After wandering in the polymer pistol wilderness, the personal revelations arrive much like the rubber hammer wielded by 67-year-old former professional wrestler and French Foreign Legionnaire Jacques Pecheur upside Gaston’s head during a failed assassination attack orchestrated by his chief tax avoidance specialist. There was more shouting and some finger-pointing, but in the end, neither man pulled his gun. Lost in the process was a unique opportunity for an industry, or at least some industry leaders, to agree to police their conduct more vigorously.
As in limiting sales to one gun at a time, keeping records of buyers, increase trigger pull resistance and limiting magazines to ten rounds.
The scale of the bloodshed in Tuscon, like that at Virginia Tech and Luby’s, presents the strongest possible evidence that a restriction on magazine size makes sense. If Hollywood wasn’t so damn PC and only interested in ignorantly presenting guns for violent sensationalism then I suspect a good film could be made about Anton and the rise of Glock. If you can make a movie out of Money Ball or the creation of Facebook, you can make one out of the rise of Glock. Great review, RF – based on its pro-Bloomberg position, I will not be purchasing this book.
Why the rant on the 1911 I never mentioned a 1911 but since you did I will tell that my Springfield has never failed to operate properly. Just look how many rifle programs have come and gone without producing a weapon fit to replace it.
It’s also a use of irony as Gaston Glock applied a large dose of American-style mechanical and marketing ingenuity to displace stalwarts like Smith and Wesson.
Gaston Glock himself shared in a 1986 interview with American Rifleman that he always pocket-carried The Glock pistol in condition-3 (unchambered). The Glock is a combat weapon designed for military use and no changes were made when it was introduced to the civilian market. While many argue correctly that Glocks were designed to be carried condition-0, they fail to consider that Glocks were not designed to be carried by civilians, or even LEO’s for that matter.
Nevertheless when not employed in combat conditions, the Glock is not designed to be carried with a round in the chamber regardless of internal or external safety measures present or taken. The book does point out that while the company suffered moral decay of it’s chief executive and most of his officers, the gun sold itself. I will say as someone who read the book, the author did a fair job of trying to stay in the middle of the gun debate.
I did wish he spent more time on Glock’s growing pains and problems with certain variants, but that was probably ordered by the publisher to keep the page count down. Pingback: Gun Owners, Paul Barrett is Embarrassed For By You - TOTAL Firearm Techniques Inc. A sensationalist series that examines the shadier side of various American institutions, from the FBI to Playboy. Produced by the folks at the History Channel, narrated by Jonathan Adams, featuring historians Hugh Hefner and Kendra Wilkinson.
Nowadays History’s bread and butter seems to be sensationalized shows like this (and reality shows about truckers). From individual structures to special court housing developments, much of the Storybook Style from all across America can be found in these pages although a good number of the homes featured are from California.
The Spadena House, formerly built in Culver City, California as offices and dressing rooms for a movie studio in 1921, was moved in 1934 to Beverly Hills, California and turned into a residence.

