I remember being a very shy and timid girl just a few short years ago which feels like yesterday in the grand scheme that is life.
I was at a society meeting earlier today and I tried to voice out my opinion of something but my tiny voice was lost in the noise, and if this was the yesteryear me I would have just let it slide, but I said my point again in a louder voice and was heard. I had to give myself a mini pep talk saying how I should be assertive and try it out, if others are doing it why shouldn’t I. Good luck in finding your confident side and I look forward to hearing all the interesting things you get up to because of it!
You can also leave tips on how to become a confident person or how you became a confident person! We cabln confess to a lot of things, but somehow it seems a lack of confidence isn’t one. My goals and priorities have changed greatly since being blessed with two kids who fill a hole in my heart that I didn’t even know existed.
I started staying at home when my daughter was 9 months old after we had just moved to another state—no grandparents, no friends, no extra help. I currently spend the majority of my days filling sippy cups, wiping noses and diffusing screaming matches. In a world of Pinterest perfect parents, we like to share the best things in life but sometimes we forget about the importance of sharing the struggles. This self-coaching workbook is suitable for people in all walks of life who seek to improve their confidence. Written by a leading expert coach, Learn How To Be Confident teaches techniques, gives you exercises to complete and practice, and helps you develop daily into the confident person you have always wanted to be! The British boxer is set to clash against Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez for the WBC middleweight championship. This got me thinking as to how I got to this stage and how there might be so many of you out there who are like the old me.
I remember the first time I was put in a situation where I had to speak to a room full of people.

Of course it was hard at first, but the more I spoke to people, the more I realized they were actually listening. I have had the pleasure of taking part in a lot of exciting activities, I got to work for an online publication where I had the opportunity to do solo interviews. It was my choice to stay home, a decision I made in fear of having no family support outside of my husband in a town I knew nothing about. Most days, I’m trying to keep my head above water in a life I never imagined for myself. Maybe it’s because they are growing up in an environment so different from how I was raised. As I send my oldest to kindergarten, I am thankful to have had her with me for the last five years.
So if you are a version of my former self reading this (I’m talking to you pregnant moms sitting in an office eating lunch while you browse blogs with your heels kicked off), let all your expectations go. But maybe, as I’m finding out, you needed to let go of that piece in the first place.
As a photographer and designer, she focuses on perfection, but as a mother and writer her focus is on sharing imperfections. In fact you might be hiding away interesting ideas, opinions or even an awesome wit that the world needs to see and hear.
I was interning at an Arts Centre and it was the beginning of the year when we sign up new members to our courses. In the 9 months that I was there, I spoke to hundreds if not thousands of people, by the end of it, I was confident enough to start a conversation with total strangers and address a room full of people with panache! However there’s going to be a lot of mental encouragement involved—you can give yourself as many pep talks as you deem necessary! If you are a student be an active member of a society e.g the Model United Nations society of your school or the debating society. I didn’t know who to ask for day-care referrals or if I would find a job that I loved as much as my previous work.

So instead of going on dates, I use my babysitter budget to attend doctor and dentist appointments which are always booked at least three months later than they should be. I had a room of people lined up to find out about the courses and what they needed to do, I obviously couldn’t be shy or timid in that situation.
By working your way up from there you build a foundation for you to believe in yourself which encourages you to be assertive when you talk to people.
In fact, we’ve only taken one family vacation because it turns out traveling is expensive. If I asked my mom for ice cream and she said no, I just marched over to Grandma’s and got me some ice cream.
They will turn your world upside down and open your eyes to a love you can’t even imagine.
Not only do you meet new people, but you start opening up and blossoming out of your cocoon.The more times you practice, the better you become. My husband and I, in addition to being able to afford yearly family vacations, would take a yearly adults-only vacation.
I would continue to wear heels to work until I was physically unable to walk in them (probably around age 90) and going without makeup was never an option. Maybe I’d go out more or feel more energized just knowing free, yet loving, help was an option.
I love them dearly and wouldn’t change it for the world, but good grief, this is not what I expected.
If I had a girl, her hair would always be brushed, and I would give my kids a warm bubble bath every night and snuggle with them any time they wanted.

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