More than 350 rigorous scientific studies have been conducted by top-notch academic institutions in the past 30 years to look into the effects of Transcendental Meditation practice.
Studies show that by balancing the nervous system activation and hormonal levels, Transcendental Meditation offers deep, sustainable relaxation and rest to our body and mind.
This improved physical and mental condition has obvious ramifications for everything we do.
To get a more detailed picture of the various health benefits, visit the BENEFITS section of the website. However, not all people start to practice Transcendental Meditation because of its specific health benefits. Many take it up for realizing a project of altogether different nature – as a means of living a more harmonious, happy and smarter life, as a powerful tool for exploring the expanses of one’s consciousness. Some attempts have been made, and these indicate that doing Transcendental Meditation increases brainwave coherence. Here is an overview of the biggest benefits which result from regular practice of meditation. Increased intelligence – Scientific studies shown that meditating improves the practitioner’s cognitive and intellectual abilities. Benefits for students – Regular meditation raises school performance (higher academic achievement, less absenteeism, better graduation rates), and that goes for all school levels from kindergarten to college. Work efficiency – Research has shown reduction in the stress levels and better decision making. Creativity & problem-solving – Meditation leads to higher brain integration, which in turn sets the basis for mental alertness, original thought and creative problem-solving skills.
Access to higher levels of consciousness – Whereas ordinary human experience is limited to three states of consciousness (wake, asleep, in deep sleep), meditation practice will give access to four more refined levels of being. Transcendental experiences – Study on meditative experiences which were characterized by the practitioners’ partial or complete absence of time, space, and body sense. Positive emotions and well-being – Research shows that meditation practitioners have 5 times greater clarified gamma output (positive feelings like love, happiness; well-being).
Personal relationships – Three months of Transcendental Meditation practice brings significant improvement in professional and personal relationships, based on increased happiness and reduced stress. Marital relations – Study measuring long-term marital happiness with Locke’s Adjustment Inventory.
Life expectancy – Mortality rates from various fatal heart conditions were cut by 48% with regular practice of meditation found a key study with patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. Pregnancy – Interaction of hormones and surrounding physical environment: What are the benefits of meditation practice during pregnancy, both for mothers and newborns? Brain coherence – Meditation leads to increased frontal coherence (meaning more harmonious, efficient brain activity) during various computer tasks and eyes-closed rest. Multiple sclerosis – Meditating reduces attacks of multiple sclerosis and relieves related symptoms (weakness, tingling, numbness, and blurred vision) by boosting energy levels. Distress & coping – Lower blood pressure, decreased psychological distress, increased coping in people at risk for hypertension, a study with meditating college students found. Glowing skin – Keeping the hormonal levels well balanced and cutting radically down on daily stress leads, among other good things, to beautiful skin and radiantly beautiful looks! Stress and anxiety relief – More balanced nervous system activation and hormonal levels eliminate excessively stressful flight-or-fight responses by our body, leading naturally to a calmer life.
Immune system – Regular Transcendental Meditation practice strengthens the body’s ability to resist disease by boosting immune cells fighting against viruses, bacteria and toxins.
Cancer patients’ care – Transcendnetal Meditation and yoga practice are considered the most helpful of all available non-invasive therapies for supportive care of cancer patients. Autism spectrum disorders – Learning to let the mind calm down in a natural, easy-to-do way helps in growing from frequent temper tantrums into a happy, well-adjusted personality.
Alcohol, nicotine and drug addiction – Meditation significantly reduces addiction to and use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Depression & burnout – An interesting study with teachers confirmed that meditation significantly decreases work-related stress, burnout states, and various depressive symptoms. Eating disorders – Results of research show that meditation supports recovery from food addiction by lowering stress levels.
Alcoholism abuse – A comparative study demonstrated that the effect of the Transcendental Meditation technique on reducing alcohol consumption was 1,5 to 8 times that of other programs.
Trait anxiety – According to the meta-analysis, anxiety disorders (panic attacks, anger, tenseness) are ‘rapidly and substantially’ reduced in the first few weeks of meditation practice. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) – After just 10-days of TM practice, PTSD symptoms (depression, insomnia, fear etc) dropped almost 30 points compared to the base level. ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) – Meditation practice relieves at least five different hyperactivity symptoms (including lack of focus, sleeping problems, depression).
