This document does not offer formal policy guidance from the Office of Special Education Programs at the United States Department of Education. On December 18, 2013 and January 29, 2014, CADRE hosted a two-part webinar with Lorig Charkoudian, Ph.D. A copy of the presentation materials and a transcript from this webinar are available for dowload below.
Prior coming to CMM, Erricka was a case manager at Community Mediation in Baltimore City, giving her a unique insight into the challenges of working with people in conflict from the beginning of a referral through the completion of the mediation. Posted on -->February 8, 2016 Many married couples hold off announcing their plans to divorce until after the holidays. There are a number of reasons why couples decide to wait to divorce until after the New Year.
The holidays can also be a significant source of stress, causing feelings of tension, anger and resentment to rise to the surface. From a financial standpoint, it makes sense for some couples to wait until the early part of the year to proceed with a divorce. Allyson has been an outstanding and I appreciate everything she has done for me in the short time she has been handling my case. To celebrate International Conflict Resolution Day, MACRO held it's annual Student Bookmark Art Contest. More than 500 entries were received from Maryland children in kindergarten through eighth grade, reflecting the themes of resolving or preventing conflict, peer mediation, talking things out, apologizing, respecting differences, solving problems together, listening, tolerance, building peace, or alternatives to violence. Working with people who want to work it out but are not sure how, she combines this approach into negotiation and mediation trainings for professionals, court systems, bar associations, government agencies, companies, contractors, real estate management firms, physicians and medical staff, assisted living facilities, higher education, religious institutions and family practitioners.
She has been interviewed by NPR and has been a guest on NPR radio affiliates and other radio programs. She has been the chosen mediator for over 2500 marital, separation or divorce mediations and has been interviewed on the subject of divorce and family conflict by various media. She also has a background in insurance and complex commercial litigation and professional malpractice matters.She was selected as one of six mediators by the American Arbitration Association to mediate complex personal injury cases and was selected by the EEOC to mediate litigated employment discrimination cases for the Mid-Atlantic Region. In the international arena, she is one of the founding members of Mediators Beyond Borders™, a non-profit offering conflict resolution aid and training for initiatives such as the Child Soldier Project in Ghana and the Katrina Mediation Project in New Orleans and Biloxi, Mississippi. She served as Executive Chair of Training for MBB domestically andinternationally for four years and speaks internationally on behalf of the MBB mission of dialogue. For each of her adjunct teaching invitations to Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation Insight Initiative,Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins MBA Bio-technology Program and the Johns Hopkins Business of Medicine Program, Loyola University School of Business, and University of Baltimore Law School, she has taught conflict transformation theory and incorporated personal reactivity and self-awareness practices and methods into real-life application. She is a nationally Certified Transformative Mediator™ and has been certified by the Maryland Council on Dispute Resolution, the only two performance-based certifications of skill level in the US. She is the architect for Maryland’s Performance Based Assessment for Transformative Mediators—The Practitioner’s Institute—which served as an assessment model for a program for Maryland Family Court Appointed Family Mediators that launched in 2009,part of the statewide Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence, the first in the country. Their training courses, with an emphasis on mediator self-awareness, ethical practice, fostering quality interaction, empowerment, informed decision-making by the parties, and recognition, were selected as a model and pilot for the training component of the national Transformative Mediation Project, an outgrowth of the highly acclaimed writing of R. Editions beginning in 1998 include the collaborative training content work of the ISCT think tank on transformative practices. Senft, Louise Phipps (2010), Family, Clan and Tribal Conflicts: A Relational Approach and Skills for the Hopi Indian Nation.
In her field of conflict resolution and conflict transformation, throughout the 1990’s to the present, she has served continuously in various capacities for the Association for Conflict Resolution, on its Ethics Committee, Mediation News staff, Training Approval Committee and Family Section Advisory Council, where she is currently Co-Chair. She served as Co-Chair of the Baltimore City Bar Association’s first ADR Committee in the early 1990’s, and she was elected and served on the Maryland State Bar Association’s ADR Section Council in its early years of formation.In 1998, she was appointed by Chief Judge Bell to the Maryland Court of Appeals’ ADR Commission and the task force on Professional Responsibility in ADR.
During that time she also served in 2002 as President of the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution with a focus on creating a strong internal infrastructure for the future and representing the views of the private practitioner on MACRO initiatives.
She also served as an elected board member of the Global Negotiation Insight Initiative, an auxiliary entity created in 2008 as a result of the work at Harvard’s Law School’s Program on Negotiation Insight Initiative. In addition to serving as a Member of the corporate board for Saval Foods and Deli Brand, Ms.
From 1998 through 2001, she trained mediators across the country as part of the USPS national rollout, which trained over 2500 outside neutrals from 32 states, as well as over 18,000 labor and management representatives. She was also a nine year board member of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland with a focus on their capital campaign to expand services for inner-city girls.Ms.
