Original Universal Pictures Half Sheet Poster (22x28) for the Fritz Lang film noir thriller, SECRET BEYOND THE DOOR (1947) starring Joan Bennett, Michael Redgrave, and Ann Revere.
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The Spiderwick Chronicles are a fantasy book series of five books by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, published at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.
The Spiderwick Chronicles The books features the three Grace children: Jared, Simon and Mallory, who finds a mysterious Field Guide hidden in the attic, written by their great-great-uncle Arthur Spiderwick, who studied Faeries — magical beings who hide themselves from Humans using a type of magic called glamour. While investigating the violent killing, Mesa, Arizona, police retrieved a digital camera from Travis’ washing machine, revealing shocking images authorities claim Jodi took of their sexual escapades, as well as during and after his murder. Soon, the children gets involved in this Invisible World and have to defend the Field Guide from the evil, shape-shifting Ogre Mulgarath and his army of Goblins.

It opens in Maine, New England, where the three Grace children moves into the old, ramshackle Spiderwick Estate along with their mother, Helen. When Simon Grace is kidnapped by a band of vicious Goblins, Thimbletack leads Mallory and Simon to an awkward object: a Seeing Stone, which allows one to see invisible Fey. It doesn't take long until mysterious things start to happen, and when Jared finds a mysterious Field Guide in the attic, he discovers that the events are caused by a Boggart; a troublesome, nasty little creature that was once a helpful Brownie named Thimbletack. Her subsequent trial has been grand theater, dominating the news as she testified in her own defense and offered explicit insight int the sex, lies and obsession that led up to Alexander’s murder. Jared is blaimed for the mischief that the Boggart causes, and it is only his twin brother Simon that believes him when he says that it wasn't him. Jodi Arias was an amateur photographer that brutally murdered her Mormon ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander in 2008 and was convicted of the crime in 2013.

Finally, Jared convinces his older sister Mallory to help with creating a new home for the Boggart, as they had destroyed the first one. And, after a week, they see the house Brownie Thimbletack, who warns them about how dangerous the book can be.

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