A sensationalist series that examines the shadier side of various American institutions, from the FBI to Playboy.
Produced by the folks at the History Channel, narrated by Jonathan Adams, featuring historians Hugh Hefner and Kendra Wilkinson. Nowadays History’s bread and butter seems to be sensationalized shows like this (and reality shows about truckers).
The Ancient Astronaut Cover-up The notion of a universe inhabited by alien creatures can be found just about everywhere in American popular culture. The Ku Klux Klan They are the original domestic terrorists, hiding underneath white hoods and flowing robes, and taking cover in the rights and freedoms that they are actively seeking to destroy. American Nazis There are nearly 200 neo-Nazi groups currently operating in the United States and they are strongly allied to a loose network of numerous other "white and Aryan power" hate groups. Serial Killers They are secretly stalking America's streets and highways, hiding in plain sight and compelled by one simple motive: the thrill of taking another person's life. The Mafia For decades, the criminal organisation known as "The Mafia" has stained the fabric of American society.
Deadly Cults According to government statistics, there are an estimated 5,000 cults currently operating in the United States. The Drug Wars This episode uncovers the conspiracies behind America's 40-year drug campaign.
Mystery of Bigfoot Bigfoot is everywhere you look, but why are so many millions of Americans obsessed with this mysterious man-ape? Presidential Transports They are the most advanced and heavily protected vehicles ever built, operated by technicians prepared for the worst.
Lost Treasures American treasure hunters are convinced that there are missing fortunes just waiting to be discovered all around the country. Black Sails Expect swashbuckling adventure as the golden age of piracy is explored in Black Sails series 2. As Kristi mentioned in another thread, mention was made in this doc about the myth of Bowie throwing gold down the Alamo well.Rich pretty much pooh-poohs it, saying how it was all a ruse to get permission to do excavations on Alamo Plaza. WELCOME: You are logged in with an Unknown Provider and can now watch all available content. By submitting your information you agree to receive email updates from HISTORY and A+E Networks. This episode reveals the underground world of America's wealthiest citizens and the depths at which their power and influence take root. Go inside the maximum-security world of America's "secret prisons" and unveil their hidden agendas and covert operations.
This episode uncovers uncovers the secret surveillance methods the government and big business use to watch, monitor and record our every move. Use this one profile to sign into all your A+E Networks profiles: A&E, FYI, HISTORY and Lifetime! In order to receive email updates from A+E Networks you must meet certain age requirements. A profile has already been created with the email address associated with your social profile.
They go into training, special ops, ghost agents, and how technology has changed the game over the years.
It covers how cadets become special forces, who runs the show, and what makes a mission Black Ops worthy. They run a tight ship over there and this episode doesn’t really get much juicier than that.
The author goes beyond the surface information in more detail, elaborating on the startling truth behind our foreign policy and war effort in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond. Since the 1970s, the United States has produced an estimated 1,400 serial killers, more than double the combined total of the rest of the world.
And each year there are approximately 200,000 Americans who serve as secret and, for the most part, willing members.
But behind the bullet proof glass and armored plating of the President's fleet of vehicles are secrets. But is it a harmless hobby, or do treasure hunters find themselves locked in a battle with other searchers or even the government? The narrator of thedoc also mistakenly calls the convento courtyard well of later construction.
But I did catch a couple of minutes worth in a break and I must say, Rich, you looked pretty darn good in HD. With about one in every one hundred and seven Americans serving time, why are there more people incarcerated in the United States than any where else in the world? A religion--based on the cosmic revelations of an inspired genius--that boasts more than 100,000 faithful followers throughout the world. Some episodes cover well-worn territory (Area 51) but there are some odd enough subject matters in here (the dark secrets of the Playboy Mansion) to hold our interest.
They definitely mess around with  lots of experimental flight technology – it’s where stealth was invented! I’ve seen plenty of pictures of the Playboy Mansion, but have you ever seen photos of, say, Burt Reynolds’ house? But like I said, at least they get people thinking about history and that’s better than thinking about reality show garbage.
Learn about our most dangerous enemies and the real reasons behind the September 11 attacks.
According to the FBI, the American Mafia still has approximately 3,000 active members, and just like the iconic mobsters of the past, the modern Mafia's ill-gotten gains still come at a price: blood, bullets, and a massive body count.
This episode looks beyond the headlines to uncover the real stories behind the greatest White House scandals. Government classify marijuana and heroin as equally dangerous drugs, and will the move by some states to legalize marijuana change the way this drug is viewed? Recent discoveries of previously unknown hominids and breakthroughs in genetic technology have given a nation of Bigfoot believers new hope that this creature will be found, but what new technologies are being developed for this centuries-old hunt?