She was asked by television’s Arts and Entertainment to audition for a TV pilot, The Mediator. Divorce Mediation provides a private, confidential and affordable way to resolve your family law issues.
Serving Baltimore Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Harford County, Anne Arundel, Carroll County and surrounding MD counties.

Inclusive Listening has been developed over the last 15 years by mediators and trainers in Maryland.
In this capacity, she provides training to the 18 community mediation centers in Maryland, as well as to state agencies and organizations.
Erricka was promoted to Director of Training and Volunteer Development, where she trained, mentored, evaluated, and supervised both new and experienced mediators. She describes her excitement about conflict resolution as an opportunity for people in conflict to find peaceful resolutions. In an effort to maintain some normalcy for the family, some couples will decide to get through the holidays and announce the divorce in the New Year. Keeping the family together for one last holiday is a motivation for many couples with children.
As a result, couples often come to terms with the fact that the problems they may have been ignoring are beyond repair. December comes with the added monthly expenses of holiday gifts for family, friends and colleagues, as well as other spending associated with the holidays.
She helped me understand what would be best for me and made sure I had peace with the decisions I was making.
In addition to the prizes, sox entries were selected to be printed as bookmarks to promote conflict resolution across Maryland. Senft, also an attorney, was honored with one of the Baltimore Business Journal’s “Most Enterprising Woman” awards, and in 2009, her firm was recognized as a “Top 100 MBE” minority owned enterprise in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Senft has provided mediation and facilitation services to thousands of individuals in divorce, employment, business, closely held family businesses, trusts and estates, organizations and foundations, and commercial and civil litigation.
Senft’s work with family businesses is featured in the documentary, Resolutionary People (2002), produced by Emmy award winner Richard Chisolm. Senft was invited by the Nakwatsvewat Institute at the Hopi Indian Nation and began work with Hopi clan elders and tribe leaders to design a mediation program to assist Hopis grappling with issues of family preservation and preservation of Hopi culture and to provide conflict transformation training “Hopi-ized” for and by Hopis. Senft is also an international negotiation and mediation trainer, having trained attorneys, businessmen and women, and judges in Europe, speaking to the Roman Bar Association in Rome in 2010, and with the Italian national clerks and the Florence Mayor’s Office in Florence, as well as being invited to speak at the first European Transformative Mediation Congress which drew interest from across Europe in 2011, and training professionals in Germany, Portugal, Italy and Slovenia most recently. Senft has been a national leader for transformative mediation for separation and divorce and for business conflicts in the US. Senft has pioneered the value of self-awareness training and practices for conflict interveners teaching as adjunct faculty for Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation Insight Initiative for attorneys, CEO’s, professionals and executives worldwide, for Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, MBA Bio-technology Program and the Business of Medicine Program and as an adjunct law professor for fifteen years at the University of Maryland School of Law. Senft also has extensive experience in the business, organizational and litigation environment.
In addition to mediating many hundreds of business, workplace, EEO and litigated disputes, she is called upon regularly to facilitate quality conversations over difficult issues and meaningful dialogue when there are complexity and emotional barriers involving executives, managers and boards of directors. She is also an elected member of the Board of Trustees of Convergence: Center for Public Policy Resolution, a Washington, DC non-profit focused on bipartisan dialogue on pressing political issues of the day, including US-Muslim relations, K-12 Education Reform, and Obesity and Diabetes. Senft has been an adjunct Law Professor at the University of Maryland School of Law since 1998 teaching various courses in Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution (ADR) for Lawyers, Negotiation and Mediation Theory and Practice. Senft is a certified Enneagram teacher in the Narrative Tradition and associated with the Trifold School for Enneagram Studies and the International Association of Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition.
Senft great joy over the years is using the Enneagram and the relational transformative approach to conflict to assist families in having healthier and more satisfying conflict experiences. Senft was the first mediation trainer nationally to be approved as an Accredited Continuing Education Trainer (ACET) by the Association for Conflict Resolution in 2010, providing her the distinction of approval for teaching on any subject in the conflict resolution field as an exceptional life-long teacher. Senft and Baltimore Mediation are best known nationally for their trainings on conflict transformation and their offerings of certificated training courses in General and Advanced Mediation and Conflict Resolution and Domestic and Workplace Mediation with a focus on the transformative approach. She also designed and offers twice annually the Practitioner’s Institute for advanced mediators who desire an intense assessment for certification as well as a series of one day workshops on the Enneagram and Conflict Transformation.
