TweetWhether you write ‘em, read ‘em, or trash ‘em, blogs can be life changing or totally suck the life out of you! So what makes for a quality blog and why are some followed religiously and others get a “how the heck did I get here” reaction and click…gone? Here are two simple reasons why visitors will stay (maybe even come back) and two fast reasons why your visitors give you atrocious bounce rates; meaning, the click is mightier than the post. Websites (blogs) typically fall into one of two categories – they’re either providing information that’s useful or they’re providing products that shoppers are looking for.
So now, instead of typing in “how do I fix the dryer”, searchers are asking “how to replace the dryer belt in a whirlpool”.
If your website is not only providing information but also the products to buy, in our case the dryer belt, then make sure you add only those products that are going to help your visitor. It’s just so doggone good that it doesn’t matter who wrote it or what it’s about; it’s engaging, funny, a tear-jerker, or even outrageous? Your blog does not have to be life changing in that your visitor has an epiphany about the meaning of life (what does that mean anyway) nor does it need to provide regurgitated headlines that people can read about on the news. But what your blog should provide is information and products, tidbits, “how to’s”, and anything else that helps your visitor find what they are looking for. Now for the final test (and I’m afraid to ask)…was this post a life changer or a life sucker for you? If you would like to read more of what not to do with your blog then “Basic Blogging Don’ts” will help. We all have our favorites and I always find it interesting to see who people follow, tells you something about them.
With our first son, we thought we needed everything from the baby department at Walmart and Babies R Us in the nursery. One area of the room that I always made sure to keep well stocked with the essentials was the changing table.

It’s important that the changing table has everything you need for your little one once you lay him down. Though you will want to wash your hands after handling a dirty diaper, you can’t just leave the baby in mid change!
Along with diaper changes, we also trimmed our babies’ finger and toenails while they laid on the changing table. Filed Under: Current Giveaways, Parenthood About KeciaKecia Hambrick is a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia. Wet wipes and butt paste for sure, as well as diapers and most important for little boys – a cloth diaper to lay over him while I change his diaper! Some are engaging and even border on brilliant and some are a step above graffiti sprayed angrily on the underside of a crumbling bridge. Those are the “life sucking” blogs that drain our time and drive us to a bookstore or the yellow pages to get the help we need. Don’t beat around the bush with a hundred introductory words when 8 will do…like in the sub-heading above.
And the search engines, especially Google, have recognized that and are focused on providing a quality user experience. Very specific to both the brand that they need help with and the specific problem that they need help with. And it needs to be information that is relevant to the topic so don’t go chasing butterflies in the middle of telling someone which screwdriver they need to change that dryer belt. If you want to effectively impact someone’s life then give them those things that will help them change their life.
If you’ve ever found what you were looking for online then you know exactly what I’m speaking about. With so many “golden trinkets” out there you must be careful and learn to recognize these scammers and spammers for what they are.

In the first couple years of your child’s life, your baby spends lots of time here, getting a fresh diaper, or a clothing change, or maybe even a nail clipping! Though our table has shelves, I always found it easier to grab a fresh diaper from a diaper stacker that hangs on the side. I had tried one other cream in the past, but we quickly learned about Butt Paste with our oldest and never looked back! She's also a WAHM to 2 boys (5 years old & 2 years old), wife to an awesome husband named James, blogger, freelance writer, and self-proclaimed social media enthusiast.
But lets add value and authenticity…or someone will chop your beanstalk out from under you. Remember, Jack and the Beanstalk is a fairy tale and not something to pin your online hope on.Whether it’s the newest internet scam or it’s a website that is agog with ads (much like a mailbox flyer) these are true blog life suckers and should be avoided. I swear (again) that some folks must have their spell checkers turned off when they write and don’t turn them on before they publish.
After going through parenting the first, when the second came along, we knew what we needed and what we didn’t. Momerish is her little spot on the web where she rambles about all things pregnancy, parenthood, family travel and entertainment, and more! Fortunately this led to the explosive beanstalk and the rest, they say, is history; gold coins, golden eggs (nice for retirement), then the golden harp.
Want to suck the life out of your blog…become untrustworthy and you will do just fine.

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