About Orin and DaBen’s Single Guided Meditations: Orin and DaBen’s single journeys are approximately 21-34 minutes in length, and all have Thaddeus’ music as background. DaBen’s single journeys contain all the frequencies and energies that he transmits in the light body journeys in the light body courses, and will take you to wonderful experiences of higher consciousness. About our Audio Journeys: Most of Orin and DaBen’s guided meditations are between 20-30 minutes in length, and all are made by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.
The stronger your commitment to changing, the more you intend to shift your life, the better the results. With every guided meditation you listen to you are expanding your consciousness in some new way.
Thaddeus’ music can assist you in expanding your consciousness and connecting with the higher dimensions of light through the use of certain sequences and combination of tones, the rhythm, the musical sounds used, and the reflection of the consciousness of Thaddeus himself that is contained in the music.
You may listen to this music as much as you want for pure enjoyment and to receive the energies being transmitted. You can choose peace and stay centered no matter what is happening in your or other’s lives. Learn to love and nurture yourself, to release things that are not loving to you, and to create new, positive beliefs. Work with a part of your personality that keeps you out of balance for profound changes in your ability to stay centered in your soul’s light, no matter what kind of energy you are around.
Explore using your breath to take you into higher states of consciousness, and to experience deep states of relaxation and inner peace.
Prepare for awakening your light body through traveling on the gridwork of light to notice the ways in which subtle energies can be organized. Becoming light teaches you what it might feel like to achieve the level of harmony necessary to directly experience your spiritual shimmer. Learn to develop your intuition and become aware of the urges, feelings, inspirations, and thoughts that are the “voice” of your soul and Divine Self. Orin guides you to awaken your psychic abilities, intuition, and ability to sense subtle energies. Experience new levels of love, peace, and harmony with the universe, friends, loved ones, and all life.
Listen if you are looking for a person to love, who will love you, and who wants the kind of relationship you want. You will work with your Higher Self and the guides to open your channel upward to the higher dimensions of your self, to your soul and Spirit.
Learn to stay in the present moment, aware and conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and the energy around you.
You can know from within that everything around you is working perfectly and that you live in a safe, abundant, and loving universe. Work with a master of physical vitality who will send you light to increase your sense of well-being, health, and energy. You will learn many powerful processes to assist you in seeing why you are here and to discover more about your path and purpose. Link with your higher self, soul, and a Master to increase your inner light and experience higher states of consciousness.
Become a lucid dreamer and remember your dreams, understand their meaning, and receive life direction and guidance.
Release guilt and increase your self-love as you love, forgive yourself, and release the past. Magnetizing BusinessDiscover the higher purpose of your business and get an overview of where you are going. Rewriting your PastThis is a powerful process to release emotional pain or to change reoccurring patterns. Use this incredible journey to feel safe and secure in your relationships, with the world in general, and in any situation. Explore a past life to better understand the lessons, purposes, and challenges of this lifetime.
Change your life by going to your cellular levels to reprogram your DNA to achieve your goals and dreams. If you have issues you can’t solve or feel blocked, use this meditation to work with your Higher Self, to surrender, to ask for guidance, and to release fear-based emotions. You will be guided to find a career that will give you joy, fulfillment, and a rewarding life-style. Work with the part of yourself that seems to sabotage your goals, resolutions, and commitments. Work with the energy fields around your body to increase your ability to hold and attract abundance.
You can meet and work with a part of you, called a subpersonality, that may be blocking your ability to create prosperity. You can be confident, learn to take risks, and let go of any fears in your body, emotions, and mind that may be holding you back from having abundance in all areas. Work with a guide and your soul to create abundance, to fulfill your higher purpose, and to link with the plan of humanity. Work with a master of compassion to open your heart, to forgive yourself and others, and to let go of any energy from others that might be affecting you. Work with the part of you that does not feel lovable; transform your relationships into those that nurture and support you. To reach your full potential you will need to open to the new, take risks, and have the courage to put your work out to the world.
Release addictions such as smoking, drinking, caffeine, sugar or others using this guided meditation. Chakra Meditation CDs, use Brainwave-Sync technology to bring balance and harmony to your chakras.
