Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone are secret agents who must get past traps and obstacles in order to return a strange bone to its mystery owner located in the Treasure Museum.
Pablo finally tells Uniqua and Tyrone their next mission: to, with Pablo, sneak into the Treasure Museum to return a strange bone to its mystery owner.
Mad Scientist Tasha sends her assistant, Austin, to give invitations to the Mummy King, the Werewolf, and the Vampire for her "best creation ever", which is actually a birthday party for Austin! She sings a reprise of I Got a Secret after the backyard turns into a dark lab filled with tables covered with beakers and inventions. After Austin walks away out of the laboratory, Tasha tells the viewer that the monsters are the party guests for the birthday party she is throwing for Austin. They realize that they each are not scary, Austin gives Uniqua a note that invites him over to Austin's surprise birthday party. The box, the Boogeyman tells the viewer, is only used when he is in a comedy emergency, in which the audience does not laugh at his other items. The two walk into the old theater and look around at the different posters of the Boogeyman performing. Uniqua and Pablo hop on stage to bring the hoop back to their van, but the Boogeyman has escaped. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. He tells the viewer that he is a secret agent, who has to do and say certain things to keep his job undercover.
Meanwhile, Austin tells himself that today is the worst birthday ever as he walks inside the mummy's pyramid.
Tyrone and Uniqua and Vampire Pablo descuss how Pablo is afraid of Mummies and Werewolves like Tyrone and Uniqua, and how vampires like Pablo scare the living daylights (or should I say nightlights) out of Uniqua and Tyrone in the form of Scared Of You's final verse.
They walk deeper into a hall containing many doors in which the performers used to get ready for their show. The Boogeyman, sadly, tries to tell them that they shouldn't go because they didn't get to take an image of him being funny.

He grabs a rubber chicken, a cane, and Pablo's teddy bear, Teddy, to use for his juggling act, he grabs too the secret box of laughs if there was an comedy emergency.
The Boogeyman tells the viewer that he sees them behind the chairs, thinking that his audience is shy. He then shows the viewer Tasha, who is playing with toy beakers and wearing a wig and glasses.
They walk on to the vampire's castle, Uniqua asks if it is the laboratory, and Austin tells her that it is the vampire's castle.
So he tries to convince the Boo Crew that he is a normal kangaroo and maybe even make them laugh, too. They tell the viewer that they are about to catch their first creature after singing the song titled The Boo Crew. The camera moves to inside the theater, where Austin introduces himself as the Boogeyman, who everyone thinks is a spooky creature. Uniqua and Pablo run in and out of each door as the Boogeyman does as well, wishing for the others to find him acting.
Uniqua and Pablo are entering the section of the theater in which a stage is put in front of many seats used for the audience to sit and watch a show. The three agents follow the path shown on the spy gadget, but there is no door or opening where the gadget reads one.
He touches a laser, signaling a door to close, locking the gadget inside the small laser room.
Tasha tells the viewer that she does remember Austin's birthday and is throwing him a surprise party. The three sing Find Me as the Boogeyman balances a tuba, a bicycle, and a bowl of spaghetti on his head.
They press a button, causing the hoop to generate a purple light, used to trap anything inside of the hoop. The Boogeyman walks into the trap, and Uniqua tells Pablo to press the button on the trap's remote. Pablo shows everyone his spy gadget, Uniqua's spy rope, and Tyrone shows everyone his spy maple syrup.

Aaand Pablo panics. Tyrone tries to lift the diamond back on to the pedestal, but he is too short. Austin asks Tasha if she knows what today is, hoping that she would answer with "your birthday", but Tasha tells him that today is the day that she finishes her greatest experiment ever as she sings I Got a Secret. Austin is quick and escapes all the boulders, entering a chamber in which a large tomb is located. Pablo and Tyrone heard a loud noise and thought it was a monster but it was just Tasha's stomach rumbling. From the outside of the theater, Uniqua and Pablo are out of their van with motion sensors. For the big finish, the Boogeyman hops off the unicycle, causing the juggling items to stay in the air. Uniqua sees a small square window on the wall, and uses her spy rope to carry herself and the other agents up. The three are amazed but quickly forget about it and go home because of Tyrone's rumbling tummy and it was snacktime.
Tasha tells Austin that today he is given a very important mission: to retrieve three monsters, the Mummy King, the Werewolf, and the Vampire, and hand them an invitation. Uniqua and Pablo, driving in their mini-van full of machines and objects used to cause creature hunting to be easier. She tells him to get going and bring all of the monsters back to the laboratory after gathering them together. Tyrone is scared of the werewolf and he and Werewolf Uniqua put their description of how they are scared of each other in the second verse Scared Of You. Tyrone realizes one foot is missing a toe after each agent counts to five on three other of the skeleton's feet. They take another picture, but since their camera was turned, the cameras flash in their eyes.

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