Goodreads: What was the greatest challenge for you, a Southern white woman, telling a story about slavery? GR: How much of the story is true about Sarah teaching Hetty to read—an illegal act for which they were both punished? GR: Although it's been 150 years since the Civil War, stories from that time period still resonate. GR: Goodreads member Rochelle Kaplan writes, "Your previous novels were set in relatively contemporary times. SMK: The novel that shook me and had more impact on me than any novel I ever read was Kate Chopin's The Awakening. Thanks so much for this wonderful interview which gives us some real insight into the making of the story .
I just started reading The Invention of Wings today--was so excited to see a new novel by Sue Monk Kidd.
Sue Monk Kid seems to need to explore the issue of growing up black in America at different times in our history. CHALLENGE: 222) There are many post-war fics, but details are usually sketchy and often involve a list of people who died. CHALLENGE: 134)Things are changing in Snape's life, and he realizes he is no longer happy being left alone. CHALLENGE: 252) Remus decides to help out with the war orphan situation by becoming a foster parent. CHALLENGE: 25) Snape's patronus sends a message to Remus- what is it- and what's the message? CHALLENGE: 48) "Remus and Severus are soul mates, but both of them died before they realized it.
CHALLENGE: 97) Remus goes through Severus' personal belongings following his presumed death to discover something about Snape he'd never have dreamed of. CHALLENGE: 108) it becomes unsafe for Remus Lupin to leave number 12, Grimmauld Place, and Severus Snape is conscripted into bringing him supplies and the Wolfsbane Potion. NOTE: There is a picture by Bitterfig that goes with this story, it can be found on the gallery page and here. Challenge: 63) Trapped somewhere with a seriously injured Severus, how might Remus keep him connected to the living and what last confessions might Sev make? 18) Lupin just wants to roll over on his back and whine when he hears Snape's menacing voice.
CHALLENGE: 78) Severus' new potion has an unexpected side effect, and Remus' Snark proves to be a Boojum.
CHALLENGE: 174) Remus is having nightmares about Severus and finds out the nightmares are coming true (not prophetic nightmares about actual events, but literal nightmares that are inflicted on Severus). CHALLENGES: 56) When a werewolf loses his mate, madness and death can follow, unless the werewolf finds another mate.
CHALLENGE: 18) Back in Lupin's and Snape's school days, Lupin visits Spinner's End and meets Eileen and Tobias. SUMMARY: 280) After Harry has killed Voldemort, Snape is vindicated, but everyone hates him anyway. Challenge: 66) Remus is charged with the job of helping an amnesiac Severus and the two become close. CHALLENGE: 74) Because of a wayward student prank, Snape and Lupin can't move more than a few steps apart from each other for one month. CHALLENGE: 61) Even more laws and regulations are made against werewolves, and Lupin's life is in danger.
CHALLENGES: 45) Sirius Black cannot "move on" or so to speak before he fixes the mess he made when he was alive. CHALLENGE: 175) Remus and Severus are sent on a mission for the Order and it all goes horribly awry, leaving them on the run and struggling to return to safety.
CHALLENGE: 91) When Snape falls gravely ill, Remus realizes just how few people care, and it makes him all the more determined to make friends with Snape.
CHALLEMGE: 82) During a battle Remus is badly injured while protecting Severus and needs constant assistance now. CHALLENGE: 270) Snape is meeting with someone important (Dumbledore, the Ministry) via the old head-in-the-fireplace Floo method. SUMMERY: When Snape is temporarily de-aged no one but soft-hearted Lupin is willing to take care of him. Challenge: 89) When Remus accidentally walks in on Severus bathing he is horrified by the scars that cover his body.