I have included every EFT concept and tool in this Tutorial and I have gone into great detail to make sure that you are properly exposed to all of them. With my new Money Magnet Meditation audios, you can easily attract all the money you'll ever want.
He sends his kids to private schools, skis in Vail in the winter and vacations in the Caribbean in the spring. Fact is, there are only a handful of "have's compared to a vast ocean of "have-not's" in this unforgiving world. For every person who has successfully attracted wealth, there are hundreds more who struggling to get ahead.
The method you are about to discover will only work for people who are able to devote a few minutes a day to improving their life. If you are perfectly happy with your finances and feel that you can't spare a few minutes a day so that you can exponentially improve your income, then please click away now, because it's very important that the following information be read by only those who truly want to make quantum leaps financially and are willing to make the commitment. But yet, there is a part of you that believes that there must be a hidden secret that you haven't quite discovered yet.
Now I'm not going to insult your intelligence by assuming that any of this is new information to you. There's still a big missing piece, a key that opens a hidden door that will lead you to the promised land of wealth, security, and happiness. Now I am not psychic, but I can tell you what will happen if you don't change your mindset. Now that does not mean to stop loving and honoring your parents or become a hermit living in a cave somewhere. But in order to become super wealthy and successful, it is time to leave behind some of the old thinking and behavior patterns you were taught.
In fact, they are in sharp contrast to what we know about the mindset of the super wealthy. So even though you KNOW how you're supposed to think in order to attract money, why is it that you still find yourself struggling? It goes back to the old rules from childhood and how we were disciplined for breaking the rules. When we broke a rule, we were told we were "bad" and felt guilty for disappointing our parents.
When we were small children it was important to follow many of our parents' rules because it kept us safe. Of course, it feels uncomfortable to change your way of thinking and behaving, even if it is in your best interest. So whenever you step beyond the old counterproductive rules of our past, it can feel uncomfortable, almost nauseating! The way we were disciplined for going against the rules as a child had an intense, negative emotional component.
This is the reason, that when as adults we step outside the box, the emotional memories of the enforcement of the rules cause us to feel bad again.
So when these negative thoughts arise they are often just leftover unproductive thoughts about money that were programmed into your brain when you were young. Plus, as humans it is so natural to notice the lack in our life, rather than focus on what it is that we want. Because without changing your mindset about money, your possibility of achieving the promise becoming financially independent is slim. However, even though he knows this consciously, whenever he hears a dog barking or sees a dog running towards him, he feels intense fear. The challenge is you have to give up thinking and acting like a child when it comes to money because you absolutely do "know better" now! Think about it, when an adult tries to learn a second language, it is generally much more difficult to learn. You probably already know that your mind has two major parts to it, your conscious mind and your unconscious mind, right? Now that we have had an experience of it, I want to talk about how the conscious and unconscious minds work.
But you know after a while you got so good at it that now you can be listening to music and daydreaming and you don't have to constantly think with you conscious mind about everything that you are doing - you just do things automatically. Once a habit is formed in the unconscious brain, it is very hard to change it with your conscious mind, or willpower. Now with the driving habit, there are many mechanisms built in to make sure that you drive safely even if you aren't fully paying attention to the road. For example, let's say you are daydreaming about what you will do later that day and suddenly the car in front of you slams on their breaks. Now your logical, rational, conscious mind knows perfectly well that hitting your foot on the carpet is not going to stop the car!
Now let's illustrate how hard it is to break habits once they are stored like that in the unconscious mind. But as soon as something caught your eye out the window or you started up an interesting conversation, and then a car in front of you suddenly slammed on its breaks, you better believe, your foot would hit the carpet again! Any input a child receives from a parent, teacher or others has the potential of being taken at face value as an absolute truth by the unconscious mind. And as a result, most of us are going around with self-imposed limitations that are based on situations that we have entirely forgotten. Unfortunately, the unconscious mind never forgets and will continue to respond in the best way it knows how until the programming is changed.
The unconscious mind is the part of the iceberg that is hidden deep down below the surface. Now here is the point, when you were young, imagine that the iceberg was more like fresh snow. For your first six years of life, your parents, teachers, and the environment were able to shape and mold your brain.
Now imagine that as you grew up even more, the snow gradually got harder and harder, so finally it turned to ice.

