Join us for a night of celebrating Shiva, the Guru and Divine Mother through chanting, meditation, arati and storytelling. A unique and special house available for small-group rentals in the middle of Ananda Village. Nestled in the forest on the original land on which Ananda was founded, the Ananda Meditation Retreat provides the perfect environment for guests who wish to tap into deep inner stillness. Ponds, shrines, garden benches and paths are interspersed throughout 5 acres of lush flowering plants and trees.
Program and Event Calendar – Upcoming guided silent retreats, programs for holistic recovery and spiritual growth, and special events. Accommodations and Meals – Stay in a cabin (options range from simple to deluxe, some including a kitchen and private bath) or a tent bungalow. Ashram (Karma Yoga) Program – Experience a taste of spiritual community living while serving at the Meditation Retreat.
This unique retreat uses evidence-based yoga science and includes meditation, yoga Nidra, chanting, breathing techniques and postures.
We provide one-on-one yogic counseling to adjust mental-emotional patterns that may have contributed to your illness, and we teach techniques to foster deep, lasting transformation. At the core of the education retreat is the understanding of visceral experiences that yoga opens to your body, emotions and mind. The group activities include health education, yogic counseling and therapeutic group work. 2) To get over any fears you might have of spending time alone and in silence—especially the fear that you might fail in your efforts to meditate more deeply and be closer to God. It is possible to seclude where you live, especially if you live alone, or if the rest of your family will be away for a time.
For most folks beginning a seclusion, a primary goal would be to have increasing times of prayer and meditation, along with all the things related to getting ready for deep meditation, like yoga postures, chanting, inspirational reading, etc. But if you are taking a longer time of seclusion, you may find that there are some days when you simply cannot meditate as long as you had hoped.
What if things come up from inside yourself and you become frightened and feel you need to talk to somebody about them?

Try to isolate yourself from all distractions like cell phones or any phones (turn them off), e-mails, internet connections, TV, worldly magazines or newspapers, etc. Your “mental water glass” becomes very clear and clean and you can begin to see life as it really is.
As the years go by and with each seclusion that you take, you’ll grow more used to the “rhythms” of seclusion. There is no question that seclusion, as Yogananda says, “…is the price of greatness.” Greatness of spirit comes only with an increasingly closer walk with God—with feeling God’s presence within and all around you at all times. The domed Temple of Silence, a sanctuary of meditation for over 45 years, provides a powerful place for yoga and meditation. Stay and serve from 2 weeks – 4 months, while you study and practice yoga, yoga philosophy, and meditation.
You will undergo a series of tests at the start and end of the retreat covering the 6 dimensions listed below.
Offered now for the first time in USA, this program has been highly successful for the past 3 years in India. During the 3-week retreat, we will support you to integrate our approach into your daily life. We will help you to examine your attitude to life, and identify your personal goals to create a well-balanced and fulfilling life. Deliberately taking a time of seclusion and silence is not particularly well-known or popular concept for most people in our culture today. However, most long-time “secluders” will tell you that when they tried to seclude in their usual environment, it didn’t work as well.
Decide what you want to do, then decide what you want to take with you to make that possible.
You may get to your seclusion place and find you are very tired (this is often the case) and simply need to sleep a lot for a day or so before getting on with your seclusion plans.
You definitely want to see these things as the focus around which everything else revolves. Go with it!  If possible, take a nice long walking meditation in nature, and be with God in that way. Resist all temptations to “check my messages.” It may feel funny at first to be “cut off” from the world in this way.

By being very quiet and still, by praying and meditating more than usual, thinking uplifting thoughts, keeping company with the saints and masters, all the dirt and debris begin to settle down. When your reach that point in your seclusion, life looks SO DIFFERENT and so much more beautiful. I have been to sacred places in India and other countries, and this is this land is remarkably powerful and blessed. Previous participants have reported having vastly changed attitudes that have transformed their lives. But that’s really the idea—to give you time to look at your world in a more interiorized way. You can pick up an inspiring book you’ve read before and it’s as though you have a different book in your hands. Her current projects include also co-operation with University Health Network and Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto and research projects in co-operation with York University in Toronto and McGill University in Montreal Canada. Her own journey through cancer brought home the value of ancient yogic methods and techniques to facilitate self-empowerment and healing. Let yourself be inwardly guided in both the planning stages and during your time at your seclusion place.
There are many “meditative activities” which, though they really don’t help us quite as much as silent, sitting meditation, are still very powerful ways of spending time with God.
But best of all, stay completely alone and “speak” only to God in the language of your own heart.
You may wonder, when you return to your daily life, why all that constant availability seems so necessary. She works individually or with groups to raise people’s awareness so that they experience their own healing power. Sometimes you might weep to think that this time has to be over for now and that you have to return to daily life.

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