Beloved children’s entertainer Raffi talks digital distractions, partisan politics and why kids need a cabinet minister.
I joke that 2014’s Love Bug was my first children’s album in 12 years and Owl Singalong is my first in 12 months. In days of old, troubadours were kind of like the wandering minstrels who brought news from town to town. LightWeb DarkWeb, your book published in 2013, explored the dangers of the Internet for kids.
Parents shouldn’t jump to get their kids the latest device just because it’s on the market. I grew up in a house filled with music—my father would sing Armenian folk songs and play the accordion. The morning after the Liberal victory, you tweeted about Canada electing its “first beluga grad PM.” How did you realize Trudeau grew up on your music? I met him three or four years ago, and he told me he knows every single word on Singable Songs for the Very Young, my first album, from 1976.
What is it about your songs—“Baby Beluga,” “The More We Get Together,” “Down by the Bay”— that continues to resonate?
These 10 Oscar-nominated films have one thing in common: They all started off as brilliant books! We asked nine of our favourite Canadian celebrities to share their most memorable holiday moments with us. With the premiere of Spectre, the James Bond franchise now spans 24 movies, six leading actors, and more than five decades of film-making.
On this 36th annual March for Life, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is proud to stand together with legions of Americans nationwide who brave the elements to give public witness to their opposition to abortion.
In face of the struggles we have ahead, we are called to carry on this cultural battle with an unshakable confidence. Indeed, in our struggle against abortion, we have every reason to practice such confidence.

We can confide in His goodness since Our Lord’s compassion for men is without bounds. It is with the spirit of confident prayer that we must continue our struggle against abortion. When we invest in kids’ well-being in their early years, it pays dividends throughout a lifetime.
Otherwise, you’ve got kids playing Minecraft and identifying more with a pseudo-world than the real world.
When I tweeted, “The whole [beluga] pod is watching,” I was saying, “Hey, keep your promises.” I’m hopeful the era we’re embarking upon will be a good one for this country. Looking to our past, it would seem that we have done everything humanly possible to oppose the slaughter of innocents that has so scourged our nation since the infamous Roe v.
Our movement has taken to the streets making our voices heard in front of abortion clinics, public squares and capitol buildings all over the county.
Our most important actions are the prayers that rise up to heaven imploring God’s aid in this vast fight.
Today, the pro-life movement faces new and grave challenges that might seem insurmountable.
It is an extraordinary and heroic hope that does not bear hesitation or admit the slightest doubt. Indeed, the more human help becomes improbable, the more certain becomes Divine intervention. This power and goodness would incite us to direct ourselves to God and the Blessed Mother with holy audacity, asking them to secure the final victory.
Too often we have confided in the promises of men and politicians who have failed to fulfill their promises.
As an act of public confidence, the American TFP was proud to help coordinate 3,500 Public Square Rosary Rallies last October 11. Drawing on Sacred Scripture and the lives of the saints, the masterful pen of Father Thomas de Saint Laurent carries us to the serene realm of confidence.

I like what Elizabeth May says, which is that Parliament needs to work in a co-operative spirit.
Our activists have used every peaceful and legal resource available to us to make the other side retreat. It is the force of our supplications and rosaries that have proven so successful in closing clinics and changing hearts. In the midst of adversity, the confident soul calmly prays all the more ardently in the darkness of the trial hoping in silence for the hour of God. To the contrary, we must intensify our efforts but uniting it with a great confidence, having in mind that we look to God alone for the efficacy of our action.
His Heart is consumed with an infinite charity that loses no opportunity to aid those who confide in Him. Tens of thousands of Catholics gathered in public places nationwide recognizing the failure of men to solve so many problems and confiding in Our Lady’s promises at Fatima for solutions to put an end to abortion and so many other moral evils. We have met the pro-abortion forces in every field and proven ourselves as a vibrant force that refuses to be silenced. Our message is proclaimed everywhere—on radio waves, web sites, billboards, license plates and truck panels. It is in these ardent supplications that we have found strength beyond our own—a supernatural strength that so confounds our adversaries.
To make it clear that God is the cause of our good actions, it is often from the depths of trials that God grants great victories. We must thus redouble our efforts and prayers since the final victory is assured in the words of the Savior who declared on the eve of His death: “Confidence! Young voices join with old in giving public witness and continuity to our repudiation of this shame of our age.

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