Perhaps you can try to find a little bit of that fun spirit while you look at the riddles we’ve provided below. One on One session focussed on my personal goals in my preferred learning style, everything I wished to be covered was covered fully and effectively.
We’ll be adding lots of downloads on this page that you can use for training purposes or for your own enjoyment. Total Success Training Ltd have revamped our training brochures for your guidance – you will find details of all of our new training initiatives and can find our agenda’s in one place! Here are two quizzes we use on our training courses to add a bit of fun to the proceedings.
Examine each of the following and identify what each acronym, phrase or abbreviation shows.

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We’ve provided the answers at the bottom of each image so that you can pass them along to your friends.

Perhaps this is why I enjoy things like these little brain teasers below more than I used to. As a kid, my dad used to offer me riddles such as these, and I would be extremely proud of myself when I solved one.

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