Brain teasers kids - teach mama, We’re longtime fans of brain teasers for kids over here, in any form, at any time.
Printable kids lunch jokes brain teasers, Printable kids lunch jokes and brain teasers with over 100 jokes including holidays to last throughout the year.. Just riddles - riddles - puzzles - brain teasers, A huge collection riddles, puzzles, brain teasers, logic questions, activities busy hours.. Brain teaser games - free download - toomkygames., Download free brain teaser games - purchase, registration, 100% free brain teaser games pc!.

How many boys are there in the town?John has been trying to give up smoking for over two years, but just can't seem to manage it. He stopped buying cigarettes, and instead every time he sees a butt he picks it up and keeps it in his pocket. When he's gathered seven butts, he's got enough to roll one cigarette.  How many cigarettes can he roll with 36 butts?
His gaze travels from his only match to an oil lamp, a wood stove and a fireplace, all of them prepared and ready to light.

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