According to the author, all of our thoughts and beliefs about money come from three sources:  Verbal Programming, Modeling and Specific Incidents. According to Eker, each of us has a “money blueprint” that, much like a set of architectural plans, is behind all of our thinking. This was a nice, light read yet very thought-provoking in terms of examining my own beliefs about money and wealth.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind presents a clear path to wealth in a highly readable format, carrying its readers through a realistic program filled with introspection and helpful hints. These three sources create our attitudes and beliefs when it comes to money – but this programming is something we can change. This is one of those books from which it’s important to extract the core lessons and to apply them to your life in ways that are appropriate.

By showing them how to change the patterns that keep them earning less than their potential, Eker offers actionable advice that cuts through prior negative programming and nourishes the mental roots of wealth creation with the energy and thoughtfulness required to reach lofty monetary goals.

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