Travel by land, sea and air to explore the special construction, elite training and secret weapons that protect the President when he's on the move. It may well be new stonework, but the well itself is indeedon the site of the mission's original well. Bob Hood, the former Warden at the United States Administrative Maximum Facility reveals what life is like for prisoners inside the gates of what is considered the most secure prison in America. Documentarian Cullen Hoback explains how the government has partnered with Silicon Valley high-tech companies like Facebook and Yahoo to gather data on every American citizen. We'll reveal the hidden origins, strict doctrine, secret language and celebrity allure of the wealthy and influential institution.
They obviously can’t go into too much detail there, but did you know there are missile launchers on the roof? I was hoping they’d reveal he has a bulletproof Segway he scoots around the White House in. Ancient Astronaut theorists Erich von Daniken and Giorgio Tsoukalos, along with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, journalists, scientists and government officials explore the mainstream resistance to the idea that aliens have been visiting the Earth for centuries. And while objectionable to most Americans, its philosophy of racial intolerance is protected as free speech under the First Amendment.
This episode uncovers the psychological, biological and sociological make-up of these dangerous murderers. Uncover the secret world of organised crime and the violent tactics used by the Cosa Nostra to gain money and power.
Recent reports show that international banks are laundering billions of dollars in drug money, is it possible that the liquidity of the drug trade is actually keeping the fragile global economy afloat? We'll join Steve Kulls, the "Squatchdetective" on a nighttime expedition for Bigfoot plus gets a first look at "The Falcon Project", a revolutionary new air ship that plans on taking the hunt 3,000 feet up into the sky. From secret stashes of Confederate gold bullion, to silver coins and antique weapons, treasure hunters are scouring the country for hidden clues that might lead them to untold riches. Get the real story about the Hells Angels from all sides, from motorcycle world insiders to club infiltrators to law enforcement officials. Dre headphones?Not only will you be able to continuing digging for more answers to the compelling information that America’s Book of Secret presents in each episode, but you’ll be able to do it in style. We examine the tunnels, cities, and fortresses covertly constructed beneath the feet of the American public.
Forbes Editor Luisa Kroll talks about the growing wealth of the super-rich and the exclusive billionaire communities that are forming around them.
Former inmate Andrew Stepanian reveals details of his lock-up at the Communication Management Unit, a prison that holds some of the country's greatest security threats. Former Scientologists disclose the reasons they were drawn to the church--and why they left. Has the United States government conspired with other nations to hide the facts about mankind's extraterrestrial past? We'll uncover the psychological allure of cults, their charismatic leaders and insidious methods of controlling their members.
Congressman Darell Issa connects the ill-conceived and secretive operation known as Fast & Furious to the explosion of violent drug cartels in Mexico.
Hopefully, after seeing this doc, many folks will want to inquire more about the Village and that's always a good thing.It was also nice seeing Rich Curilla, Bill Chemerka, Mark Lemon and Frank Thompson doing little sound bytes throughout. About America’s Book of SecretsBehind the facade of some of America’s most public institutions and landmarks, there is another world that is hidden from view. This episode goes inside one of the most top-secret law enforcement agencies in the United States. Author, Nick Redfern, reveals the secret government fortress used in times of crisis to house high-ranking officials. Former United States Secretary of Labor Robert Reich divulges how billionaires' "dark money" influences American politics in ways that are off-limits to public scrutiny. Director of the ACLU National Prison Project David Fathi describes the "Kids for Cash" scandal and the under-the-radar Debtors' Prisons.
And former computer hacker Sammy Kamkar explains how someone could watch you from inside your own home. Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of Scientology's current leader, David Miscavige, describes her difficult experiences inside the organization.
This episode exposes the nearly 150 years of KKK history and the many attempts to discredit the Klan's demands for segregation and white supremacy.
How is it possible that with hundreds of gang related killings in Chicago in the 1920s, not one gangster, including the most violent of all, Al Capone, was ever convicted of murder? Why did Sandy Berger, President Clinton's National Security Advisor, remove documents from the National Archive? What kind of defensive and offensive capabilities does the Presidential bus, known as Ground Force One, have? Shrouded in secrecy, only a handful of people will ever have access to these forbidden corridors of intelligence. Former CIA contractor, John Lear, discusses secret underground rail systems connecting America's major military instillations.
And Author Mark Dice discusses the Bilderberg Group, the world's most secretive society of billionaires and the extreme measures they take to ensure that what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. And former Warden Daniel Vasquez explains the big-business surrounding private prisons and FEMA Camps. Former church executive, Mark Rathbun, demonstrates Scientology's most revered spiritual technology--the "E-Meter." And watchdog Tony Ortega explains the appeal of Scientology that draws in new members. It was built by masons (there’s a plaque and everything) and it has some of the most un-airport decor on earth.
Anyways, they don’t spend the whole episode whacking off about aliens, which is nice.
One that shields the public from a profound knowledge that, if revealed, could shatter the very fabric of our civilisation? Johnny Lee Clary, once the Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi, shares inside knowledge of the Klan, including the secret handshakes, secret greetings, and the secret goals of the modern hate group.

