International Group of Ex Libris Users (IGeLU) is the collective voice and advocate for users of Ex Libris products. IGeLU works with our sister organisation, Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA), and with over 30 independent National and Regional User Groups, in lobbying for enhancements, development initiatives, and service improvements. Elections for membership of the Steering Committee take place at the annual conference, during the Assembly of Members. The position of Chair is held for three years, and ordinary Steering Committee members have a two year term, but not all members are elected in one year. If an institution is unable to send a representative to the Assembly of Members they can assign a proxy vote to another institution, who can then vote on their behalf. Haifa, Israel, September 11-13, with the System Seminar following immediately after, September 14-16. Ex Libris and IGeLU have agreed a framework for product enhancement known as the Product Development Collaboration Agreement. Enhancement cycles for individual products are coordinated by the relevant Product Working Groups, using the central IGeLU- and ELUNA-maintained enhancement request system, NERS (the New Enhancement Request System). New Enhancements Request System - a joint collaboration between IGeLU and ELUNA to create a tool for logging development requests for Ex Libris products, and managing voting during enhancement cycles. The Ex Libris products that we all use are the focus of a number of Product Working Groups (PWGs). Product Working Groups are organised at their own discretion, but each must nominate at least one Coordinator, who is responsible for reporting back to the Steering Committee.

Follow the links on the left for more information on the individual Product Working Groups. The 2011 IGeLU conference is being hosted by the University of Haifa, and will be held in the city of Haifa, Israel, September 11 - 13. For the first time in 2011 the conference will be followed immediately by the Ex Libris System Seminar - also in Haifa, September 14 - 16.
The Aleph PWG is led by a Coordinator, assisted by two Deputies (who together make up the Executive Committee), and by a group of Module Coordinators (at least one for each Aleph Module). The Agreement between Ex Libris and ICAU from 2004, which governs the development procedures for Aleph, is being revised in the light of the General Development Cooperation Agreement between Ex Libris and IGeLU, May 2008. The Aleph PWG is working on getting implemented as many enhancements from the 2009 voting cycle as possible in a version 20 minor release. Module coordinators verify and clarify enhancements as necessary until beginning of voting.
Submission of final list of enhancements to Ex Libris a€“ that is those with highest score up to 120 development points, as soon as 2nd round voting closes.
To vote or to see current requests you will need to use the Aleph development requests database. We have a strong, positive relationship with Ex Libris, and work in partnership on product enhancements, collaborative testing of new releases, and focus groups. Note that the role of Treasurer is not elected, but is an ex officio member of the Steering Committee.

Join IGeLU and become a member of a growing community of over 300 institutions from around the world.
This sets the framework for enhancement processes to be followed for the various Ex Libris products, and allows for voting by IGeLU members on product development priorities. You will need to be a member of either IGeLU or ELUNA to participate in the voting cycles, and to use NERS. However currently Aleph still follows a separate enhancement procedure than the other Ex Libris products. You are entitled to reduced fees for the Annual Conference, and have access to members-only information on the IGeLU website. Aleph will be moving to NERS in 2010, but currently enhancements requests for Aleph still go through the seperate Aleph Requests Database. The 2010 cycle of request submission and voting is for v21, be it major 21.0 or a minor release. Most importantly you can participate in the voting for new enhancements to Ex Libris products.

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