National Geographic Channel is celebrating the new season of its hit series Brain Games by taking the show on the road. Una masa gelatinosa de un kilo y medio controla tus pensamientos, tu memoria, tus movimientos y tus emociones. They’ve created an interactive illusions gallery where fans can experience mind-bending games and get an up-close look at how things are not always as they appear—and they’re bringing it to Rockland County Dec.
No te asustes, es tu cerebro, esa supercomputadora increíblemente poderosa y eficiente que te ayuda a dar sentido al mundo.

This experiment will have jaws on the floor as participants mimic a superman pose while levitating from the rear end of a fast-moving vehicle!
Those who attend the event will learn the secret power behind this illusion, an impressive example of how things aren’t always as they seem.Small Person in Chair – Designed to trick the eye’s perception, this illusion features a chair that will shrink visitors down to a fraction of their natural size. Juegos Mentales regresa con doce episodios de media hora que exploran el funcionamiento del cerebro por medio de juegos interactivos que puedes hacer en tu casa y experimentos en las calles de una ciudad tan compleja como tu cerebro: Nueva York.
This illusion will have everyone second-guessing whether it’s the person that is really small or the chair that’s oddly large.Upside-Down Room – Could Isaac Newton have been wrong?

This illusion will have guests standing on the ceiling of a living room, leaving everyone to wonder which way is up and which way is down. The interactive Brain Games website features a variety of experiments that explore the mind, challenge the brain and provide an escape from reality.The Brain Games Illusions Gallery will travel to multiple markets and is part of a larger national marketing campaign leading up to the premiere of a new season of Brain Games on Jan.

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