At a recommended retail price of $300 US dollars, its clear that the Epoc is not the state of the art, in terms of electrode number and complexity.
In addition to the thought control, the unit detects the position of facial muscles, particularly those on the forehead, cheeks, nose and mouth. A second function of the muscle recognition system is that this allows the system to pick up on movements that do not correspond to known emotional states.
Finally, as almost a piece de la resistance, the Epoc incorporates an internal gyroscope, to detect six degrees of head movement, as a third and final layer of interface methods. However, what it does do for the first time, is offer brain control of computer applications at a price within the average person?s budget. Its electrode arrays reach across the scalp area, and detect and differentiate thought patterns.
This allows it to work out what emotional state the user is in: immersion, excitement, meditation, tension or frustration.

Facial expressions such as smile, laugh, wink, crossed eyes, shock (eyebrows raised), anger (eyebrows furrowed), horizontal eye movement, smirk and grimace (clenched teeth) are all possible. This means it can detect the exact position of the user?s head relative to straight at any time, giving the ability to use head movements like a joystick, or mouse.
Unlike in lab BMI, which integrates to your thoughts directly, with the Epoc, what you actually think does not matter: The headset will learn to associate that thought, with the intended action. Since announcing our prototype last year, we've made dramatic technological breakthroughs in order to create the first wearable, affordable brain-controlled gaming headset.
A game could adjust difficulty levels, whereas a social VR could show them as avatar emotion. We're excited to see our vision realised this year and look forward to enabling gamers out there to experience brain-controlled gaming for themselves.? Small robots accompanied with various kinds of moving mechanism; serpentine, belt, legs, for instances, are being developed to enhance the moving efficiency.

However there are also some limitations of using these robots, for examples, difficulty in self decision making in an unknown environment, long time consuming in remote control operation where operator has to instruct the robot to work in detail for every step, difficulty of moving in an environment obstructed by obstacles.
In the project, actions and motions of animals are controlled by brain stimulating via remote control.
The operator just sends a high level command to the robo-animal, and then lets the animal solve a low level problem by itself, for examples, avoiding crashing with obstacles, stepping over the obstructed objects. There are plenty of potential applications of using robo-animal; for examples in rescue, demining, agricultural pest control, surveillance, and searching purposes. This concept has potential to be used in medical treatment of Parkinson, and abnormal of sensory and neuron system in human.

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