Allow the healing to being… as you gaze into your own eyes or the eyes of your chosen partner, as the eyes are the window to the soul experience forgiveness, love and deep peace. We have been using Reiki audio CDs alongside our comprehensive Reiki manuals & books for many years now and we have found that this is a really good way to help students to get to grips with learning about Reiki. They can read text, look at images and they can listen to commentary tracks that give them the basics of Reiki, rather like listening to a Reiki teacher, but a teacher that you can listen to whenever are wherever you like, and a teacher that you can rewind and listen to again and again if you need to! Guided meditations that help students to get into the habit of working on themselves regularly, and help with giving Reiki treatments. The Reiki CDs were recorded by Taggart King, who does seem to have quite a relaxing voice, pleasant to listen to, or certainly that is the feedback that we have received from our students, anyway! They have been invaluable to me as I find it very hard to meditate without something to guide me and help me switch off. This is by far our most popular audio CD, used by Reiki people, Practitioners and Masters all over the world, and given to Reiki students on courses all over the world. And as you progress with your Reiki, Taggart will guide you through a Distant Healing session, suitable for people at all Reiki levels, and a special Symbol meditation that echoes the founder of Reiki’s approach to working with the energy. Listen to this CD and it will be just like you were sitting in on a Beginner’s Reiki course with Taggart King. Hear about the Reiki precepts and Mindfulness, and discover how to use Reiki for yourself and to help the people around you.

For those of you who are just starting to give Reiki treatments, or people who need a bit of help building their confidence when treating others, this CD is designed for you. And when you order your CD, you will receive a 16-page PDF, giving you useful advice about treating people using Reiki. Listen to this CD and it will be like sitting in on a Reiki Second Degree course with Taggart King. Find out about about earth ki and heavenly ki and how to use them for your own benefit and to treat others. Reiki Evolution Master Teacher courses are accompanied by two hour-long audio CDs and a DVD. The Reiki Master Teacher CD was recorded by Taggart King, founder of Reiki Evolution, and you can hear him talking you through the main principles and practices of the Reiki Evolution RMT course. Two further tracks talk you through an important exercise called the “Frequency scale meditation”, created by Taggart, and talk you through the best way to approach intuitive working (Reiji ho) when you treat others. This DVD provides clear video demonstrations of the sequences to be followed when giving Reiju empowerments and Western-style Reiki attunements.
You can order the CDs in packs of four at reduced prices by visiting the Buying in Bulk for Your Own Reiki Courses section of our web site.
And unlike live courses, you will be able to replay this course again and again so you don’t miss anything!

The first two talk you through carrying out a Reiju empowerment and a Western-style Reiki attunement so that you can listen and visualise, or listen and carry out the necessary movements on a willing subject or teddy bear. You can watch each stage and listen to simultaneous commentary recorded by Taggart King, Reiki Master Teacher, who has a lot of experience of talking people through these sequences! Some teachers are both giving out the CDs to their own students, for example, and also playing the guided meditations during the course, so they can join in the meditations too! They have been good reminders not only about Reiki but how important it is to take time out for yourself. With small classes, beautiful surroundings, detailed manuals, moving attunements and continuous support by a caring Master.
I must admit even though I train people myself I find that when the opportunity to become the student every now and then presents then we should grab it. Every one is amazed with the depth and tranquility of them, they allowed me to get deeper than previously I had and they take me to places of great interest.

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