You've been trying to change the iceberg itself simply by "tapping" the surface with ineffective tools. Do you want to spend all your time scratching away at the surface to try to get some of it to sink in or do you have better things to do with your time? The key is to have a fast and easy, effective method succeeding in completing this positive reprogramming.
The Dawson Method is the solution to quickly reprogram your brain so that you change the old limited thinking patterns that have not been working for you into a new, powerful "unlimited wealth" mindset. Because once you put these secret strategies into place you won't have to consciously try over and over again to think a certain way or to feel a certain way. The Dawson Method allows you to rewire your unconscious mind and literally "install" the wealth mindset you need to attract all the money and wealth you've been dreaming of.
I have looked over the shoulders of over 50 self-made millionaires and have sifted through their jealously guarded, highly classified, "we'd-tell-you-but-we'd-have-to-kill-you" strategies.
As for me, I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology and a masters degree in clinical social work, or MSW for short. I've spent thousands of hours studying how the brain works and how to help people to improve their lives. Even with the real estate market being in a downward spiral, my sales have never been higher; I'm breaking records each month. I've listened to a lot of programs over the years, but yours stands out as the most soothing, most effective I've used.
Regardless of the pressures I'm facing, I can sit down for 20 minutes and listen to you - and awake with a whole new perspective! Before, The Dawson Method, I felt frustrated and angry that I wasn't able to have the life I had dreamed of. Being a new business owner with a family and other activities always going on, it was very hard for me to get a grasp on managing my time. The audio helped me to relax and become very focused on strategies for managing my time better. I was looking for an extra boost in my business, so I started using The Dawson Method audios. Valerie, I just wanted to send you a great big thanks for being an essential component of my new life.
I listened to Val's audios and they have really helped me to manage my stress level, focus my energy, and make a lot more money in my business. Remember the scenes in The Matrix where they could learn Kung Fu, or how to operate an attack helicopter, in just a few seconds just by downloading the information into their brain?
When you use most methods to attempt to improve your mindset, you are attempting to input new information via your conscious mind, your willpower. The methods you've tried to put the Law of Attraction into practice in your own life simply input information at the surface level; your conscious mind. Just saying a positive statement over and over will not allow you to shovel deep enough to reach that unconscious mind to make any lasting changes! If only you had a better tool besides a shovel to get positive programming into the unconscious mind, then the sky would be the limit! The reason why The Dawson Method is so powerful for changing unconscious habits and behaviors is because you don't have to consciously try over and over again to think a certain way, to feel a certain way, or behave a certain way. The Dawson Method actually downloads the success habits into your brain quickly and easily. After listening to my audios, you will simply find yourself thinking and acting in positive goal-directed ways.
My method is very natural, but it does have many elements from psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP, and new brain wave technology.
These audios are designed to simply put your mind and body into a comfortable state of relaxation. You'll simply find a place where you can relax without being disturbed and close your eyes. Some people worry that I will be able to put things in their mind that they don't want or take things out of their mind that they want to keep.
Your brain will not allow any suggestions to go into your mind, or be removed from your mind, unless you WANT that to happen.
AudioStrobe encoded compact discs include a special signal which directly controls the lights of your Meditation Machine, allowing precise synchronization between audio and visual stimulation. Norman Durkee, Seattle composer, takes you on a wonderous musical journey, complimented by light patterns that take the visualization experience to new heights. You'll find sound cues as diverse as a trip to a primitive jungle and encounters with primal spirits, to unexpected urban soundscapes that melt into flowing water and fluid keyboard interludes. Richard (Karma) Moffett, master musician and Tibetan scholar, combines authentic Tibetan instruments and modern keyboard performances to create two exotically different light and sound journeys. Prem Das and Muruga Booker, two master drummers, present an extraordinary collaboration of rhythm and power.
Beta, Alpha and Theta tracks, resulting from their many years of experience in audiovisual stimulation. As you focus on what is working well in your life rather than what you still need to change, you will accelerate your growth and be better able to appreciate that the inner work you are doing is working. The transformation of your personality, ego, life, abundance, emotions, thoughts, and circumstances comes about first through opening to this inner Self. Because the meditations take you to deep levels of relaxation, do not listen to them while driving an automobile or where you need to be fully awake and focused on what you are doing.
