After we relax the body and interiorize our awareness with Savasana (The Corpse Pose) we are ready to begin and absorbe the benefits of the yoga postures and loosing weight. Please read this article again and try to remember this every time you perform your yoga routine. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation yoga sequence is an excellent warming-up yoga exercise which consists of a sequence of 12 yoga postures that move the spine in various ways and promote flexibility, tone and strengthen your whole body, develop peace of mind, reduce stress, developing balance, gaining energy, and of course reduce fat and lose weight. Technically speaking Surya Namaskar is not an yoga asana, but a series of gentle flowing movements synchronized with the breath. When doing the sun salutation, I will dictate and tell you where to inhale and where to exhale.
I have included several video programs which differ from one another with only the sun salutation sequence. Performed correctly, hatha yoga postures have tremendous physical and psychological benefits upon your self. Kriya Hatha Yoga deals with asanas that aid a person in both mental and physical relaxation.
Kriya Bhakti Yoga helps to stir the soul to reach for the divine, through devotional activities.

When it comes to a fitness form that can be done within the confines of the home, with much ease, yoga tops the list. I already have already mentioned the hatha yoga postures the importance of being aware of the body and to relax in the postures instead of forcing into them. Once you have mastered the movements ita€™s important to tune them to a rhythmical breathing pattern. Dona€™t worry if you dona€™t get it the first time, with time and practice you will se that you will start synchronize them with ease. The asanas, pranayama, meditaion and mantras make the person aware of all his actions, dreams, desires and aspirations.  A person can benefit completely from Kriya yoga only if the willingness of body, mind and heart is in line with the soul’s desire to be perfect and pure. Today, yoga is available to us in different forms, and it can be very difficult to decide which form of yoga would be the best suited for them.
Hatha yoga focuses on the practice of asanas (physical poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises). In order to practice meditation, you must be very good at performing one pose, in which you would be able to remain comfortable for a long time. The asanas impart health and energy to the body and mind of the individual, as a result of which the Nadis are opened.

In that case, one may start with Hatha yoga, since it is a very mild and gentle form of yoga. Ancient philosophies states that this yoga is a way to purify the body making it fit and suited for higher meditation. Or if you think you are fine with the most advanced one, thata€™s great, you can jump and start doing it right over. While hatha means sun and moon, yoga on the other hand decides to join the two forces of energy, ie, the sun – considered to be active and masculine; and the moon – considered receptive and feminine. Hatha yoga helps to remove the obstacles, so that an individual maybe able to go to further steps, i.e.

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