The following is Part Four of a Series on the Evolution of Yoga, from its origin to modern-day. Siddhartha was born to the life of a prince in a royal Hindu family in the 6th century BCE.
When the prince was 16, his father arranged his marriage to a cousin named Yasodhara, and the two had a son named Rahula.
One day, at the age of 29, Siddhartha left his palace, and on the way to meet his subjects, he saw and old man. As a prince, perhaps he would have had a few more wives and children and ruled over his little kingdom, but as an Enlightened Master in many ways he has changed the course of life on the planet. I didn't know all these details behind the story of one of the greatest beings to ever live.
Sadhguru is our modern day Buddha he is showing us the way through these teachings ,inner engineering ,yoga and a lot more .
His father wanted him to be a great king, and had three palaces built for him, where Siddhartha was shielded from both religious teachings and from knowledge of human suffering. Shielded as he was, he had never seen an old person before, and was shocked to learn that all people grew old.

We do not know whether he actually stood for many hours, or for a few moments which seemed like hours in that state of weakness.
We value this culture not because we happened to be born into it, but because this culture had perfected the technology of producing such beings.
Siddhartha took more trips outside the palace where he encountered a sick man, a dead body, and an ascetic. After trying many paths, Siddhartha and five companions he had gathered began a path to find enlightenment through severe austerity. But at that moment, he realized that what he is seeking is after all within himself, so why all this struggle?
Depressed by this new knowledge, he initially strove to overcome age, sickness, and death by following the life of an ascetic. Because people are so scattered all over the place, it takes such a long time just to gather them and make them into one organic whole.
Seeing the intensity of his sadhana as a Samana, over the years, five co-travelers had gathered around him who looked up to him. At this time, he came to the river Niranjana, which as many other rivers in India today, has dried up and disappeared.

Why am I searching around the world?” When he realized this, he had that little extra ounce of energy to take that step, walk across the river and sit down under the now famous Bodhi tree.
He sat down with the determination that, ‘Unless the Ultimate happens to me, I will not move. He tried to cross the river but half-way across, his body was so physically weak that he could not take one more step.
But he is not the kind to give up so he just held on to a dead branch that was there and just stood. Out of his compassion, after a few years, he went in search of these five people one by one and put them on the path of enlightenment.

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