40 latest scientific articles – Abstracts, graphs, diagrams and full PDF texts (if not available, then a link to the original academic publication where the texts can be purchased).
10 biggest benefits – An easy-to-read compilation of, arguably, the 10 greatest benefits of regular practice of meditation. Different meditations, different effects – There are several different kinds of meditation techniques. Quotes on health benefits – Compilation of illuminating quotes from people who have first-hand experience of meditation benefits. Harvard health letter recommends meditation – Harvard Medical School Newsletter gives its thumbs-up for meditation practice, and explains why it could be the best health insurance around.
American Heart Association meta-analysis – Report by the national medical organization recommending Transcendental Meditation for prevention and treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure).
Infographic on health benefits – Easy to grasp overview of the main health benefits of the TM technique as certified by scientific research. In fact, some follow the training protocols of a legendary Olympic coach – and they exercise for just 4 minutes a day.
Over the next few minutes, youa€™ll discover how you can experience all the proven benefits of meditation and exercise… but in a fraction of the time. Back in 1996, Professor Izumi Tabata was a coach for the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating team. Hooking his athletes up to expensive scientific equipment, he started studying what happened to their bodies when they trained.
Athletes actually got better results from just 4 minutes of exercise than they did from working out for an hour. All they had to do was work out the right way… and they would experience ALL the benefits of exercise, but in a tiny fraction of the time. Over the past 18 years, and numerous studies, Professor Tabataa€™s work has become widely accepted and validated. In fact, the latest scientific studies show that busy people like us enjoy the biggest improvements of all. For example, the New York Times wrote a piece about the Minimum Effective Dose principle last year.
There is a library of scientific research proving the power of Minimum Effective Dose training.
Researchers at the University of Georgia found that people who havena€™t exercised in years feel less fatigued and more energized from just 3 low intensity work-outs per week.
According to The New York Times, one of the a€?hottest topicsa€? at a recent annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine was not how much exercise we should get… but how little.
A study by Martin Gibala, a physiologist at McMaster University in Ontario, found that an intense three minute sequence on a bike a€?led to the same muscle-cell adaptions as 90 to 120 minutes of prolonged bike ridinga€?. Business Insider published an article called a€?The 20 Minute Routine Thata€™s Guaranteed To Improve Your Daya€™. The New York Times Magazine recently wrote a piece called a€?The Scientific 7 Minute Workouta€™.
Most people think you need to meditate for weeks, or go to the Himalayas and spend hours a day meditating with a guru to get results… but thata€™s simply not the case. In fact, you can experience ALL the life-enhancing benefits of meditation… in minutes. In short, science is proving that Minimum Effective Dose principles applied to both meditation and exercise get BIG results. Today, Mindvalley is excited to introduce you to the worlda€™s first program which lets you benefit from both meditation and exercise — in a fraction of the time youa€™d expect. Based on Minimum Effective Dose principles, our workout is scientifically proven to work FAST. Because here at Mindvalley we want to a€?hacka€? the way the world meditates and exercises. In short: we have created a way for the world to enjoy ALL the scientifically-proven benefits of both exercise and meditation, in just minutes a day. Wea€™ve even brought in some world class experts youa€™ll recognize from P90X, American Gladiators and The Wellness Hall of Fame to host this one-of-a-kind program.
Today, Mindvalley is excited to introduce you to the worlda€™s first program which lets you benefit from both meditation and exercise, in a fraction of the time youa€™d expect.
This means you can get ALL the scientifically-proven benefits of both exercise and meditation, in just minutes a day. Because from hotshot CEOs to Hollywood celebs to your local family doctor, millions of people agree that daily meditation and exercise dramatically improves your life. And whether youa€™re a gym goer, a seasoned meditator or someone whoa€™s just starting out, wea€™re sure youa€™ll agree too. How Can You Get All The Benefits Of Exercise and Meditation… But Easily Fit Them In Your Day? Feeling overwhelmed from your hectic job, endless to-do lists and demanding friends and family?