The music is paced to relax your body and slow your breathing, opening doorways into higher states of awareness. These are excellent for background music for meditation, meetings with friends, classes, bodywork, yoga, or anywhere you want to set a healing, uplifting, relaxing space. You will work with speeding up time, loving change and growth, clearing blockages, and staying balanced while you take a major leap forward in any and all areas of your life. Work with your soul and a guide to discover more about your life purpose, and receive messages about what to do right now to fulfill your life purpose. Learn to recognize when you have taken on energy from other people, and to release it, so you can come from a calm, centered place within you as you act, speak, and go about your day. Allow things to come easily to you, open your heart, and believe you deserve to have what you want.
Explore the function of breath in expanding your awareness of the higher dimensions and the subtle energy realms.
As you become more aware of this gridwork and can send your awareness out on it, the gridwork becomes a vehicle that allows you to better receive and radiate light. It is from this level of energy awareness that you can most profoundly affect how you think and feel. While you do not need to have studied the light body to enjoy this journey, while listening you can experience DaBen’s transmission of many light body energies that will assist you in exploring what it feels like to have a flowing emotional body and to learn more about your emotions. The awakening of your spiritual shimmer allows you to experience your Higher Self more directly and center your consciousness in higher levels of your being. Learn how to take in the energy about you and transmute it into light, becoming radiant as you do.
Following your intuition can save you hours of work, lead you to opportunities, help you find answers, and more. These abilities will assist you in making choices and decisions that put you on your highest path.
You will be led into a relaxed, light trance state to meet your guide and to receive messages and advice.
You will journey to the soul plane to meet your twin flame, someone whose inner flame is burning as brightly as yours. Change your beliefs about being loved and have an abundance of what you want and need in a relationship. This is a healing meditation to help you let go and feel better as you view the situation from a higher perspective. This journey will help you take down walls, open your heart, and create a more intimate, satisfying relationship with a loved one.
Believe in your abilities and see yourself as self-assured, capable, and able to accomplish what you came here to do. Open your third eye to see life through the eyes of your soul, to better know what choices and decisions will put you on a higher path.
Relax and let your path unfold effortlessly, trusting and surrendering to your higher good.
Align your thoughts and actions with the spiritual laws of abundance and reprogram at a cellular level for greater prosperity. From a higher state you will look at your life to explore your higher purpose, set up higher flows, and transform limiting thoughts to create a higher future. You will add light and love to each area of your body, learn to listen to its messages, and bring the light of your soul into your body.
You will be guided to flow with the current and learn when to act and when to surrender and let things unfold.
Use this to relax if you feel nervous, tense, can’t sleep, or want to release tension-induced muscle pain. If you worry too much, this journey will assist you in finding peace of mind and letting go of worry, tension and fear. Learn how to attract a higher vibration of food and youthen your body through building cellular radiance. Link with your Higher Self and the higher forces of the universe to create a prosperous, successful business as you become magnetic to business, clients, sales, and money.
Go back into the past, discover the cause of current situations or painful feelings, then rewrite the past to create a new future. The processes in this journey will assist you in any creative endeavor you are undertaking–writing, music, art, and business.
Using techniques such as visualization, you will start creating a firm, toned, and youthful looking body that feels more alive. Use this to lose weight, change your self-image, accelerate your spiritual growth, and more. You will look at the essence of your perfect career, visualize and magnetize it, and allow it to come to you easily. This subpersonality journey is very effective in changing personality patterns; you can experience immediate changes. Imagine success in every area of your life, go beyond previous limits, and allow yourself to have your dreams. This is a life-changing process that will assist you in identifying and releasing beliefs about money and abundance that are not working, and then in creating new, positive beliefs. This is a journey on learning to receive, believing you deserve, and opening to unlimited joy, love, and prosperity. As you increase your vibration you become magnetic to all the forms, sums of money, and people who will serve you at this new level.
This journey can help you believe in yourself and your unlimited capacity to create prosperity and anything you want. Open to new visions of yourself, let go of old beliefs, and expand your potential for success. You will be guided to believe in yourself, trust the universe, picture positive outcomes, and create a higher reality. As you expand your thoughts and imagine greater possibilities, your reality changes to reflect your new, expanded vision.
