Religion is here to stay and it's evolving, too.Here is some bad news for those who are allergic to religion and think science has all the answers.
What about atheists, agnostics, and the unaffiliated?'Similarly, the religiously unaffiliated population is projected to shrink as a percentage of the global population, even though it will increase in absolute number. The turn to Christianity in China"While all religious groups in China could be experiencing significant change through switching, media reports and expert assessments generally suggest that the main effects are rising numbers of Christians and declining numbers of religiously unaffiliated people. The following sensitivity tests assume, for illustrative purposes, that switching is limited to this movement between the unaffiliated and Christians.As of 2010, China had an estimated 68 million Christians and 701 million unaffiliated people.

But, as a share of all the people in the world, those with no religious affiliation are projected to decline from 16% in 2010 to 13% by the middle of this century.At the same time, however, the unaffiliated are expected to continue to increase as a share of the population in much of Europe and North America. You'll find some excerpts below.Moreover, some religiously-minded people -- Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama, for example -- believe that there can be harmony between religion and science, seeing truth in both perspectives and believing that each can inform the other. The global Buddhist population will be about the same size it was in 2010, while the Hindu and Jewish populations will be larger than they are today.4. If rates of conversion to Christianity in China increase, there may be more Christians in China than in any nation on earth.To be affiliated with a religion does not mean you practice it.

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