Challenge: 56) When a werewolf loses his mate, madness and death can follow, unless the werewolf finds another mate. Challenge: 107) Contrary to all the fics featuring "Snape Manor," Snape actually does not have a home. Challenge: 12) Snape finally admits his true feelings for Remus Lupin, but will he reciprocate? CHALLENGE: 176) One cast a special memory charm over the other a long time ago, erasing a memory. CHALLENGE: 48) Remus and Severus are soul mates, but both of them died before they realised it. CHALLENGE: 48) Remus and Severus are soul mates, but both of them died before they realized it. Based on no particular challenge, but heavily inspired by the music video for Sarah McLachlan's Building a Mystery. Challenge: 109) Due to past experiences, one is convinced sex is not something he can ever enjoy or want to do. Challenge: 51) Lupin finds out that in a moment of madness brought on by having been cooped up in the house for so long, Sirius had sex with Snape.
CHALLENGE: 177) Remus decided a long time ago that Snape's life was worth more than his because of Snape's work for the Order. Challenge: 253) Remus suffers from chronic, unrelenting pain, which cannot be controlled by any known potion or therapy. CHALLENGE: 121) The two know that someone is trying to play matchmaker and get them together. SUMMARY: Severus is confined in Grimmauld Place, when a spell is due to come into effect that requires he have a partner for the night or risk death. CHALLENGE: 20) One of the pairing is sick and tired of the way others perceive him and decides to change that.
Challenge: 113) Snape thinks that eventually Lupin will get over his loss and move on --hopefully into a relationship with Snape. 51) Lupin finds out that in a moment of madness brought on by having been cooped up in the house for so long, Sirius had sex with Snape. CHALLENGE: 272) Snape prepared well for the inevitable day when Voldemort would learn he was a spy.
SUMMARY: Based on challenge 6) Snape did kill Dumbledore and is now a favourite of Voldemort. After taking an experimental drug to erase her memories of saving the world (or at least the country – several times) Charlotte is given a new life – a quiet, unassuming job, a second chance at love with Luke, and no one trying to kill her.
Two years later and with no recollection of saving the world, she steps in to help a random stranger and is amazed at the ease in which she dispatches her opponents using a rolled-up magazine. Charlotte needs to remember her secret life if she wants to save the world again and the only man she’s ever loved. Get Free Email Updates!Signup now to get all my posts, plus new excerpts and news about my books! This entry was posted in My Books and tagged pre-order, The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd by HollyKerr.
I could see something about women's lives that I maybe couldn't see by reading Betty Friedan. Horowitz is a writer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a contributing editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books. I once had the opportunity to speak with film director Atom Egoyan regarding his film Ararat and the responsibility he felt in representing different voices.
She tells wonderful stories if the movie based on her book "Secret Life of Bees" There are so many emotional moments in that film that just rip your heart and then heals you by the ending. He decides to form a friendship, and since Lupin is one of the very few who have been willing to spend time in his company in the past, he decides to start there. However, werewolves are prohibited from adopting, and Remus is devastated when it becomes clear that a child he had hoped would be with him forever is going to be removed from his home.
Lupin has married Tonks, but she died during the last battle and left him with their baby (son, daughter, twins?). Snape knows that the side of Light cannot afford another loss at such a critical time in the war.
Though he wants nothing more than to keep his child, he is forced to conclude that the best thing he can do is have an abortion.
Lupin comes across Snape on all fours with his head in the fireplace, and decides to have a little fun with him.

While caring for the five year old Lupin learns things about Snape’s past that bring him to see the man in a different light. Instead of simply killing them, Voldemort has them locked up together, knowing that when Lupin transforms he will tear Snape to shreds, and then probably go mad from guilt. It doesn't take him long to realize, however, that Lupin will never get over the loss of Sirius. In desperation, Lord Remus Lupin vowed to gave half of his gold to any male who could cure him or if she was a maiden marry her. Which is why he is forced to move into Remus' one-bedroom cottage when Hogwarts is closed down for repairs. If he ever falls in love -- really *truly* in love, not just lust or a passing fancy -- then he is doomed to murder his lover on the stroke of midnight on their first anniversary. However, the one who cast the charm has the power to lift it and restore the memory as well.
However, the one who cast the charm has the power to lift it and restore the memory as well…. Instead of simply killing them, Voldemort has they locked up together, knowing that when Lupin transforms he will tear Snape to shreds, and then probably go mad from guilt. They experience the ups and downs of adjusting to this new situation and it's effects on their lives in Hogwarts. Finally unable to bear his pain in silence any longer, he goes to Snape seeking the ultimate end to his suffering. The prankster has no idea Remus really does care about Snape, but after the prank, will Snape ever trust again? What if Remus were extremely powerful (we know he is intelligent, but powerful?) and only a few people knew of it. Among other things, he kept a potion stored in a hollowed out tooth, one that would allow him to be awake and aware, but appear dead. I hear the same level of care in this interview and appreciate those who seek accurate portraits of time and place. I enjoyed both of them in Traveling with Pomegranates and have been hoping to see more non-fiction or a novel from Ann someday as well! I'm curious if Sue knows that the Grimke sisters had a black half brother who was born a slave.I look forward to reading Invention of Wings. My husband tore through The Orphan Master's Son and now I am even more motivated to read it as well. This challenge is to write a fic that depicts a world torn apart by the recently-ended war. One day Snape visits Lupin, who is totally overstrained with taking care of the baby on his own.
Rescue seems unlikely, but Lupin knows there is one thing that could save Snape: a werewolf would never harm its mate.
Remus fell in love with him, but he could only turn into a sweet gentle puppy once a month. After making a disparaging comment about werewolves, Snape discovers that the clientele of "Raging Moon" is pretty much entirely lycanthropes. She has Buffy-like fight moves, fires a gun with deadly accuracy and can use the air from car tires to keep breathing underwater. It was a shocking portrayal of what the limitations of culture can do to women and how she tried to respond to that. Torn apart so completely that the dead are left in the streets because there is no one to bury them, the wounded are left to die because stopping to help others means lowering your own chance of survival, everyone is starving, orphans are left to fend for themselves, money means nothing, gangs prowl the streets, dark creatures feast on anyone who can't defend themselves, and you can't trust even your best friend anymore because all morals and ethics have been thrown aside in favor of simply SURVIVING. The trouble is, not only must they have sex, but becoming a werewolf's mate means you must stay with them for life. In the middle of all of this are Snape (a hardened, pragmatic survivor) and Remus (heart too big for his own good). Turns out those two years of quiet with Luke was really an undercover mission to help bring down a secret organization targeting her family.
They research and cast a spell to break the mating bond, freeing nice, loveable Lupin from nasty, awful Snape.

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