Link with your soul and Higher Self to find new, more positive outlets for the energy your addiction is trying to express, and for assistance in releasing it. If your parents were self-made millionaires AND they taught you how to make your own millions, then all you need to do is apply the lessons they gave you.

If we were "good" we won the approval of the adults in our life, and were sometimes rewarded.
Without being aware of your discomfort, you find yourself thinking thoughts that simply get you "off track". You will just keep the same patterns in your life that haven't been working very well for you.
We could compare the conscious mind to the tip of an iceberg, with just a small point poking above the surface of the water. The other 90% below the surface is like the unconscious mind, which is operating independently, with little or no awareness that this is happening. The way you brush your teeth, the way you put your shoes on in the morning, even your breathing. The autonomic nervous system is run by your unconscious mind – it breathes for you, it pumps blood around your body, it takes care of all autonomic functions. Because your unconscious mind thinks that these habits are keeping you safe and will not allow you to do otherwise. Have you ever been riding as a passenger in a car, and the car in front of you slams on its breaks? Let's say that you want to change that habit of hitting your foot on the carpet when you are a passenger. You can't help it, that habit is hard-wired in your brain and you can't just use willpower alone (the conscious mind) to change it. It combines the best methods that have been proven to work in creating lasting changes in the brain.
Now that I have a clear picture of the success mindset and habits of the self-made millionaires, I have recorded advanced mind technology audios that allow you to simply download these imprints into your own mind. Unlike what some may think, this masters degree is very similar to a masters in psychology or counseling.
I would like to thank Valerie for helping me to de-stress and refocus my energy on maximizing my business success.
That's because they only are chipping away at the surface, the tip of the iceberg so to speak. What if instead of trying to chip away at the ice on top, you simply went in sideways through the water and into the 90% of the iceberg below the surface!! It will no longer be a struggle to "try" to think and act more productively; it will become automatic, because The Dawson Method communicates directly with the unconscious mind – the place where all habits are kept.
I did NOT get this information from a meeting on a mountaintop with a wise old magic wizard. If you like guided visualization or hypnosis, the Money Magnet Meditations audios are even better and more powerful.
When you are in this brain wave state of relaxation, your mind "opens" (just like it used to be open when you were a child). In fact you will have complete control and can at any time stop the audio to attend to something else if need be.
The point I am making is that your brain hears ANYTHING that you disagree with, it will be filtered out by the deeper structures of your unconscious mind your ethics, morals, values, and beliefs. The audios will guide you, helping you to tap into the power of your deeper mind, where your life purpose will become clear to you.
Some people worry that the Dawson Method audios won't work for them because they have difficulty relaxing due to ADD or certain medications.
Some people worry about this because they've tried hypnosis or other self-improvement audio programs that didn't work very well. Jeffrey Thompson's groundbreaking work with sound patterns has been used by psychologists, bodyworkers, and hypnotherapists across the country since 1981 to affect consciousness. The steady Water drum of Prem Das provides the trance ground while Muruga's Nada Drum dances, soars, circles and hovers, always singing joyfully. As your consciousness transforms, it will seem so normal, and the changes will come about so naturally, that you may not even connect new situations in your life and how differently you respond to your outer circumstances with the inner work you are doing.
This Self within provides all the energy, guidance, motivation, and all you need to transform your life.
Thaddeus is an angelic being of light channeled by Sanaya who brings musical harmonies of love and joy, peace and harmony, from his realm to you. You can use this music to heal, transform your emotions, and evolve your mind as you listen and draw these high, fine vibrations into your being. Play this music at a low volume while you sleep, or play it for loved ones to assist them in learning how to enter into peaceful, relaxed states.
Discover more about your your path and what you came here to do We also suggest Orin’, Living Your Life Purpose (OR914) course. DaBen transmits many light body energies you can enjoy whether or not you have studied the light body. Knowing yourself as energy allows you to master various aspects of your personality and to know yourself at levels you might call divine. You will build a bridge of light between your two heart centers, send and receive telepathic messages from your soul mate, and draw your soul mate to you. You will link telepathically and get to know each other as you reach through time and space to connect, and then draw your soul mate into your life. You cannot change another, but you can change yourself, and by doing so you change the relationship. Broadcast your new self-image to the world, so that others can relate to you as a confident and secure person, changing what you experience and allowing you to add more light to the world.
