Real women have posted images of themselves in their swimwear for a 'fatkini' gallery as a retaliation against society's obsession with super-slim summer bodies. In an age where Victoria's Secret models are viewed as an ideal, 31 women sent in their images to prove otherwise.
She continued: 'I know first-hand how inspiring it can be to see people with bodies that look similar to my own feeling confident and happy on the beach in something other than a Hawaiian-print skirted one piece'. The bikini has come to inspire both dread and awe as our culture increasingly enshrines physical perfection through magazine features that encourage women to be bikini-ready for summer, and the constant trolling of other women by women.
The women featured in the gallery look vibrant and confident, regardless of their body-shapes or sizes. While the writer and fashion blogger has received a wave of support from readers who applaud her confidence, some have been quick to judge.
There have been comments that Ms Gregg isn't 'flabby' enough to be self-conscious, and her 'toned, hourglass-shaped' body makes it easier for her to put a picture of herself online. Another commenter wrote: 'I will be the combo breaker cause the sugar coating sometimes needs to stop. Ms Gregg, who posted the article today, tweeted earlier: 'Already annoyed by the xojane comments. This site contains materials from other clearly stated media sources for the purpose of discussion stimulation and content enrichment among our members only.
November 27, 2013 by stultsmamaof4 8 Comments If you are a faithful follower, you’ve probably noticed that the new posts on Being Confident of This have been few and far between lately.
I vacillate between patient waiting on my Redeemer and repeated attempts to escape this difficult lesson. This season of trial has been just that – trying, and at times I feel so keenly the attempts of the Enemy. This verse offers comfort to those who, like me, know their desire to please the Lord, their desire to do right, maybe even to be perfect, but they also deeply understand their own flaws. In the beginning, being confident of this meant that I was confident God would never give up on someone like me, so flawed, so imperfect.
I have no words to even begin to describe what that means to me – that because of what Christ suffered, I can find freedom! Yet, the Lord carried us through every hurdle we faced, even when… our babies were born six weeks early and ended up in the NICU. Even when we faced developmental delays, and head-shaping helmets, and corrective eyeware,  and one specialist after the other, etc. We truly didn’t know what we were saying yes, to, but it just so happened that we said yes to leaving a comfortable job with benefits for a full-time ministry position that required a move, albeit thankfully a short distance.
We waited for a year, with half of our belongings packed away, for Him to sell our home so that we could move to our new community. He proved faithful every step of the way, providing a place for us to stay when we were temporarily homeless (thanks, Mom and Dad!), a place for our belongings to be stored, furniture for our growing family, a better mower for our bigger yard, and the faith and boldness to jump into a new-to-us church with its old-to-them problems. I was so excited about where He was leading us that I temporarily forgot the pain of moving and the insecurity of building new relationships.  How can an MK like me forget such things?!

Even here, right here in this tough spot that seems to last for eternity, He is faithful.  He does not leave me, nor forsake me. When the road ahead looks to be too dark and you find yourself fearing, remember His faithfulness and be confident. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I should have gone to bed long ago, but the quiet is so peaceful and I’m feeling so thankful. And it’s because of Him, our Creator God, that I am gifted with this one life, this one year, this one day never to be repeated again. I notice the way my daughter’s bedtime hugs and kisses always come with compliments like beautifulest or sweetest or nicest or bestest. I notice, too, the way our youngest son really hugs me back, both small arms around my neck and a nice squeeze (but not too hard), maybe even a few pats on the back.
I can’t leave out our middle son, our macho man, who seems unusually happy and eager to please this evening (bedtime is normally met with his frowns). What really struck me this evening, though, was the sense of peace that pervaded the air here. Instead, it is far too easy to allow the cares of the day to supersede what is the best thing. Yes, He truly does use the everyday moments to teach some remarkable truths, doesn’t He? April 24, 2014 by stultsmamaof4 28 Comments Sometimes I wish I could go back to my second-grade self, that girl who was mostly tomboy, confident leader-of-the-pack. But that girl moved from state to state nearly every year after third grade until she finally moved overseas.
For a while, she learned to hide her true self away in favor of a girl others would accept. I’ve spent much of my adult life learning to force that girl out into the light, trying to help her find the woman she was created to be. He alone knows the attention to detail that often leads to the pit of perfectionism can also be a gift of organization and precision.
And so many other flaws that I find so obvious in myself, He has ultimately meant for my good.
So how do we overcome the lies we’ve listened to for so long to reclaim our true selves, the free girls we were created to be? But the truth, sisters, the amazing truth is that we don’t have to be enough because He is already everything for us.
With Christ’s help a better version of that true-to-self, second-grade girl is surfacing.
She’s learning little by little to tune out the world, the Enemy, and even her own perfectionist thoughts and focus instead on the Maker who continually makes her new.
Each Thursday for the next few weeks, we are talking about breaking free from insecurity, comparison, and shame. We are sharing our raw and messy real life stories.

Marks, beauty spots, scars and labels… The places where Jesus heals and shines through. Yes, my late elementary and middle school self could have used this same message, for sure!
Sure you can love your body and flaunt it proudly, but objectively some girls needs to realize when an outfit just DOESN'T GO WITH YOUR BODY TYPE. I don’t want to bore you with a list of everything that has added to our burden lately, neither do I wish to complain about our temporary trials.
1:6 as my very own, my life verse, I did so because I knew I struggled with perfection, since as long as I can remember.
I love the thought of enjoying our little ones (even the big ones) and the realization that God does the same with me. I’m always surprised when God takes an ordinary moment and draws my attention to a thought-provoking lesson. Self-confidence is something I battle with a lot, never feeling good enough and always trying to earn love — and these words brought such relief to my heart that tends to turn over to works instead of grace.
We all fail, but it’s that Christ-confidence that allows us to get up and try again, knowing He’s already finished the work on our behalf! I’m praying that we all know God is the faithful one and for this truth to pull us through those moments that are dark, uncertain and interminably long. He NEVER allows anything in our lives or takes us anywhere on life’s journey where His grace is not sufficient to sustain us!! This is beautifully written and is evidence that through blogging, God can bring about the most precious and surprising realizations of our lives and our families! I have a heart for encouraging women everywhere to understand God's limitless love for them and what His grace means for everyday living. You truly are blessed and it’s a great reminder to us all to count our blessings as well, my friend!
I wish I could go back to my elementary and middle school self and tell myself to be confident because I am smart, I am beautiful and I am loved relentlessly by a powerful Savior.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the snow because it also (cold temps and all) is a blessing from the Lord.
But knowing that we can trust God to fill in those gaps and do what we can’t, brings such hope and encouragement. That as you slowly let the reigns of the need to be perfect loosen, you soar in the things He called you to do.

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