Senft is currently writing a book on self-observation methods for the negotiator and mediator to be published by the Enneagram Publishers in 2013. Senft was appointed by the highest court to Chair the first statewide Family ADR Initiative. She is a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, whose mission is to build sustainable conflict resolution capacity for a more peace’able’ world, where she served as Director of Training from 2007-2010 establishing protocols and quality control. Since 2011 she has served as a Trustee on the Board for Convergence: Center for Policy Resolution in Washington, DC, where she is also co-chair of Development. Senft was the initiator, Co-Creator, Lead Trainer and Supervisor for the Baltimore City Circuit Court Family Mediation Services program from 1998-2005, which focuses on custody and visitation lawsuits providing transformative mediation services for their resolution, which continues to serve thousands of Baltimore families in the court system annually.
Senft is the co-founder of The Safe Haven Network: a church, police, school, and community safety initiative for children in Baltimore City which has provided safe shelters before and after school for children and conflict intervention training and safety skills to community residents and school officials since 1993 and which continues to provide safety to children today. Inclusive listening honors participants' experiences, supporting them to have the conversation in an authentic way.

Her work includes developing partnerships with state agencies including the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Service, Maryland State Department of Education, Family Court Administration, and others, to bring collaborative conflict resolution to new and unique forums.
She has provided advanced skills training to mediators at the Maryland Human Relations Commission, for Federal EEOC mediators, the National Geo-Spacial Intelligence Agency, and at many national conferences.
Erricka’s experience with conflict continues to include watching friends and family fight, kill and die as the only options for ending disputes. Historically, December consistently has the lowest amount of divorces, only to gear up again in January and reach a peak in March. They do not want to disrupt the holidays for their kids, so they will wait until January to announce their plans to divorce. Because a divorce usually entails paying a divorce lawyer a retainer fee, many couples take care of their holiday expenses before hiring a divorce attorney.
Call us today at 410-602-9522 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation. She continues her work with the Hopi making trips each year to the Reservation to continue with training and mediating issues of governance, land and property disputes and family and clan conflicts. She designed and continues to teach what was the first certificated mediation training course offered by a Maryland law school. She offers Enneagram workshops on mindfulness, greater productivity and personal satisfaction, emotional intelligence and self-awareness for judges, lawyers, businesses executives, managers, parents and families. She has pioneered reliance on self-awareness and the Enneagram for the conflict resolution and mediation communities as a means of quality practice and personal and professional excellence. Senft is also the co-architect of the state of Maryland’s Mediation Ombuds Program, designed to handle consumer mediation complaints throughout Maryland with a restorative approach. She was the co-architect of the state’s mediator grievance process, The MPME Ombudsman Program, and was subsequently appointed as Chair in 2003 of the Mediator Ombudsman Program for the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office.
After the presentation of these two parts, participants asked for special education-specifc scenarios. At the same time, it acknowledges participants' feelings, highlights their values, and identifies topics in a neutral way to prepare for collaborative problem solving. Lorig serves as a trainer and provides technical assistance to the 17 community based mediation programs serving Maryland.
The philosophy that conflicts can be vented and creatively resolved by those involved to truly meet their needs, is one that brings Erricka hope.
Our offices are located in Stevenson, Maryland where we serve clients throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County, including Pikesville and Stevenson. Senft’s work with corporate and public policy multiparty facilitation is featured in the book the Promise of Mediation (Jossey-Bass, 2004).
Senft was asked to speak at the United Nations in 2008 to inspire young leaders worldwide to champion an elicitive and relational approach to cultural and economic differences and conflict and to use mediators to assist as “Communication Brokers”, so that they can have a “Beyond Win-win” experience, phrases she coined. Senft to design an assessment program for court-rostered domestic mediators modeled on her Practitioner’s Institute, a formative and summative assessment based on actual real-time observed performance of the mediator. Senft was one of the first elected Associates of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation. Folger in their book The Promise of Mediation, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1995 and have been the trainings of choice for the Maryland Judiciary and numerous federal agencies. Yates, American Bar Association and Federal Judicial Center (2004), has her work of facilitating public policy conflicts featured in Chapter 3 “Gaining Sight of the Goal of Transformation,” of the revised Promise of Mediation, 2d. Lorig’s research examines the impact of specific aspects of the mediation process on experiences for participants as well as broader cost-benefit analysis of community mediation.
This hope fuels her commitment to being a part of changing the culture of conflict in our society. She has expanded this program for other mediators nationwide and for state bar associations.
Senft has earned the status of Advanced Practitioner in the Family Section’s Academy of Family Mediators as a member of the international Association of Conflict Resolution’s (ACR), formerly the Academy of Family Mediators.
Community Mediation Maryland and Lorig have received national attention for the innovative work on prisoner re-entry mediation. Senft is known nationally and internationally for her elicitive design and delivery of a relational worldview and how to approach difficult negotiation and conflicted situations to increase understanding and to change the negative interaction to promote more informed decision-making. Senft’s work in elder care mediation was the featured story on ABC Worldnews with Charles Gibson in July 27, 2007.

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