In order to help you (and myself) intentionally and presently focus on our men, here is a short list of ways to build up our men that take less than 5 minutes to do.
When he is talking to you, stop what you are doing to fully participate in the conversation. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t like about him, compliment him on those that you love.
Remind him that out of everyone else, he is still your favorite and you are proud to be his wife. The other bonus of doing this for me, at least, is that it relaxes me when I’m stressed out! This is excellent advice and reminds me of a great book I read over and over many years ago (feminists beware) called Fascinating Womanhood. I'm excited to have you join me on my journey of saving money, living the good life while balancing family, relationships and homemaking! It has been a few years since I’ve worked outside the home but when I did, taking my lunch saved me at least $5 each day. We exhaust ourselves flipping tables over nerd-herd movement, lack of signage, giant backpacks and general dickery in cons, lack of curiosity about life, and shitty, shitty friends. This entry was posted in Podcast and tagged advice, convention etiquette, convention stories, dating, DragonCon, geek, geeks, love, Paris, podcast, relationships, The Business LLC by Kelley.

It kills me that there are people who have been legal adults for YEARS and can’t handle themselves when small things go awry. In this book, Anselm Gruen draws on his rich experience as a spiritual counselor and psychologist to present constructive ways to build self-esteem and deal with powerlessness in our lives. I admit, I struggle with #1 – not the unloading part, but actually stopping whatever I’m doing and giving HIM a few minutes to unload! My amazing pyschologist told me to allow my husband to decompress from his day and then he should allow me to do the same. I have been so blessed to have lovely husband-honoring ladies in my life at every turn in my marriage journey.
I’ll admit that I can neglect paying even a little attention to my husband at times, letting my own life and distractions take over. Sell items you don’t use, need, or want anymore by having a garage sale, through a consignment store, on ebay, or on Facebook. Use your smart phone apps such as Ibotta, Shopkick, and Checkout 51 to save on groceries and put the money you save into your emergency fund. When you have to shop, check sites such as Ebates to see if you can get cash back before ordering! The celebrated Benedictine retreat master provides advice for times when readers feel anxious, uncertain, lost, and afraid.

I have to say that #4 is definitely the one I struggle with the most, but I do feel the Lord helping me more and more with it over the last year.
What I have learned is that yes, women sometimes need to (gracefully, confidently) fight for respect in the world. SavaryBuilding Self-Esteem in Children A classic in the field of fostering emotional well-being in children, this practical and profound guide is an invaluable asset for teachers, parents, and counselors of children. He offers lasting self-help based on the biblical and sacramental experiences of the Christian tradition. We instituted this in our marriage about 3 months ago and it has made a tremendous difference for us.
We both look forward to that time each day and we get into some really good conversations during that time that doesn’t involve household stuff or bills. What a magical place when men and women can bring their whole selves to the table to love, respect and support each other.
Some articles advise women to compromise core traits in themselves to satiate their man’s ego.

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