Did you know that a 2013 government report shows that 79% of us dona€™t get enough exercise each week? Free-flowing inspiration and creativity that help you solve any challenge and shine in your career. People who meditate and exercise every day say it helps them to manifest creative ideas, solve problems and even create works of art and business solutions – seemingly out of thin air. Meditation strengthens your connection with the people around you, and helps you empathize with them. Companies like Apple, Google and even Mindvalley ourselves have known this for years: having staff in optimal states of body and mind can do wonders for your bottom line. We all feel like a million bucks after a good nighta€™s sleep… but, for many of us, our nights are disturbed by a racing mind, keeping us awake for hours.
When you exercise and meditate, youa€™ll feel a sense of confidence, optimism and belief emanating from deep within you. Inspired by these incredible scientific breakthroughs, here at Mindvalley wea€™ve spent 2 years working with some of the biggest experts in the worlds of science, fitness and mindfulness… with the goal of creating a daily program which works out your body and mind, in just minutes a day. 30 × 30 Total Transformation is a daily workout program that puts you in optimal states of body and mind, in only 30 days.
It is the only workout on the planet that combines meditation and exercise, plus uses a€?Minimum Effective Dosea€™ principles… so you get better results, in less time. Ia€™ve spent 30 years researching personal growth technologies, and this program is at the cutting edge.
Your personal exercise coach for the next 30 days is Christine Bullock – one of the biggest fitness sensations in the USA. You may have seen Christine featured on the P90X or INSANITY workouts, or on American Gladiators. Based on Minimum Effective Dose principles, Christinea€™s daily workouts are fun, fresh and completely invigorating – no matter the level youa€™re starting at.
Which is why wea€™re giving you the chance, if you choose to accept it, to become one of the first people in the world to experience the power of 30 × 30 Total Transformation, by taking part in our 30 day body and mind transformation challenge.
Every day, for the next 30 days, youa€™ll join 1000s of people from around the world, and take part in 3 simple activities… which take less than 30 minutes.

Ita€™s so easy… Dr Faba€™s guided meditations have been co-designed by legends including Jack Canfield, Laura Silva and Lisa Nichols, and are designed to get fast results. Plus – the benefits only get better with time, so by the end of the 30 days you will experience positive states which are almost unimaginable right now.
Our unique a€?Minimum Effective Dosea€™ sessions give you deep, powerful, effective results — in minutes. Unlike other time-consuming exercise programs, 30 × 30 lets you experience results even during your lunch break. 30 × 30 Total Transformation is engineered for seamless playback on your iPhone, iPad or any other multimedia player. Our program makes meditation EASY — literally all you do is listen to the 30 beautifully crafted guided tracks. As wea€™ve explained, we want to change the way the world meditates and exercises, so we want this program to get in the hands of millions of people. Thata€™s less than $10 per day, to have TWO world class personal coaches help you transform your emotional and physical health.
As part of a special launch promotion, you can enroll now for only one payment of $199 a€” the lowest price youa€™ll ever get access to such a life-changing program, so you can experience the health and wellness that you want and deserve.
Wea€™re making this new program available to you because we truly want you to experience its power. All we ask in return is that you share your experience with 30 × 30, so we can share your success story with others. Or imagine the jealous looks from your friends as they see you fitter, glowing with a healthy radiance… after only a few days. Whichever way you look at it, ita€™s going to be easy for you to generate a significant Return on Investment (ROI). So if this resonates with you and it feels right, and youa€™re ready to take the next step, register now to get the 30% discounted price of just one payment of $199. Dona€™t Decide Nowa€¦ Take All The Time You Need And Try 30 × 30 Total Transformation For A Full 90 Days.
You will be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every exercise, every session and every meditation inside this program.
As you go through the 30 daily sessions, youa€™ll notice virtually instant results that will only get better in the coming weeks and months. This program will empower every aspect of your life, and help you experience optimal states of body and mind. Ia€™ve taught tens of thousands of people over the past 30-years how to radically change their lives by letting go of the blocks to manifesting what they want most.