We'll reveal how sympathy for Hitler has grown into a violent subculture of "white power." Past and present Nazi members, journalists, academics and law enforcement experts describe the United States secret Nazi past and the present day inner workings, secret meetings and manifesto of this dark sub-culture. Former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt, criminal psychologists Eric Hickey and Helen Morrison, journalists, scientists and law enforcement experts reveal the secret motives of serial killers like "BTK Killer" Dennis Rader and Jeffrey Dahmer and explain why Ted Bundy, Donald Harvey "The Angel of Death" an the "Grim Sleeper" Lonnie Franklin Jr. Led by compelling self-proclaimed prophets, cults are clandestine, influential and all too often, destructive. Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons questions the possibility that drug laws are strategically being enforced to control minority populations. Charles Falco, a government informant now in the Witness Protection Program, divulges the secrets he learned about the Hells Angels during the time he spent as an undercover outlaw motorcycle gang member.
I suggested she might consider shooting some footage down at the village, since it represented San Antonio de Bexar.
But their inside knowledge can actually mean the difference between national security…and national disaster.Now, insiders and experts have pierced the shroud that conceals the covert world of seemingly familiar places. With the Doomsday Clock set to 5 minutes before midnight, is the end of the world looming just around the corner? Delve into the clandestine operations of the United States most expertly trained secret weapons.
Find out why some consider Scientology a spiritual choice and others consider it a road to ruin. Did the American government's efforts to get Nazi intelligence after the war really sow the seeds for the white supremacy hate groups we see today?
How were the Hells Angels able to transform themselves from a small crew of California bikers, dedicated to booze and babes, to an international criminal syndicate, one the FBI says poses a threat to six continents and a corporation worth millions of dollars? A gripping new 10-part series, America’s Book of Secrets, takes viewers behind the locked doors, security clearances and “Do Not Enter” signs into worlds they are not supposed to see.Through exclusive channels of access and deep research, America’s Book of Secrets reveals inside information about such icons as the White House, the Pentagon, Fort Knox, the FBI, Area 51, the Freemasons, and more.
And could our lack of preparation force us to make the ultimate choice: who will live and who will die? Attorney for the Southern District of California Laura Duffy describes the Super Tunnel; the latest discovered passage in an advanced network of drug smuggling tunnels beneath the US and Mexican border. But what exactly are these surreptitious services designed to do--and whom do these stealth-like soldiers ultimately report to? Is the American government overstating the amount of gold in its reserves to create the mystique of financial superiority? There’s a mural depicting a soldier in a gas mask tromping through fire, stabbing a dove with a scimitar.
Could this diabolical movement infiltrate our institutions, our government, and our everyday lives? How and why does the government monitor or intervene in some cults, yet seemingly turn a blind eye to other's secret and perhaps sinister agendas? Could secret agreements with criminal art dealers help the FBI to solve America's biggest art heist?
Survivalist Tim Ralston talks about the threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and the devastating impact it could have on the entire world.
Secret Service, Julia Pierson, discusses the history of the agency and the growing threats against the office of the President. Author, Terry Kirkpatrick, discusses the possibility of terrorists teaming with drug cartels to use underground tunnels as a means to attack the United States. Are the strategies of these covert armies effective in keeping the United States one step ahead of its power hungry enemies? This episode delves into the world of terrorism on American soil and reveals how authorities are working to stop these radical groups.
Jonestown survivor Tim Carter remembers the last day of Peoples Temple, and the horrific aftermath. Two hours into her visit, she finally called her producer and asked if she could spend the rest of the afternoon shooting -- that there was far more here than they had imagined. National Security Attorney Mark Zaid reveals details about the prestigious Delta Force unit that have remained a well-kept secret--until now. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discusses the gold standard and the possible manipulation of the commodities markets.
Deputy Chief of LAPD Counter Terrorism Michael Downing reveals terrorists recruiting tactics in American prisons. Thanks to all who entered!–Feeling too lazy to enter our contest above? H2 is running a daily contest on Facebook designed to challenge your knowledge of American history. Bill Kristol discusses the continuity of government and secret bunkers that would be used in the event of a catastrophic attack. Secret Service special agent, Dan Bongino, reveals the grueling agency selection process and the psychology involved in assessing ever-present dangers.
Former Attorney General John Ashcroft discusses the concept of asymmetrical warfare and how our government employs it today.
Chairman of Euro Pacific Precious Metals Peter Schiff describes how gold could replace credit cards. Former Sergeant of the Massachusetts State Police Sean Murphy recounts the manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers. As she was leaving she apologized for failing to convince him.Two days later, the producer called me to ask if they could come back out in a few days with the whole crew to do a major shoot. And Political Journalist, Marc Ambinder, examines the scandal in Cartagena, Columbia and how it has impacted the culture within the Secret Service. And journalist Laura Sullivan describes how today's new terrorists may be as close as your next-door neighbor. With an estimated tens of thousands of terrorists operating in the United States, can Americans ever reclaim the peace and security that was once taken for granted?
They did return and do almost a full day complete with a walk-and-talk interview with our historian ( ).

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