Biofeedback pregnancy pelvic floor muscle training device XFT-0010, View pelvic floor muscle training device, XFT Product Details from Shenzhen XFT Electronics Co., Ltd. Get hands-on training on the three leading systems by the finest instructors in biofeedback and neurofeedback training.
Our biofeedback and neurofeedback workshops are designed to support the continuing education of clinical biofeedback practitioners, provide an opportunity for BCIA certification, and insure that clinical practice is enhanced by the latest understanding of technologies and instrumentation. Click on the program titles below for comprehensive information about our workshops and training programs. This 5-day training seminar is designed to give you the most successful start possible as a biofeedback clinician and is the core of all the biofeedback seminars offered by the Stens Corporation.
Stens Corporation is pleased to announce a new training format for biofeedback clinicians, designed to save travel expense and create less time away from the clinical practice. EEG biofeedback has emerged as one of the dominant forces in the field of biofeedback and it is quickly developing into one of the primary clinical tools for the treatment of neurobehavioral-based disorders and other problems that have a CNS origin.
The first 3 days of this 5-day training seminar are designed to teach the basic concepts Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG), as well as introduce the participant to advanced topics in QEEG. This 3-day training seminar is designed to teach the basic concepts and introduce the participant to advanced topics in Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG). This 2-day training seminar is designed to teach the advanced and intermediate concepts and introduce the participant to Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) analysis approaches, including ICA (independent component analysis) de-artifacting of the EEG, bispectral analysis, and phenotypes as an approach to EEG categorization. Mounting evidence points to the efficacy of HRV biofeedback for autonomically mediated disorders and perhaps for Anxiety and Depression.
This Stens Internet Seminar describes the major theoretical components of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback.
The Webinar Respiratory Fitness Workshop Series is comprised of four 1-day breathing workshops offered Saturday-Tuesday and Thursday-Sunday, seven times during 2012.
The 'Feedback Concept' is where you get information about some previous action and this helps you to decide the next action to be taken.
You can try these techniques and, with information from a heart monitor, assess the affect on heart rate. Our Noumic invention is an electronic computerised biofeedback device that provides biological information particularly useful for training yourself in relaxation and mind, body, nervous system control; but, it is not a heart rate monitor. It can provide two different types of bio-information used during biofeedback techniques for self-development in relaxation, stress management, and meditation skills.

When held gently, with unchanging hand pressure, our Biofeedback Device precisely monitors changes in skin conductivity; which directly correlate to tension and relaxation changes in the body and mind. Using Noumic Biofeedback Devices you practice very gentle hand muscle exercises, increasing and decreasing in hand grip pressure extremely slowly. The user of a Biofeedback Device tries some practice or technique to change his body or mind activity, and the device shows the result; it gives 'feedback' information. In the 1960's, psychology research discovered that, when people had access to biofeedback information about their body, they could then learn to control their mind and body's performance in useful ways. Information from Biofeedback Devices is particularly useful when learning relax the body and mind, and to reduce tension. Noumic™ beautiful design Biofeedback Devices you can use in the dark, and relax with almost anywhere. Meditation Techniques and the difficulties that arise when using electronic devices for meditation. Biofeedback and Meditation, certain types of biofeedback training are particularly useful for enhancing meditation practice. Biofeedback Therapy Professionals, introducing our Noumic Device to biofeedback researchers and GSR specialists, with some technical data graphs. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Our core curriculum is specifically designed to give you a clear biofeedback model that allows immediate use with stress disorders and explores other new and innovative direction.
Several thousand practitioners nationwide have trained in neurofeedback methodologies and are actively using these techniques in their practices. This is a highly experiential course covering the QEEG from electrode placement to interpretation.
An intensive one-day introductory seminar about EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) - an effective intervention for many central nervous system based disorders including ADHD, migraine, anxiety, depression, substance and behavioral abuse disorders and more. Beyond the essential visual inspection and identification of normal and abnormal patterns, quantitative measures can reveal a wealth of information previously unavailable to clinicians. The Series is for professionals interested in learning about (1) the physiology of dysfunctional breathing habits, (2) the identification of dysfunctional breathing behaviors and the factors that trigger and sustain them, (3) self-regulation methods and technology for helping clients to learn new breathing habits consistent with healthy respiratory biochemistry, and (4) the business of providing breathing learning services. For example, you want to learn how to relax your body and decide that reducing heart rate will help.

If a technique causes the heart rate to reduce you can continue with that technique; if the heart rate does not decrease, then perhaps that technique is not right for you. Learning better control of hand muscles and nerves can affect the whole body's ability to relax more efficiently. With this bio-feedback information you know if you are successful or not, so it speeds up the self-training process.
How our Noumic Biofeedback Device is designed to minimise the impact it has on users who are trying to deeply relax or meditate. Psychology research discovered unusual results from biofeedback devices during meditation where special relaxed states, or altered states of consciousness, are achieved. Clinicians learn the fundamentals of biofeedback techniques in a 48-hour training session.Through a balance of didactic presentations and biofeedback lab experiences, these 5 days of learning are fast paced, yet smooth and integrated. The basic biofeedback technique pioneered by the presenter and his colleagues in the US and Russia is carefully demonstrated and each participant is coached on the equipment to assure competency. We have made arrangements with the hotels listed to provide discounted rates to our participants. This course is equivalent to a three credit undergraduate course in anatomy and physiology and meets BCIA's requirements for having this course for certification and recertification in biofeedback and neurofeedback. If you want to learn how to create screens, change your channel set, add music or other sounds to a screen, import your own videos or any of the dozens of other things that you can do with these systems, then this is the class for you. The course will additionally cover EEG editing, QEEG analysis and the use of statistics and databases for interpretation. In Part II, protocols for chronic pain, IBS, Anxiety Disorders, Hypertension, and other disorders are presented and practiced. To receive our special Stens guest rates at hotels you MUST book at least 30-45 days in advance of your course. The participant will be exposed to a variety of software for analysis and will be given an understanding of basic concepts such as amplitude, power, coherence and advanced concepts such as Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA) for interpreting the QEEG. The participant should be able to use these protocols in their own home or clinical settings by the workshop's completion.

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