Ia€™ve invested my life in uplifting humanitya€™s consciousness around the world through our entrepreneurial programs. After 30 years of being a relationship therapist and bestselling author of the Mars Venus book series, one thing Ia€™ve discovered is that having a great relationship with yourself and your body is the foundation to having healthy relationships with others. And you can even keep everything youa€™ve downloaded as our gift, just to say a€?Thanks for tryinga€?.
Please note that this opportunity is extremely limited because of the low price wea€™re offering to you. As you take part in the daily sessions inside 30×30 Total Transformation, there is no question that you will become, for the first time in your life, a true master of body and mind, someone who is capable of experiencing your ideal results in terms of how you feel and look and show up in the world.
Best of all, it will take you very little conscious effort, because you will be harnessing the mighty, scientific power of Minimum Effective Dose training and Guided Meditation to make your body and mind goals come true with an ease and certainty you have never experienced.
30 × 30 Total Transformation will have the biggest impact when you take part every day for 30 days.
What we can promise is that as long as you stay committed to working with this program, you will experience improvements. Ita€™s much easier to experience great joy and love in your life, when you have good health.
Need help downloading the notes, getting them on your iPod or recommendations on where to start? 30×30 Total Transformation looks simply gorgeous on your iPod, iPad or any other audio player. Mindvalley is the online publishing company behind some of the biggest personal growth programs on the internet. 30×30 Total Transformation is delivered to you in modules on audio and video format to cater to an easy and supportive learning style.
These research projects have confirmed several health benefits beyond any reasonable doubt. However, the basic point is that TM brings immediate and considerable relief from the ‘dis-ease of the 21st century’ – stress. The path of meditation takes one to ever deeper areas of consciousness – of peace and bliss that can lead to amazing realizations about the true nature of our being.
It’s an answer to that important little question: ‘What can meditation offer ME, for my effortless effort of two times twenty minutes a day?’ And there is quite a lot on offer! This effect of ‘becoming smarter’ has been demonstrated by different types of intelligence tests. This, in turn, leads to higher efficiency at work place in both small and big organizations. Evidence from Ray Dalio to Silicon Valley, from Fortune 100 lists to Harvard Business School. Taking up meditation regularly, at least twice a day, is a natural home remedy against chronic insomnia (sleeplessness). It also thus reduces such conditions as heart attack, aneurysm, artery damage, kidney failure etc.
Over the past few years, his work has attracted greater popularity and widespread acceptance.
The article was called a€?The Rise of the Minimalist Workouta€?, and it explained how science is proving that you can better results, by doing less. This study, published in The Journal of Physiology, soared to the top of its a€?most emaileda€™ list and stayed there for years. This study proved that people who do literally no exercise make major health improvements by working out for just 20 minutes of a€?low to moderate intensitya€? exercise. Featured in the article was Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando.
Well, you naturally experience the a€?alpha statea€™ every single day — usually when youa€™re about to fall asleep, or first thing in the morning when you wake. Far from being a time consuming, boring and stressful process… we believe that meditation and exercise should be fun, fast and scientifically effective! More than 1000+ studies prove that meditation lowers anxiety, fights depression and boosts happiness.
Thata€™s crazy, considering exercise lowers the risk of early death, heart disease, stroke, some cancers, diabetes… and tons of other illnesses.
The result is often greater success at work, more promotions and raises, and higher performance all round.
Plus, exercise makes you feel better, because of the increased production of feel-good endorphins in your body. In an article in Psychology Today, psychologist Marsha Lucas Ph.D reported that meditation rewires the brain for better relationships by encouraging a€?tuned-ina€™ conversations, emotional resiliency and enhanced intuition. This creates a sense of flow and momentum that helps you to get more of the results you want. Every day youa€™ll take part in a short meditation and exercise routine, designed to create transformative results. Because theya€™re based on Minimum Effective Dose principles, they are scientifically engineered to get results. She is an amazing personal trainer… in fact, Christine is Mindvalleya€™s own exercise guru, and she leads workouts at our Awesomeness Fest events.
Her joy for life is infectious and youa€™ll find her routines exciting, rewarding and totally unique.
