Alan Watts was profoundly influenced by the East Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Buddhism, and by Taoist thought, which is reflected in Zen poetry and the arts of China and Japan. Overall, Alan Watts developed an extensive audio library of nearly 400 talks and wrote more than 25 books during his lifetime, including his final volume, Tao: The Watercourse Way. Step beyond your busy mind, rise above your doubt and worry, and you will shift into a place, a state of a pure awareness — where you know who you are and you like what you see.
Glimpses of aliveness come and go in a flash — like sunshine on the top of snow-covered trees or a flock of birds catching the wind in unison. Step beyond your busy mind by noticing when you are drowning in thought, distracted or pulled away from by your to-do list, worry about the future or judgment.
Step beyond your busy mind, rise above your doubt and worry and in this slice of stillness you will see the world through pure awareness.
You will trust that you are enough — and when you do, you will directly experience the spontaneous pureness of being fully alive — and you will never, ever look back. Cara Bradley, a former pro-skater for Team Rollerblade®, is a yoga teacher, mental strength coach, author, and entrepreneur having devoted more than three decades to movement disciplines and personal transformation. At a young age he became fascinated with the Far East, and at fourteen he began to write and was published in the Journal of the London Buddhist Lodge before writing his first booklet on Zen in 1932.
After leaving the Church, he never became a member of another organized religion, and although he wrote and spoke extensively about Zen Buddhism, he was criticized by American Buddhist practitioners for not sitting regularly in zazen.

Alan Watts died in his sleep in November of 1973, after returning from an intensive international lecture tour. You catch this perfect reflection when you arrive in the space between thoughts, in the pause between breaths. They may last longer when your stare at the ocean, or listen to an open-air concert under a star lit sky. She is the founder of Verge Yoga in Philadelphia, speaks at conferences and universities nationwide, and offers on-demand classes and international retreats.
He moved to New York in 1938 and then to Chicago, where he served as an Episcopal priest for six years before leaving the Church. You may remember them forever like the moment your child entered the world, when you nailed a singing audition or received a big award.
Instead, this slice of stillness, this peek of pure awareness, must be directly experienced — right now.
Rise above your doubt and worry by noticing when you get caught in your made up story about yourself or others. Cara cofounded a non-profit Mindfulness Through Movement, providing full year mindfulness programs to more than a dozen schools in urban Philadelphia.
He is married with a daughter who works in radio, and a miniature red poodle who is his daily companion on walks of discovery.

In 1950, he moved to upstate New York before going on to San Francisco to teach at the Academy of Asian Studies.
There is no mistaking when you catch a glimpse of being fully alive — you stop in your tracks, hold your breath for a moment, and open your eyes wide.
Doubt is a waste of energy and blocks you from seeing your perfect reflection.Allow yourself to rest in this moment. And this is where life blossoms — in your slice of stillness, staring at your perfect reflection — where you catch a glimpse of being fully alive.
Her upcoming book, On The Verge: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine (New World Library) will be available in 2016. Take a breath, look around you, don't miss the opportunity to see your perfect reflection and to know who you are and like what you see.

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