Naomi shares her insights on why assertiveness is vital for women project managers for delivering successful projects, getting what they want, and commanding respect. Handling high-stakes project situations without seeming either shy or pushy is a critical skill that every project manager must develop. Why is it important for women in technical and PM fields to learn to be more assertive?  Tell us how this skill has helped you be a successful technical engineer and PM in public and private sector?
Can learning situational leadership be helpful for women leaders to refine their approaches on how to be assertive in their organizations?
You talk about four types of assertiveness that a leader can use in working with their team, stakeholders, sponsor and functional managers? What are some tips to help women learn to develop their skills as a positive assertive leader?
What kind of training should you consider adding to your personal development plan to be a more confident assertive leader?

In closing, what are you working on these days and how can our listeners find out more about you and contact you? Naomi Caietti is a credentialed project manager, consultant and enterprise architect with 27+ years of public and private information technology (IT) project leadership expertise.  Naomi is one of the top influential project management professionals (PMP) on twitter, a top contributor to the #PMChat  for Community of Project Managers and is highly recommended for her project management leadership for the State of California and in her global PM community. I’m now listening to my third interview today, this one about change intelligence, and all have been just outstanding.
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I had the pleasure of talking to Naomi Caietti, a leadership expert, on how assertiveness training is particularly important for women project managers, especially those who are working in the highly technical and engineering fields.
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Simply work outwards from the centre along the branches and sub-branches and read each key word or phrase as it grows out from the previous one.
I have heard so much about being assertive but this is the first time I hear someone explain the different approaches. This means that as you read the branches growing from the centre towards the left hand side of the page, you will read from right to left, rather than left to right.

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