Juliette Burton’s Look at Me received critical acclaim and sold out almost every performance, as well as being nominated for The Skinny’s Talk of the Town Award for Cultural Impact at Edinburgh Fringe 2014. With a lifelong history of mental health problems, including being diagnosed with OCD, bipolar, anorexia, bulimia and agoraphobia, Juliette is a strong supporter of various mental health and eating disorder charities where she uses her personal experiences to speak openly and offer support and help to others. This is the second show in Juliette’s set of performances being collated as part of The Dreamer Series, with first instalment When I Grow Up also being a smashing success and award-winning production. Look At Me debates whether changing what we look like can change who we are on the inside, as well as debating if what we actually appear to be is who we actually are. As the autumn weather swings into full gear and the allure of staying curled up at home increases, you are urged to escape from defunct and predictable Saturday night telly and be whisked away with an uplifting show that guarantees to have you skipping out the door feeling fantastic.
Standing up straight is the most important feature to project confidence through body language.
Aqua Chiropractic & Day Spa Yuma Arizona - Signature Treatments  Aqua Mist MassageStart by restoring balance and reducing tension with our signature Aqua Mint Swedish Massage. Her docu-comedy approach is influenced by her extensive background in media, and by combining comedy with serious issues, Burton’s unique and endearing style encourages people to talk and think about the importance of mental health. Some extracts from Sarah Campbell’s article, reprinted with permission from the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. In other words, most people judge others via gestures, body languages, appearance and their own instinct without thinking.

The hands may be the worst enemies for confidence unless you keep them calm and under control.
When our poses and postures are a great source of information, pay attention to the following tips to show confidence with body language.
We will wrap you in a warm blanket for about twenty minutes to sweat out toxins  while you receive a relaxing scalp massage. The treatment is then followed by a back massage to complete the relaxing and detoxifying process.60 min.
A luxuriously revitalizing seaweed body wrap with dry exfoliation that relaxes you and purges the body of all impurities.90 min.
This sensual massage is perfect for a couple wanting to add some spice to their romance. 60 min.
Our warmed seaweed mask, mineral rich sea concentrated algae extracts will brighten, hydrate, replenish and protect your skin. This holistic skin care technique reduces the appearance of age spots, superficial scars and fine lines.
Two of the most popular fruits used in enzyme peels are papaya and pineapple, both rich, natural sources of alpha hydroxyl-acid. These fruits also contain protein-dissolving enzymes that encourage collagen production.60 min.

This treatment includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, and purification to effectively treat the back, as well as a relaxing massage.45 min.
Paired with scalp massages and foot rubs, your bodies will be left completely relaxed.  Aromatic oils will fill your senses while you enjoy our customized facial. Relax as we immerse your feet in a warm aromatic foot soak, before softening the skin with warm oil and an Orange Ginger Sugar exfoliation.  A foot mask infused with Mint is then applied to revitalize the feet.
Integrating the benefits of reflexology to release tension and clear energy blocks, your feet will be completely refreshed and pampered.45 min.
After a soft gentle sugar scrub, the esthetician wraps them in steaming towels to open the pores. The feet are then immersed in a warm bath of paraffin and when the wax is removed, feet emerge baby-soft.

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