If you havena€™t exercised for some time, dona€™t worry — youa€™ll still enjoy the workout. Dr Faba€™s powerful 5 minute a€?fast actiona€? videos will help you to let go of limiting beliefs and create new, empowering ideas about your capabilities. Literally all you have to do is sit back, listen, and youa€™ll enter the alpha state… and start experiencing ALL the benefits of meditation. Theya€™ll help you to become a better, more balanced and rounded person, in all areas of your life. This means the whole experience combines meditation and exercise in the most efficient way.
Whether youa€™re looking for advanced tips or help with your order, our cheerful team of wellness advisors have always got your back.
Why attempt to master meditation or work out alone when youa€™ve got thousands of people waiting to connect and help you out?
We pride ourselves in publishing only the hottest, most transformational content in the industry.
Our biggest passion is helping you to get the results you want and deserve, so wea€™ll do whatever we can to support your success.
She does a fabulous job leading the workout, demonstrating the exercises and offering motivation.
At Mindvalley we want you live as a powerful human being, to take charge of your body, your mind, your aging and your reality.
Personal circumstances, starting point, and your frequency of practice are all factors that can affect this. Science proves that a€?Minimum Effective Dosea€™ training helps trigger the same physical responses as up to hours of training.
Fab is a close friend and one of my greatest mentors in the field of health and human performance. Thata€™s why knowing how to unlock your bodya€™s self-healing power is a key to deep happiness. Our quick and easy one-click download makes transferring media files to your music player a breeze. Fab, Vishen Lakhiani and Christine Bullock, giving you the complete tools for a mind, body and soul evolution.
And because Mindvalley Academy provides online streaming access and convenient one-click download abilities, it makes it easy for you to learn from anywhere. Is that just reports from people doing it for 10 years, or are there good scientific studies showing specific benefits that I care about?In this massive article I have summarized several scientific discoveries on the benefits of meditation. From serious health benefits to improved cognition and intelligence, from success at work to more harmonious relationships. This body of scientific research has been conducted by over 200 academic institutions (universities, institutes, academic associations etc) in 35 countries.
Rosenthal describes the quantity and quality of scientific research done in the area of Transcendental Meditation.
He found a€?therea€™s very good evidencea€? that specific types of minimalist exercises provide a€?many of the fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training but in much less timea€?. And therea€™s a high chance you or your friends and family already use meditation or exercise to improve your health, get into optimal states and melt away stress. And when you finally do sit down to meditate, or head to the gym, youa€™re tripped up by worries and the daya€™s challenges… so you cana€™t concentrate.
Plus, Harvard Medical School found that lack of exercise kills more people each year than smoking!
No more stressing about coming up with ideas or trying to solve problems… the solution will naturally just start to come to you.
The good news is both meditation and exercise have been proven to help you sleep better, thanks to increased melatonin production and calmer mind.

Mindvalley CEO Vishen Lakhiani coined this a€?The Forcefield Effecta€™, and says it can help you to achieve success in any area of your life. Plus, each of her daily workouts is based on scientific Minimum Effective Dose principles, so you can be sure youa€™re getting the fastest possible results — guaranteed. And because the workout is based on scientific principles, youa€™ll start to notice results very quickly. These videos are like a first aid kit for your mind, and will help you to experience more health, happiness and healing – FAST.
Because just like we need to wash our bodies every day, we have to clean, clear and fine-tune our minds to get them performing at optimal levels. And youa€™ll visualize yourself as fit, sexy, healthy… with flat abs, tons of energy, and all the other health goals you want! Christine has been featured on P90X and American Gladiators, so she can guide you through a series of easy-to-follow and invigorating exercises, which are proven to have a measurable impact on your health. This training has been proven by Olympic Athletes, scientific studies and featured in the New York Times.
If for any unlikely reason this training doesna€™t live up to any of these promises, drop our team an email and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 90 days from your date of purchase.
Fab whoa€™s committed to bringing these messages of how to tap into your own inner power for greater success. This program is specifically designed to create the habit of meditation and exercise in your life, and make it feel as natural as cleaning your teeth. By exercising at moderate to high intensity for just 10 minutes, your metabolism will speed up, youa€™ll burn calories faster, and youa€™ll be energized all day long.
No belief is required – although it tends to speed things up if you’re expecting to succeed!
