If you would like help in identifying how you can become more assertive please get in touch. It surprises me that these simple values are not formally articulated in schools, along with a study of basic ethics. Thanks for your good information I learned a lots from now I know the difference between the assertive, passive and aggressive person and I know who am I. A Listening SpaceThe Listening Sanctuary, situated in Central Brittany, offers an empathic and tranquil environment conducive to self-development, well-being and relaxation.

Thought For The Day"Man is not disturbed by things that happen, rather by his own opinion of the things that happen". Assertive behaviour respects other people’s rights and feelings, as well as your own rights and feelings. Assertiveness requires the ability to be forceful, in a respectful way, as well as the ability to listen. There are times when it may be appropriate to be passive, or other times when you must take a more aggressive stance.

But conversations that include thoughts and feelings are more powerful, more rewarding, and more likely to have a positive effect on all concerned.
However, assertiveness is the only behaviour that’s designed to promote win-win outcomes.

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