Successful Endeavours has won the Business and Professional Services Award for 2015 at the Casey-Cardinia Business Awards which were presented at a Gala Dinner on 22 October 2015.
On Monday, 10 August 2015, the Casey-Cardinia Business Awards finalists for 2015 were announced. Successful Endeavours was nominated as finalists in four categories at the 2015 PACE Zenith Awards. Successful Endeavours has again been a finalist in the Manufacturers' Monthly Endeavour Awards with two nominations in the Industrial Product of the Year category and one in the IT Application category.
Successful Endeavours was a finalist in the Technology Application of the Year category of this year's Manufacturers' Monthly Endeavour Awards. At the 2013 Casey Business Awards, announced at a Gala Dinner held on 17 October 2013, Successful Endeavours were awarded winners of the Business and Professional Services of the Year and the Innovation Award.
Successful Endeavours was a nominated finalist for the Small Business Award and the Business Growth and Development Award at the Melbourne's South East Business Awards 2013 Presentation and Gala Dinner held on 19 April 2013. We are pleased to announce that, together with Gaia Skin Naturals, we were awarded joint winners of Melbourne's South East Small Business Award 2013. The Award winners for the 2012 Casey Business Awards were announced at a Gala Dinner held on 20 September 2012. Successful Endeavours has won two awards at the Electronics News Futures Awards presented on 12 September 2012 in Sydney. You can read more about these awards in this blog post Electronics News Future Awards 2012. The finalists in this year's Casey Business Awards were announced on Monday, 25 June 2012. Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours is a two-time recipient of one of the three 2011 Exponential Entrepreneur Awards presented in 2011 by Dr Marc Dussault of Exponential Programs. At the second annual Casey Business Awards held on 27 October 2011, Successful Endeavours was a finalist in the Manufacturer of the Year category.
Successful Endeavours was the winner of the Best Industrial Electronics Application Award at the Electronics News Futures Awards presented on 18 August 2011 in Sydney.
Successful Endeavours was nominated by an independent selection committee for two awards at the Melbourne's South East Business Awards 2011 Gala Presentation Dinner held on 25 February 2011. At the inaugural Casey Business Awards held on 27 August 2010, Successful Endeavours won the 2010 Casey Business of the Year Award, were joint winners in the Business & Professional Services category and a finalist in the Manufacturer of the Year category. Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours is a proud recipient of one of the six inaugural 2010 Exponential Entrepreneur Awards presented by Dr Marc Dussault of Exponential Programs. Our thanks go to Pablo Varjabedian ofA Borgtech Pty Ltd for his support and encouragement and for having the vision, as we do, that niche electronics and embedded software products like the Borgtech CPL2 Data Logger can, and should be, manufactured in Australia.

Safe Turning Indicator - The People's Choice and Winner of its heat in ABC's The New Inventors program in 2008. The Safe Turn product is an excellent example of smart electronics design creating a low power consumption device that has enhanced ergonomic and visual performance at a reduced price point. From the initial consultation right through to the delivery of the final product, Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours delivered on time, and was always responsive to our needs and requests for updates. We use the Integrated Circuit in our flagship product - the portable automatic bicycle turn signal. This is a low volume, high value add, locally Australian manufactured medical teaching device that accurately simulates the epidural insertion process so that interns and doctors can become skilled at the procedure before having to perform it on a real person.
For a detailed list of industries our clients work in, products we have designed and technologies we work with, please follow this link: Electronics Design and Embedded Software Capability.
If you check out the link you will see that there are 122 product categories and 85 industries that have already benefited from working with us. Below is a list of the electronics design and embedded software services that we supply to our clients. Every time you are reading a blog, a magazine or a good book, you can learn and become more knowledgeable as you read. A compliment gives a natural boost of energy to someone, and is an act of kindness that makes you feel better as well.
Leadership: the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.
Truly great leaders spend as much time collecting and acting upon feedback as they do providing it. There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. Presidents quickly realize that while a single act might destroy the world they live in, no one single decision can make life suddenly better or can turn history around for the good. An innovation is one of those things that society looks at and says, if we make this part of the way we live and work, it will change the way we live and work. We provide a free online decision making application, which helps you to divide complex decisions into several easier steps and conclude with the most optimal alternative. Successful Endeavours has been named as finalists for the Business and Professional Services and Manufacturing Awards. The nominations were in the categories of Water and Wastewater, Best Fieldbus Implementation, Power and Energy Management and Transport Power and Infrastructure with two nominations in the Power and Energy Management category. Successful Endeavours are once again finalists in the Business and Professional Services of the Year and Manufacturer of the Year categories.

Successful Endeavours are finalists in the Business and Professional Services of the Year and Manufacturer of the Year categories. It was an honour and a privilege to be nominated for the Small Business Award and the Business of the Year Overall Business Excellence Award. These awards were presented to individuals who demonstrated excellence deploying exponential strategies in their business by profitably creating exceptional value for their clients in a manner that is both measurable and sustainable. Their expertise in analog electronics design has delivered an amazing product that goes beyond our original expectation and was so good it won 2 National Innovation Awards in 2009. We worked closely with Ray to perfect the circuit, which we at Safe Turn are extremely happy with. The haptics device is a standard product but the rest of the onboard electronics and embedded software are specifically designed to reduce manufacturing cost in low volumes while providing enhanced performance compared to the use of off the shelf modules. We offer a range of cost effective services to Australian manufacturers and an understanding of the need for successful electronics products that meet the investment balance between development cost, unit cost and time to market. In order to be successful in the team the people in that team or group should also be successful.
If you are a leader and successful businessperson you should accept responsibility for the failures too. When you let others to have their own victories and moments to shine that motivates them and in the long term everyone in the team will benefit from that.
On the other hand, watching television may be good entertainment but you'll rarely get anything out of TV to help you become more successful. This will help you be informed when an interesting article, post or any other valuable piece of content is added to our website. In addition to that, you can find various articles on decision-making models, frameworks and techniques, interesting news and research papers, which would enhance your understanding in the vast area on decision-making tactics and strategies.
Coupled with their general electronics design ability including PCB design and layout, embedded software development skills and Windows based data visualisation software they were able to provide us with the whole package of development services we needed and we have an outstanding product that will ensure our success in the market. The technology is changing faster then ever, and we need to embrace what’s coming and adapt, rather than fear it or deny it.
There are a lot of differences between successful people and unsuccessful people and I tried to select 10 most common ones and present them to you.
If a person exudes anger, it puts everyone around them in a horrible, unmotivated mood and little success comes from it.

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