Secret Mother's Business (Allen & Unwin, 2006) - Buy NowEight very different women get together for a sleepover with no husbands, no kids, a sumptuous feast and a lot of alchohol.
When Mia, haunted by the ghost of her poet grandmother Maya, is called to be at the bedside of Asher Trubik, the man she blames for her father's death, he gives her the dreamcloth, a small patchwork of beads and lace which holds the secret of a forbidden love-affair which ruined many lives. Secrets are revealed and loyalties tested as these women talk about the reality of their lives, both lived and fantasized.

At 34 she has seen too much intimacy gone wrong in her role as a counselor at a women's crisis centre. Then one night, in an odd twist of fate, Faith finds herself wringing out years of unshed tears in a veterinary clinic. It is a night that will slowly change everything as Faith finally begins to understand that before you can save others, you have to save yourself.'The reader is left mulling over the many different varieties of generosity, a virtue clearly prized above all others in this novel's message and in Fedler's own practice as a writer.

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