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Many times we listen to music and we have a song that we like or an artist we like, but there is always that one part that - though we love the song - we can't understand a word the person is saying.

So, as we move forward, I just want to say that it is a "humbling pleasure" to share this listener's guide with you. It's because of lyric sheets that an artist cannot hide behind his beats and catching hooks. No man that says he follows Christ should have a personal and intimate relationship "Pride." So, this album really focuses on challenging the believer to be honest, humble and to deny self. It's a painful, yet necessary process that must take place in the heart of a true born again believer. And for the unbeliever who, by nature, seeks to please the flesh daily, know that humility in Christ is a true "sought after" character trait for someone who will actually enter into the gates of heaven.

Please know that pride; self love and disobedience to the Word of God are all disgusting stenches in the nostrils of God.

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