One of the keys to live a successful life is having good health physically, mentally and spiritually. Most importantly, it matters not where in life we currently find ourselves as long as we make life promoting changes that make profound differences in the long haul.
Reap the benefits of a fitness workout that utilises the benefits of Minimum Effective Dose. Over 100 studies were analyzed (some of which are in themselves analysis of other hundreds of studies), and categorised the findings into 76 benefits (divided into 46 subheadings). It has resulted in more than 300 peer-reviewed, independently verified articles published in topmost academic journals like American Journal of Physiology, Scientific American, Lancet, Journal of Counseling Psychology, International Journal of Neuroscience, British Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Conflict Resolution, etc. Or maybe ita€™s been so long you hit the gym or meditated that you dona€™t know where to start. Or maybe ita€™s because you seem to discover hidden wealth opportunities that are often hiding in plain sight. So each night you can fall asleep when your head hits the pillow, and youa€™ll wake up feeling refreshed, alert and ready for the day. Fab is a global self healing expert, the best selling author of The Power of Self Healing and a leading meditation authority.
He has even given testimony to the White House Commission for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Ia€™ve recorded 30 guided meditations for you which makes the whole experience fun, fast and completely effortless. These sessions harness the proven power of meditation and Creative Visualization to get measurable results, in the smallest amount of time.
The daily video does this for you — it clears out the junk and clutter and makes room for inspiring ideas which heal your body and mind. Fab is one of those incredible people who has the perfect balance of heart and mind to help you tap into your greatest hidden resource thata€™s just waiting to be unlocked and released.
In fact, scientific studies prove the positive impact of meditation and visualization on your brain in as little as 8 minutes, and this is a big part of the program.
There is much less incentive to embrace addictive habits – be it smoking, drinking, doing drugs or binge eating. Combine meditation with daily exercise and youa€™ll experience more energy and clarity, better ideas and more self-confidence – making it easier to become a success. Plus, youa€™ll feel sexier and more confident as you start to create the body you always dreamed of. You experience improvements and a€?flowa€™ in every area of your life; health, career, relationships.
Ita€™s like you have a forcefield arounds you that lets you experience what you want, and quickly bounce back from the things that used to get you down. You will experience all the benefits of meditation and exercise, in just minutes a day, and your life and health will transform for the better. There are over 3,000 scientific studies on the benefits of meditation, but I have not found any blog that compiles hundreds of researches into an organized article, so I decided to fill in the gap.These studies were based on different types of meditation, and I have included details, whenever relevant.
Some effects, such as increased compassion and social bonding, are more salient as a result of specific meditation techniques (such as loving-kindness, which is a Buddhist meditation). However, my understanding and personal practice is that any kind of authentic meditation will include most of these benefits, in one degree or another.
Good to take it every day.Click To TweetMindfulness practices decreases depressionIn a study conducted at five middle schools in Belgium, involving about 400 students (13 ~ 20 years old), Professor Filip Raes concludes that “students who follow an in-class mindfulness program report reduced indications of depression, anxiety and stress up to six months later. Moreover, these students were less likely to develop pronounced depression-like symptoms.” Another study, from the University of California, made with patients with past depression, concluded that mindfulness meditation decreases ruminative thinking and dysfunctional beliefs.
Yet another concludes that mindfulness meditation may be effective to treat depression to a similar degree as antidepressant drug therapy”. Another research concludes that mindfulness meditation may be effective to treat anxiety to a similar degree as antidepressant drug therapy. Meditators were more able to “attend moment-to-moment to the stream of stimuli to which they are exposed and less likely to ‘get stuck’ on any one stimulus.
There are other studies as well, for which I simply present the link below, to avoid repetition. At the end of it, MRI scans show that the grey matter concentration increases in areas of the brain involved in learning and memory, regulating emotions, sense of self, and having perspective. The results suggest that:Meditation provides at least a short-term performance improvement even in novice meditators. In long term meditators, multiple hours spent in meditation are associated with a significant decrease in total sleep time when compared with age and sex matched controls who did not meditate. Another study demonstrated that even with only 20 minutes a day of practice, students were able to improve their performance on tests of cognitive skill, in some cases doing 10 times better than the group that did not meditate. They also performed better on information-processing tasks that were designed to induce deadline stress. Scientists suspect that gyrification is responsible for making the brain better at processing information, making decisions, forming memories and improving attention.
