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November 3, 2015 by The New Age Source Leave a Comment Do you ever struggle and feel that perhaps your life is not all it could be?
It’s true people may do unkind things and sometimes life is unfair, but blaming others does nothing to improve quality of life.
In order to make a better life for yourself and feel a strong sense of self and personal well-being, you have to accept accountability for what you can control.
Treat your body as a temple and you’ll be rewarded not only with good health, but an abundance of energy, enhanced mood and the ability to think faster and more clearly. Those who do not eat well or exercise suffer from more health problems and tend to lack the energy and enthusiasm of their fit counterparts.
It is easy to get disillusioned with humanity.  Five minutes watching the news can bring anyone down.
If you find yourself watching a lot of television, spending too much time on social media, or otherwise avoiding the real world, shut it off and get connected again in a more meaningful way.
There are many small things we can do each day to improve our outlook and enhance the joy in our lives.
April 28, 2015 by The New Age Source Leave a Comment     Large corporations love to throw out the term “re-branding” in order to reach new customers and increase profits, but what does re-branding really mean?
I started The New Age Source to bring products to you that would challenge, elevate, inspire and help along this journey of life.
It is very possible to become our own spiritual healer with time and dedication.  You can learn to feel the electromagnetic energy fields around your body and pick up on anomalies that can point to illness. Over time, you may find yourself drawn to more than one practice.  Many who do Reiki and other energy healing work also practice meditation regularly, as do many Yoga students. In societies throughout the world, Shamans are revered and sought out for their wisdom and higher levels of understanding.  They attain this through dedication to spiritual practices that open them up to receive the blessings of Spirit.
Scientifically, crystals are defined as solid substances having a naturally occurring geometric form. Amazonite is another gorgeous balancing crystal used to promote harmony between masculine and feminine energies.
There is such a wonderful variety of crystals that can be used to perform a variety of functions. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. So, I don’t want to see tanks rolling down the streets of modern cities as a threat to the occupants. Following this line of reasoning, I have begun to organize a night of songs of Peace.  I am inviting a couple dozen artists to each perform one song of their choice about peace.
So, as a group, we will BE Peace that night.  We will focus our attention and our energy in that direction. I am really looking forward to it – and to seeing and hearing what each participant chooses to perform, how each one define Peace through music.
The iaLOAp is for you if you want greater success in business or any other aspect of your life. If you would like to use this blog, you may IF you use it in its entirety, including all live links AND the entire signature section including this last line.

If you are interested in keeping informed about the Hamptons Weekend Preview, including the scheduled performers list each week, please click here. I am not sure the vibe is sinking, but what I do believe is when we start focusing on the things we do not want more of, it is a sign to shift and focus instead on the things we do want.
How can you go past “give peace a chance” what a great concept and service of bringing musicians together! I agree, Heidi, and I am surprised that (so far) no musician has signed up to sing that song… we still have a couple weeks before the show, though. I love how you’re infusing your music with healing the planet and campaigning for peace. That is my favorite quote by Ghandi, and what a wonderful idea to share such positive energy. Members: remember you get a 25% discount -- go to our Member Library page to find the current coupon code to use.
Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. This means consciously working to control how you behave towards others, but also how you allow the actions of others to affect your outlook and choices in life. Do you find at the end of the day you are exhausted and that you rarely take time for yourself? If your needs are not being met, you will be unable to meet the demands of others without feeling burdened and even resentful. Instead of indulging those negative thoughts, step outside and become the positive change you want to see. Modern technology has ironically given us the ability to connect to anyone, anywhere in the world at a moments notice, but social skills are at an all time low.  It seems the more connected we are virtually, the less connected we are actually. As you add more of them to your regular routine, you’ll find an improved sense of overall well-being.
I have become a divorced single mom, I have seen my boys grow, I have traveled, I have laughed and cried and (truth be told) I am falling in love with an absolutely incredible man. Perhaps you’ve felt inexplicably sad or upset right before hearing bad news.  Do you ever see someone and instantly pick up on their health or mental state? While not everyone is able to dedicate their full lives to spirit like a Shaman, anyone can learn to be more aware and motivated by their higher power. The atoms and molecules that form them are repeated in exactly the same way over and over, giving them their distinct, symmetrical appearance.
It comes in a rock formation most often, where you can see all the naturally formed crystals within the center. This crystal is used to promote self-love, empathy for others and to help the wearer overcome heartache and grief. This one is popular among healers for its soothing, anti-anxiety properties that relieve stress and related conditions.
Used alone or combined, crystals promote healing, provide protection and enhance consciousness. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.
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Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. There are several techniques that can be used to improve your outlook and put life in proper perspective.
Once you accept accountability for your own life, external influences no longer have as much power over you. The truth is, we are better able to serve others when we ensure our own needs are met.  Give yourself the same importance as those you serve in life.
Nourishing yourself properly – body, mind and spirit is essential to your overall health and well-being. As we become more focused on being a blessing to ourselves and those around us, we begin to see more goodness and beauty reflected back to us, which leads into the final point. I may in fact, actually lose people that I have known for a very long time; but change is part of life and to deny those changes is to deny a part of our humanity. As a friend I want to challenge you: If there are things in your life that no longer serve a positive purpose for yourself or others, re-brand. As you learn to open up to these energies you can begin learning how to heal yourself and help others on their own journey.
Numerous types of crystals are formed naturally throughout the world and many different properties are associated with them. Amethyst is said to heal the mind and emotions, relieving headaches and promoting relaxation. Natural crystals serve as beautiful reminders of the wonders of creation being formed over thousands of years.
It can be easy to blame others when things are not going well, but all that does is perpetuate a cycle of anger and resentment. We are often taught that others come first and that to care for ourselves is an act of selfishness.  This long-held belief is actually a fallacy that causes harm in many lives. Treating yourself with kindness and respect is key to being able to give back fully to those who rely on you.
Friends and family may not immediately understand, but in the end in may just be the greatest re-branding of your life. Many use it as an aid for meditation to help quiet the mind so that higher awareness can emerge. Selenite crystals have a strong energy and are used to cleanse the aura and remove blockages. Those who work with this crystal find it heightens intuition, but also promotes objectivity – a great combination. As a purification stone, it is used often in energy work to release blockages and balance mental, emotional and spiritual energies.
They are often used to increase higher vibrations and promote a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

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