A former Secret Service agent has published a book about her experience as one of the first women on the presidential protection force, The Hill reports.
Dania Londono Suarez is writing a tell-all book about her escort escapades with the Secret Service in Cartagena last April. Days before President Obama was to arrive at a summit,Londono's public outrage over an agent not paying her the agreed-upon $800 fee for sex launched a scandal that led to the dismissal of several agents for their debauchery at the Hotel Caribe.

Her book will be a full memoir, Semana wrote, covering everything from her mother's drug-trafficking boyfriend who went missing to Londono's previous occupation in sales before her boss allegedly attacked her.
ABC News reported that she will also defend herself in the book against accusations that she plotted to embarrass the Secret Service beforehand.
All her ventures will also enable her to invest in her son's education and buy a new house, previous reports said.

In addition to her book, Londono has announced plans to open a non-profit to help hookers, and she has a modeling contract plus a deal to bring her story to television.

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