives we want to, by choice, in spite of what we are thinking or feeling.
As a result of this, many people are suffering from high levels of stress that impedes their performance.So how do you fight back against life’s anxieties and worries?Meditation. Les sons isochrones avec une frequence de 10 htz vous plongent dans un etat de reve eveille. However, it was recognized as a brainwave entertainment technique only in the late 1950s.The term 'brainwave entertainment' refers to techniques that involve the use of a stimulus to change one's brain wave frequency to a frequency that corresponds to a particular brain state. The beta state represents normal alert consciousness, when one is awake and alert, whereas the alpha state is associated with relaxation, creativity, visualization, and calmness.
The human brain comprises billions of specialized nerve cells called neurons that generate electrical impulses. Research suggests that brain waves called gamma waves correspond to the higher states of consciousness. Those who practice lucid dreaming, sometimes induce sleep paralysis to enter directly into a lucid dream.
As a result, one will fall asleep quickly, with the last thoughts being about the intention of having a lucid dream.
The chance of having a lucid dream is higher when the REM stages are longer than the NREM stages. Rao gives his lectures because he wants people to wake up in the morning with their “blood singing” and feeling “radiantly alive several times throughout the day”. It’s used as the carrot when there’s a big stick at the end constantly bapping you over the head to get the carrot. Quite simply, being present with what is, brings unconditional happiness right in the moment. People are driven by the fear of missing out, or the fear of change, or the fear of losing something. Recognize that this comparison conversation is not us, but a conditioned, survival-based way of thinking is the first step. Learning to love yourself and treating yourself with compassion has got to be one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things to do.
I woke up one day realizing how much time I’ve put into evolving myself, non-stop for the past six years.
The beauty of refraining is that even if you have “gone away” or into a cycle of fear and resistance, you can start right then and there.
Belly breathing is one of the most basic forms of breathing, which involves breathing down into your diaphragm, expanding your belly, and continue on the inhale to expand your chest. A good hard workout is good from time to time, but you are still running at full steam ahead and not giving yourself time to relax. So calling or meeting up with a person who can listen and empathize with us, is often a great way to relax. I swear learning how to do this will relax you in a profound way that will change your life for the better.
In fact, those are just beliefs that create frantic living and have probably been doing so for a while. It may be difficult at first, but with practice you’ll be able to snap into feeling deeper more easily each time. In the 20th century, science came to a revolution of thoughts regarding the human brain and mind, because fundamental perspectives changed with the advent of quantum physics.
Each has already or will soon make connections to help the body to act and the mind receives input. For example, those whose primary language is Japanese find it difficult to distinguish between the words rake and lake.
The brain maps can change based on what people are doing and the areas of the life and body needing most attention. It is more expensive, yet more fully featured if you ever want to use biofeedback or neurofeedback. It allows us to live more deeply and intuitively, from a place of deeper knowing and well-being. The delta state is associated with deep, dreamless sleep, whereas the theta state is associated with deep relaxation, meditation, and mental imagery. Brain waves, which refer to the periodic, wave-like electrical activity in the brain that is detected in the electroencephalograph (EEG), are a result of the collective or synchronized working of the millions of neurons in the cerebral cortex, as they send and receive impulses. Studies have established a direct link between the pattern of brain waves and our behavior.Brain Waves and Stages of SleepThere are five stages in one cycle of sleep, which include NREM (Non-rapid Eye Movement) sleep, and REM sleep. About 70 to 80 minutes later, the track will begin to raise its frequency so that it corresponds to the frequency of natural REM (Rapid Eye Movement) periods of the sleep cycle. Using brainwave entertainment tools, such as binaural beats, you can try to enter a trance-like state, and then try to move to theta state, when you are just about to sleep. Brainwave entertainment involves the use of isochronic tones, harmonic box constructions, monaural beats, binaural beats, etc., for inducing meditation, trance-like states, etc. The brain waves slow down, but brief bursts of higher brain wave activity called sleep spindles and K-complexes occur.
Some studies have shown that brain wave frequency changes to that of gamma brain waves, which are linked to higher level of consciousness. The frequency increases up to around 10 Hz so that one has a fully conscious state of mind and is able to realize that one is dreaming.
In the theta state of deep relaxation and meditation, you might experience mental imagery or sensations that you might not experience during the normal conscious awareness. These binaural beats do combine wonderfully with my passion for meditation and spiritual growth. The frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz), whereas the amplitude is measures in microvolts (uV).
The amplitude is higher when the number of neurons working together is large, and the frequency is higher when the neurons are working at a fast speed. The fifth stage, which is the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage is the stage during which one dreams.
The likelihood of having a lucid dream is more when one falls back to sleep with the intention of having a lucid dream. The Lotus Clarity – Alpha Brainwave MeditationA silent and relaxing period of meditation would help you restore your energy and vitality in no time. In 2009, a study conducted at the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt, revealed that gamma brain waves or the fastest brain wave frequencies operating at 40 Hz or more were recorded during lucid dreaming. Though some studies have linked theta and gamma states to lucid dreaming, extensive research needs to be conducted to understand the connection and corroborate it. Through relaxation and meditation, one forgets the worries and difficulties that he’s going through as his mind wanders to wherever it’s directed to.The unfortunate news is that the environment we’re in doesn’t leave us with much time for a peaceful and relaxing session of meditation. This points to the fact that the dreamers are at a higher state of consciousness in comparison to the normal state of wakefulness. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to put up with life’s stress (which eventually causes depression and sickness).
To understand the role of binaural beats in lucid dreaming, let's try to understand the concept of brain waves.Brain Waves and Binaural Beats The human ear does not have the ability to hear sounds that are below the frequency of 20 Hz.
However, the length of REM periods increase, and the length of delta sleep decrease, until during the last few cycles when there is no delta sleep at all. Let’s have a closer look at the solution:Relaxation And Meditation Through Brain Training (brainwave meditation)As scientists and experts in neuroscience conduct more and deeper research about meditation, a new type of phenomenon has been found – binaural entrainment! However, on being exposed to certain types of stimuli, the brain can perceive or resonate to tones with frequency below this range.
When used the right way, binaural entrainment allow you and your brain to enter the state of meditation in a snap. Binaural beats are a tool that can be used to achieve different brain states, which might not be attainable normally.
This is the perfect method for businessmen, housewives, and other individuals who don’t have a lot of time to sit back and relax.A few months back, some clients and customers started asking me if there was any „trick“ I used to be so calm and easy. They knew that I was working a lot and they couldn`t really figure out, how to stay so peaceful amidst „the storm“.Because this meditation style is very private for me, I was a bit reluctant to share this at first. As a result, it resonates to a third tone, which is the difference between the two frequencies. For example, if a person is listening to a tone of 300 Hz in one ear, and a tone of 309 Hz frequency in the other ear. The term 'frequency following response' refers to this effect wherein the brain follows or resonates with this beat. This effect was studied by Gerald Oster, a biophysicist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City in the early 1970s.

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