This post will be pretty interesting as I was looking through some old pics of my modeling career.
If God ever decides to take me away from my daughter one day, the one lesson I  will teach my little girl, is to be confident.
There were many times in my life where I wish I was a certain breast cup size, where I wish I was more curvaceous or had hair like my friends, but just thinking about what you don’t have makes you feel depressed. With each day, embrace that one thing about yourself, repeat it as many times as you can throughout the course of the day.
Lesson: Your value can only be seen by others if you decide to look within and be proud of what you bring to this world. I hope this post will help you to be more confident and help you to pursue to love yourself more. We all bring a little magic to this world, we just need to be still and start appreciating it a little more. I'm a Motivational writer and Media designer, who is obsessed with everything Inspirational with a hint of Geek.
Thrives on spreading everything Positive and enjoys the company of Fabulous Motivational people.
Loves Design, Interviews, Doing talks, Product Reviews, Fashion, Technology, Good food, Music and Creativity.

My business e-mail for opportunities and inquiries such as Writing Features, Brand Reviews, Attending Events. Creative Director behind the Award winning blog: Just Pursue It, The Founder Inspirational Woman International Foundation. Sue is an Inspirational public speaker, writer and Social Media Manager, who is obsessed with inspiring people to become more than what they believe they are capable.
Sue hosts "Women Empowerment" workshops all over South Africa and hosts talks to inspire women all of walks of life.
August 24, 2012 by admin 1 Comment If you enjoy the antics of your dog, then like me you will enjoy these five eccentric, fantastical, hilariously delightful renditions of mans best friend. In the early editions of Tin Tin the dry and cynical Milou was a foil to Tin Tin’s sickeningly positive and optimistic nature. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
We look at celebs and we think, oh I must look like Kim Kardashian, I need to have the best looking skin like Beyonce or We wish we had a bum like Nicki Manaj (Okay maybe not) but you know what I mean. Sue interviews women from around the world to share their stories of inspiration, hope and success here on Just Pursue It. Later in the series when Captain Haddock and his whisky made an appearance  Milou was side lined as the whisky drinking arachnphobic comic relief to the boy reporter.

Robert Anthony’s Self Confidence Creator An Honest Review Can You Really Be More Confident in Just 7 Days?
Click Here to Order Self-Confidence Creator And You Will See A Measurable Increase In Your Self-Confidence Level In 7 Days or Less! Go watch a movie, Spend some money on yourself and reward yourself for being a beautiful person. With super tough gnashers, gnashing is what he’s good at, unquestioningly loyal at least  until shown a plate of sausages then he is any ones dog. Robert Anthony, the guy behind the scene for some of the most successful people in the planet and helped millions of people all over the world in changing their lives for the better for the past 30 years. Once you learn how to dress appropriately for your body shape, you can Rock anything and make it look good. He was proud of me being tall and Rocking my heels, untill this day I love wearing my heels even if I tower over everyone, I’ve embraced my height and I love it.

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