Bring your soul’s light into your body, mind, and emotions, into your nervous and circulatory systems, and into your chakras. Learn to relax, stay centered, and not be affected by the energies around you so you can stay centered and balanced at all times. As you experience a new level of personal power, you will work with a future situation to experience how it will change with a new level of personal and spiritual power.
You will transform a subpersonality that doesn’t love your body, so you can give your body the food, relaxation, movement, and love it deserves. Prepare at an energy level for more and more people to connect with you and your work as you link with them on the inner planes. This is an excellent journey to learn how to get into deeper states of meditation as you listen to other of Orin and DaBen’s guided meditations.
You will work with the part of you that has been resistant to losing weight so you can reach whatever weight is perfect for you. The ideas you bring through will be more completely formed and include more of the bigger picture.
Identify and change your beliefs about aging as you picture yourself beautiful, fit, and healthy throughout life. Dialog with various systems such as your nervous, circulatory, skeletal, and muscular systems, to find the perfect movements and exercises that will allow your body to reflect your soul’s light, and that will be fun and joyful to do.
This process is useful if you find yourself blocked or resisting things that you know are good for you. In addition, Orin uses many wonderful processes to help you release tension and feel safe and secure.
Orin works with you at the aura level to release negativity and bring in higher, more positive thoughts. You will broadcast them outward and experience a new reality as these images are reflected back to you. You will walk through a doorway into a new life with the addition gone, picturing yourself without this addiction.
Perhaps all you need to do is learn their secret, so you too can have the same results that they do to grow your own wealth.
It's probably because you still have old patterns of thought that are clinging to your brain and won't let go.
At this young age, the mind is like a sponge, so the child can quickly and easily become fluent in both languages. You might be aware of the feeling of the seat you are sitting in, or the colors around you as you look around. With even the best snow shovel, it would take years and years of shoveling 24-7 to even reach the iceberg below! It combines the very best proven techniques of psychology, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming and sound wave technology into one easy program. Imagine how successful you can be if you can get your prospects to close their eyes and see what you see, hear what you hear, and literally picture themselves using and enjoying your product to make them feel happy, eliminate pain, make more money, or achieve whatever outcome your product can deliver. But if you're not into that kind of thing, you will love the audios because they are different.
It is a very familiar feeling; in fact, we all go in and out of similar states of relaxation throughout the day. However, a "positive" side effect of listening to my audios is that clients tell me that they sleep a lot better! This music plays with the elemental spirits of life and light, and will appeal to the urban primitive in us all.
Besides listening and working with the audio journeys in meditation, it is important to put into practice what you learn. Know that there is no wasted effort in the universe, and that everything you are doing to change your life is making a difference.
His music is the background on all the Orin guided meditations and some of the light body meditations. Experience the amazing transformative qualities of this music as you play it for yourself or others.
Expand your ability to receive and feelings of deserving, to increase your abundance in every area of your life. Know that you will always have a soul connection, and that you are simply changing the outer form of your relationship.
As you do you can awaken your spiritual potential, align with your spiritual path, connect with Higher Will, and accelerate your journey to enlightenment.
You will discover and transform any subpersonality that doesn’t have energy, so that you can experience a new level of vitality. Develop your ability to see through illusions and all that would block you from trusting your inner guidance.
So the brain sets up some programming that whenever that person sees or hears a dog, he feels fear and has an urge to run away. However, you can never be consciously aware of more than 5 to 7 pieces of information in any given second. Through The Dawson Method techniques I was able to fundamentally change some of my core thoughts - resulting in many positive changes. As sales and marketing person, I have used NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, for years in my speaking and writing. So you will not feel like you are in any altered state, you will just feel calm and relaxed. Thompson's digital recordings, new sound collages and designed complimentary light patterns have been assembled to create a dynamic, entertaining, synchronized light and sound experience.
Last year, I asked Valerie Dawson to help me achieve my personal and my professional goals. It has been created on synthesizers using strings, harp, piano, angelic voices, and many beautiful sounds.

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