Exclusive analysis of past body cam footage shows Officer Ray Tensing's demeanor during stops ahead of the fatal shooting of Sam Dubose. University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing's body camera recorded footage of a June 15 traffic stop on Jefferson Avenue.
He got stopped on Vine from McMillan, he had no license plate on his car, I pulled up behind him.
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Declaring that University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing should have never been a police officer in the first place, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters has announced that Tensing will be charged with the murder of Samuel Dubose.
Tensing has surrendered to police custody and has appearred in court for the first time for arrangement on July 29 at 10 am.
University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing, left, shot and killed Samuel Dubose after a traffic stop for a missing license plate.
WLWT Cincinnati has reported that Ohio State Highway Patrol has arrived onto the UC campus on the day of the press conference and that the university’s Uptown and Medical campuses closed at 11 am EDT. The grand jury’s recommendation of murder for this case means that Tensing will not face the death penalty, but can receive a sentence between fifteen years and life imprisonment. Tensing’s defense will rely on convincing the jury that he was in legitimate fear for his life.
Protester Bzone Lewis and hundreds of others participate in a March for Justice April 7, 2002 in Cincinnati, OH.
Brian Taylor of Black Lives Matter told WLWT Cincinnati that the advocacy group would be present to respond to the press conference. The rally, scheduled for Wednesday night, has been reported to be peaceful, according to witnesses present on campus.
University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing is seen asking unarmed motorist Samuel Dubose for his license. As seen on the video, Tensing stopped Dubose because he did not have a front license plate.
The confusion may has arose because of Ohio House Bill 159, a 2014 proposal that would have made it legal for Ohio drivers to only display their rear license plate. WATCH: Palestine Police Shooting Body Cam FootagePalestine, Texas, police have released the body cam footage of Officer Kaylynn Griffin during the shooting death of James Bushey outside of an Applebee's.

The University of Cincinnati promised a sweeping suite of reforms following Dubose’s death. Arguing that the university’s police force is made of good men and women, Ono repeated his previous assertion that the police force will be reformed. WATCH: Gardena, California, Police Officers Fatally Shoot Unarmed ManA federal judge ordered the release of a video showing the 2013 fatal shooting of Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino by Gardena, California, police officers. There are more Blacks shot by other Blacks in Chicago alone, on any average Saturday night, than are shot by white cops, all year long,.. OK, not that I typically inject an opinion in matter such as this, but the comments above are from a very ignorant base; not to mention the lack of grammar skills. There are a lot of ignorant, angry, miserable, racist, misogynist, sexist ?people, whose lives are lousy, and who live in misery and fail to ?understand why.
Friends and family of DuBose had argued in the shooting's aftermath that Dubose was too frail to have confronted Tensing. DuBose has been charged with driving without a license more than 13 times between 1995 and 2009, according to court records obtained by Cincinnati’s Fox 19. But he had no history of violent crime and was not acting aggressively after being pulled over by Tensing. Well, until I can figure out if you have a license or not, go ahead and take your seatbelt off for me. The video showed that after Dubose confessed to not having his driver’s license on him and after surrendering an alcohol bottle to the officer, Tensing demanded that Dubose exit the vehicle and attempted to open the car door. Several Supreme Court rulings have made the officer’s perception at the time of a shooting a factor in determining culpability in police-related shootings. The march was held to mark the one year anniversary police shooting death of Timothy Thomas, an unarmed 19-year-old African-American youth. Interactions with the university and city police have been low-key and limited mostly to traffic control and directions for those unfamiliar with the campus. The bill did not move passed committee, but the idea was a popular one; more than 24 state legislators co-sponsored the bill. Dubose was seen on the body cam video asking Tensing to look up his license after admitting that he did not have it on his person. However, Ono gave no examples of the reforms that will be implemented, short of indications that the university’s body camera and data acquisition systems will be expanded.

During his press conference, Prosecutor Joe Deters stated that he believed that policing responsibilities at the university should be the responsibility of the city and not UC, saying that the university should focus on education and not policing. Previously the lead staff writer with Mint Press News, Frederick is an award-winning political reporter and commentator.
You’re so brainless to be calling others racist when you use the language you do,redneck. They have been encouraged by the Republicans to blame ?women and people of color as the source of their misery. Instead, DuBose "produced a bottle of alcohol from inside the car, handing it to Officer Tensing,” University of Cincinnati Police Chief Jason Goodrich said during a press conference July 20.
But the police report mentions a struggle during which the car started to roll forward and Tensing was knocked to the ground. He has also been charged with driving while suspended eight times from 2005 and 2011 and with failure to display a proper a proper license plate on his vehicle four times between 1995 and 2009. We created an entire digital organization dedicated to bringing you exclusive access to in-depth stories that you cana€™t get anywhere else, handpicked events, and incredible savings on things you love to do. Despite earlier statements, the video showed that Tensing was not knocked down or dragged by the car after the car started to roll. As of the publication of this article, no incidents of violence have been reported, with witnesses reporting that the protests being peaceful and respectful.
Tensing is also seen demanding that Dubose leave the car, despite Dubose’s insistence not to.
Only greedy rich a**hole black folks, too far removed from REAL black people, and more likely a KLAN a**hat pretending to be black via the anonymity of the internet tries this B.S. It’s because of people like you that condone the mass killings of blacks by white cops that has become epidemic in the US.
As an individual that grew up in SC, and has travelled now on 70% of the world, I can definitely attest that there is a huge difference in how police treat people of color and those that are white.

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