The Buddhist Concepts course is an intermediate meditation course designed for those interested to find out more about Buddhism and those who are able to sit for meditation comfortably for one hour - ideally those who have previously followed beginners courses at our centre.
An option for a guided meditation is offered in the library, after which, you can join the rest of the group for the second half of the evening.
With all of the activities, you are free to participate or to just sit and listen – nothing is compulsory.
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Please note that there will be no taught lesson on 23 October and 13 November, but an alternative activity will be provided for those interested. When study series are complete for our Tuesday Friend’s Nights we like to hold these evenings to reconnect before embarking on a new series, and they’re always lots of fun. We’ll be having a potluck dinner beginning at 5:30, where we can share a yummy meal with each other, meet new friends, and catch up with old ones!

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