In Los Angeles, California is the Tam O'Shanter Restaurant, built in the early 20's retains its Storybook qualities even after all these years of being a functional restaurant. A snow-covered cottage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, looks like the real-life model of a Currier and Ives print. The Cunningham House in Spokane, built in 1929, features a turret, stucco and the unusual roofing material clay tile.
One of the later chapters entitled Cameos offers unique bits of the different houses, from door construction to light fixtures to a secret doorway hiding a linen closet. The last chapter of the book is devoted to one of the most current Storybook constructions, the Morgan House in Olalla, Washington USA beginning in 1980. If you asked a group of 100 college basketball fans to write down their top-five college basketball coaches of all-time, Bobby Knight will appear on every fan’s list. Knight is memorable for accomplishing great things (three national championships and eleven Big Ten titles) and some of the most controversial moments in college basketball history. The Power of Negative Thinking bundles all the negativity you sense in Coach Knight and explains how you can push yourself into achieving great things in life. Knight shares anecdotes about his time coaching against Michael Jordan in college, what he learned during his time at Texas Tech and memories of Keith Smart’s shot that won Indiana a National championship in 1987.
I cannot explain to you in words how much The Power of Negative Thinking reads like a Bobby Knight speech. This book is all about realizing your faults and making sure that they never get in your way.
If you want a book about leadership and achieving your goals with basketball anecdotes baked in Coach Knight’s wit, you will enjoy The Power of Negative Thinking. This entry was posted in Bobby Knight, book review, college basketball, indiana hoosiers, march madness, reviews and tagged Bobby Knight, book review, College Basketball, Indiana Hoosiers, March Madness, reviews on March 14, 2013 by Bobby Roberts. Gaston Glock’s progress from a shed-based car radiator manufacturer with a questionable past to an international man of mystery banking billions on the back of a plastic pistol is a story worthy of Kitty Kelly. He patted his ankle, allowing Manown to see that had a holster there and a pistol of his own. They’ll be interested to learn that Glock was unarmed during the aforementioned assassination attempt. If the author wants Glock enthusiasts to buy his book, supporting gun control is not the way to go about it. Such a limit would not stop a Loughner or Cho from attacking, but it could reduce the number of victims.
He started the site to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns. The American lever-actions, classic single-action wheel guns, and SxS shotguns (that provided food and protection to families for a long time) deserve that title. Barrett’s title as simply a pithy way of summarizing the way the gun quickly dominated law enforcement and civilian sales in this country. They go into training, special ops, ghost agents, and how technology has changed the game over the years. It covers how cadets become special forces, who runs the show, and what makes a mission Black Ops worthy.
They run a tight ship over there and this episode doesn’t really get much juicier than that.

Tile wasn't favored for Storybook structures because its rigidness did not work well on their fluid roof lines. Bobby Knight is beloved to this day for what he accomplished as the coach of the Indiana Hoosiers. Glock’s bad behavior, and the extra-legal shenanigans of those around him, could fill a washing line from Deustch-Wagram, Austria to Smyrna, Georgia . Jannuzzo, a hard-drinking Glock marketing maven who bribed thousands of law enforcement officials into buying tens of thousands of guns (while subsidizing an Atlanta strip club), drops by Gaston’s pad with an armful of damning corporate files.
The next thing Jannuzzo and Manown heard was the racking of the slide of a semiautomatic handgun.
It might have been a scene out of a bad thriller, if not for the fact that the guns and the clashing egos were real. Anyway, i realize alot of people will say that the Glock isnt americas gun, but i have a feeling the title was meant literally, but figuratively. Some episodes cover well-worn territory (Area 51) but there are some odd enough subject matters in here (the dark secrets of the Playboy Mansion) to hold our interest. They definitely mess around with  lots of experimental flight technology – it’s where stealth was invented! I’ve seen plenty of pictures of the Playboy Mansion, but have you ever seen photos of, say, Burt Reynolds’ house? But like I said, at least they get people thinking about history and that’s better than thinking about reality show garbage.
Even when he was going through the drama that ended his tenure at the university, he was supported.
A national ten-round cap seems like a logical compromise that lawful gun owners could easily tolerate. As for the gun’s inventor, Glock offers a tantalizing glimpse of the man behind the curtain.
Glock may be among the most currently popular and reliable modern-era pistols, however, quality reliable revolvers are the most reliable of handguns. They obviously can’t go into too much detail there, but did you know there are missile launchers on the roof? I was hoping they’d reveal he has a bulletproof Segway he scoots around the White House in. The first day he was announced as the coach of Texas Tech, Indiana fans crashed the Texas Tech athletic store’s website from excessive traffic. But the enigmatic Austrian remains a curious character, a wildly successful gunmaker who fully deserves a more probing biography. It was built by masons (there’s a plaque and everything) and it has some of the most un-airport decor on earth. Anyways, they don’t spend the whole episode whacking off about aliens, which is nice. There’s a mural depicting a soldier in a gas mask tromping through fire, stabbing a dove with a scimitar.

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