Click on the image below, and when it opens in a new window, click on it again to enlarge it. Here nice information about the Sahaja yoga is provided in short and sweet manner and i like the article provided here and the subtle system which shown in the figure.
If you can, definitely take the time to read through the vacation guided meditation as it is more detailed than the audio meditation on the video. Thank you for contributing your energy for the increased prosperity and play of you and your fellow Wealth Vibers. In your minds eye, picture waves of cash flowing into the lives of you and your fellow Vibers. Picture your fellow Vibers with pockets and purses full of cash, bank accounts overflowing and love brimming in their hearts.

Know that the sum of the energy of the parts is much much greater than the energy of the whole.
Realize that as you send your loving energy out that it is not only washing over and helping a number of others but that it is also coming back to you mulitplied in power and washing over you with this magnified energy of health, wealth and love.
But i want to give you a suggestion that here there should be an address list of all meditation centers of different cities should be available so that people can find it in more easy manner. The more folks we have sending energy to each other and helping others the more it benefits everyone in the group. You'll find a free download of a guided meditation introducing the simple and yet powerful "Circular Breath" meditation. Pure Energy Meditation was established in 2007, in 2015 Pure Energy Meditation commenced trading as Zaretti Ltd, Registered in England with Company Number 7544775.

Even if you know nothing about Buddhism, or if you've never meditated, this set helps you get started.
Feel free to share this link with others and if you wish to you can give me feedback from the contact page. Includes four complete audio learning courses: The Beginner's Guide to Buddhism, Meditation forBeginners, Meditations of the Heart, and The Beginner's Guide to Forgiveness.

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