Now let’s take a look at some specific techniques.Three best meditation techniques for children  by Dr. Relaxation techniques allow children to let go of obstacles, which make focusing difficult.  Shavasana (Corpse pose) teaches children to become aware of the different parts of their bodies. There are many other techniques on this site that can very useful for children, but just start with the ones mentioned above.
If you think that this article can be useful for other people with kids please click the LIKE button below to help us spread the word that meditation is good for children. I agree with the other comments, children are far to organized these days, too many after school activites & not enough time to relax.
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Meditation station - 108 meditation techniques, Meditation station, presented by the meditation society of america, 108 meditation techniques this is our list of 108 different meditation techniques..
It allows them to tap into an inner peace, improves concentration, builds self-confidence, and provides a healthy outlet for stress and negative energy.
Children can learn how to become mindful of their breathing by concentrating on their breath.

With practice, they will learn to release tension from the entire body through stillness and concentration.
They can place their hands on their knees, in prayer position, or perhaps, Guyan Mudra, where the thumb and forefinger of each hand press into each other. How long should your child meditate?  20 minutes twice a day – before breakfast and before dinner, will give them excellent results within a month. Children love different things and they are attracted to sounds that can help them to get into a meditative state. Yoga instructors can teach children some simple techniques to begin a meditation practice that they can build upon throughout life.
Ask them to breathe deeply a few times, filling up the abdomen and chest, and then slowly exhale. Then, their Yoga instructor should ask them to place their hands on their bellies, while they inhale very deeply and exhale slowly and steadily.
The second  week, they need to commit to two minutes a day and so on.  It can be a challenging task for your child at first but persist and you will be amazed at what happen. After a few rounds of deep breaths, the Yoga teacher should ask the children what they noticed about their bellies during the breathing. Examples can include buzzing like a bee, hissing like a snake, shushing some to be quiet, or a more traditional, “Om.” This silly “game” will prepare children for future meditative practices with mantras or pranayama.

Meditation can help them to enter into their inner peace and can build their self-confidence. The belly should move out with the inhale, like filling up a balloon, and deflate on the exhale. Tell them to focus on their toes and feet, wiggling them a bit and then bringing them to stillness.
If children are lying down, they can place a stuffed animal on their bellies to help see it rise and fall with their breath. Travel up the legs, stopping at the calves, knees, stomach, hands, arms, shoulders, and so on. Yoga teachers can be more specific with older kids, focusing on smaller muscle groups, like the face muscles.

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