Sep 03, 2013 Sometimes assertiveness gets a bad name, because people confuse it with aggressiveness. Few of us are exactly in the middle of this yardstick, but all of us can benefit from consciously practicing assertive behavior. We have coached UN diplomats, CEOs, Central Bankers and Senior Managers on spokesperson training. Who We AreInspired Productions is a boutique media and communications consultancy firm headquartered in Singapore, with sub-offices in Dubai and London.

But if there were a yardstick to measure human behavior, assertiveness would fall right in the middle, with passiveness at one end and aggressiveness at the other.
Our team uses their experience in journalism, public relations and public affairs to craft your message effectively. If you see yourself as usually at one extreme or the other, self-esteem may be an issue for you to explore further. We offer specialised services in Strategic Communication, Media Training, Video Production, Content Production and Conference Management.For more on our services, please click here.

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