Ron Alexander reports in his book Wise Mind, Open Mind that the process of controlling the mind, through meditation, increases mental strength, resilience, and emotional intelligence.
What they discovered is that the Zen meditation (called zazen) practitioners reported less pain.
So, even though their brain may be receiving the same amount of pain input, in their mind’s there is actually less pain. Both before and after meditation training, study participants’ brain activity was examined using ASL MRI, while pain was inflicted in them by using heat. These neural relationships may be involved in the development of cognitive skills, such as maintaining attention and disengaging from distraction. Moreover, the benefits of the practice were observed also in normal state of consciousness during the day, which speaks to the transference of cognitive abilities “off the cushion” into daily life. In a research conducted by the University of Washington and University of Arizona, Human Resource personnel were given 8 weeks of training in either mindfulness meditation or body relaxation techniques, and were given a stressful multitasking test both before and after training. The group of staff that had practiced meditation reported lower levels of stress and showed better memory for the tasks they had performed; they also switched tasks less often and remained focused on tasks longer. In an experiment conducted by the University of California, a stream of random letters was shown in a computer screen, in rapid succession.
In each session, one or two numbers or blank screens would appear in the middle, and participants were later asked, immediately after the stream ended, to type the numbers they saw. Subjects that had undergone 3 months of intense Vipassana Meditation were found to have a better control over the distribution of attention and perception resources. They showed less allocation of brain-resource for each letter shown, which resulted in reduction in “attentional-blink” size. Participants who had followed the practice performed better in a task where they were asked to creatively come up with new ideas. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Click To TweetMeditation reduces risk of heart diseases and strokeMore people die of heart diseases in the world than any other illness. In a study published in late 2012, a group of over 200 high-risk individuals was asked to either take a health education class promoting better diet and exercise or take a class on Transcendental Meditation. During the next 5 years researchers accompanying the participants found that those who took the meditation class had a 48% reduction in their overall risk of heart attack, stroke and death. They noted that meditation “significantly reduced risk for mortality, myocardial infarction, and stroke in coronary heart disease patients. These changes were associated with lower blood pressure and psychosocial stress factors.” There are also other researches pointing out similar conclusions, about related health conditions. More specifically, it was noted reduced levels of pro-inflammatory genes, which in turn correlated with faster physical recovery from a stressful situation. One of them received mindfulness training, while the other received nutritional education, exercise and music therapy. The study concluded that mindfulness techniques were more effective in relieving inflammatory symptoms than other activities that promote well-being. As a result, the researchers found significant improvement in the overall health status of the participants and in symptoms of stiffness, anxiety, and depression.
They are also the cells that are attacked by HIV, the devastating virus that causes AIDS and has infected roughly 40 million people worldwide.
Now, researchers at UCLA report that the practice of mindfulness meditation stopped the decline of CD4 T cells in HIV-positive patients suffering from stress, slowing the progression of the disease. Participants in the eight-week group showed no loss of CD4 T cells, indicating that mindfulness meditation training can buffer declines.
In contrast, the control group showed significant declines in CD4 T cells from pre-study to post-study.
A brief mindfulness meditation-based stress reduction intervention delivered by audiotape during ultraviolet light therapy was found to increase the resolution of psoriatic lesions in patients with psoriasis.
According to a study from Emory University, such exercises effectively boost one’s ability to empathize with others by way of reading their facial expressions. Another study points out that the development of positive emotions through compassion builds up several personal resources, including “a loving attitude towards oneself and others, and includes self-acceptance, social support received, and positive relations with others”, as well as “feeling of competence about one’s life” and includes “pathways thinking, environmental mastery, purpose in life, and ego-resilience”. These results suggest that this easily implemented technique may help to increase positive social emotions and decrease social isolation”. In a similar situation, the practitioners also experienced decreased level of worry and emotional suppression. Mindfulness For Kids Mindfulness is the hottest thing in education since the advent of the blackboard. As a beginner who is just starting to practice meditation and struggling to find motivation, these articles help me make a lot.

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